US Government found guilty in MLK assassination



The US government was found guilty of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., but did you know this?  In 1999, a civil trial was held to uncover the facts behind the murder of Martin Luther King Jr.  This short video discusses some of the elements of the trial, including the fact that the mainstream media almost totally ignored the existence of the trial.

The Plot to Kill Martin Luther King Jr.




A full written explanation of the trial, and evidence uncovered at the trial, can be found here:



You may have seen documentaries on the assassination of Martin Luther King before, but until you’ve seen this one, you haven’t seen anything.  The person who put the “Evidence of Revision” series together has footage no else has.  If you want the full, true story of how it all happened, watch this:

Evidence of Revision – Part 6 – The Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.





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