Looking for Satan in all the Wrong Places

When you think of Satan, what comes to mind? Horns, pitchfork, the color red; a frowning, evil, hideous, face, and so on. Am I correct? But have you ever seen Satan as himself? Have you ever seen an actual photo of Satan? The answer is no. So, why do you think of red, horns, and so forth?

The answer is that since childhood, this is what you’ve been presented with, especially through television. Now, we know that the very essence of Satan is a lie/deceit, and his intention is to deceive you, so how is a frowning, angry-looking beast coming at you with a pitchfork deceitful?

It’s not, it “raises a red flag.” If someone was trying to fool you, and they were any good at it, would they approach you with an appearance/speech/demeanor that said “don’t trust me”? If they were good at deceiving, they wouldn’t do so under hardly any circumstance.

So, dealing with Satan, you’re most likely going to perceive smiles, handshakes, and the overall appearance of love and care. The only thing is, once you really understand this, and live by this, the deceiver may change tactics. Deceit has to evolve to stay alive. The objective is to trick you. If you start looking for deceit behind smiling faces only, it will hide behind other faces.

The key is to not “look for” at all, simply examine the inner qualities of all that you’re presented with using a fair/just mind (scale of justice).
As the Bible states, judge/determine a tree by its fruit – what it gives off/produces. This is the best indicator of it’s inner qualities – the true definition of what it is.

This way of living may prove to be a problem with most Americans, as they are accustomed to examining the outward qualities – race, beauty, gender, title/name, etc (which is why they are always deceived by their government). The outward qualities are always used as a means to deceive, so to think in this way is to end your days drowning in a sea of incorrect judgments/determinations – severely deceived.

Satan, or any deceitful person, can devour a person such as this, fooling them as a grownup fools a child. This person says, “I know what it/he/she is by what it/he/she looks like.” Deceit answers, “Thanks for the keys to your heart and mind.” If it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck, it may be a snake.



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