Just Because Obama Won …

The following is a copy of a post I wrote on my myspace blog the day after Barack Obama was elected president:

Get your minds right!  Don’t you know that just because Obama won, doesn’t mean that you as a black person is going to get anything, or get anywhere. Don’t expect that kind of change.

Realize, a president doesn’t have the power most people believe him to have.  Even if he wanted to do the things that should be done for blacks and other minorities, he can’t.

Don’t forget where you live.  Don’t let the election of a half black/half white man cause you to believe that racism is gone, or almost gone, in America.   Two wars, the worst financial crisis in a century, and Obama pledging to end the Iraq war, did a whole lot in getting him elected.   The fact that he appealed to all races, while he himself remained nonthreatening to the white power structure, is the only way he was even able to get in the door.

Anyone who can’t be a threat to injustice can not even begin to gain my trust, especially being surrounding by, and being a part of, an unjust system.  No person can spark my interest unless the issues of “the ghetto,” “the poor,” “homelessness,” “police brutality;” “free education;” “universal healthcare;” and a few others are touched upon first.   The only problem is that no one can even get their foot in the door by caring about these issues – real issues.

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