Holes Found in US Security pt. 2

The DEA and other government agencies will look dead in a camera and tell you every single way drugs enter the country — the use of bait cars at borders, the drops into water using homing beacons, concealment in ships, etc. —  and still, they can’t strop it?  Think about that for a moment – they know but can’t stop it.  Huh?

They know each way traffickers bring huge shipments into the US, and yet they can’t stop at least a very large majority of it?  They can’t check nearly every boat that comes to a very large majority of shores around the entire US?  They don’t know nearly every single plane in the US skies?  Don’t they brag of this?  So, you’re left with three plausible causes: 1.) The government and/or those controlling them freely traffic drugs back and forth on a regular basis.   2.) They catch nearly everyone, but the small amount that slips by is bringing tons of drugs into the US.  This is laughable.  Even if this was the case, it could only be done with government assistance.  3.)  They aren’t catching hardly anything, and many vessels with large capacities, or a few vessels with very large capacities, are making there way in and have been doing so for decades.  This means there are, and have been for decades, huge holes in US security along the borders, shores, and in the skies.

Understand this: Cocaine and heroin are not produced in the US to an extent that it would even trigger concern if it remained the only cocaine and heroin in the country.  With an overwhelming majority of cocaine and heroin not being produced in the US, it has to be brought in.  If the government isn’t trafficking as they state, but research undeniable proves them to be, these drugs would have to come in through huge holes in security.

With this fact, the amount of cocaine and heroin inside the US is an indicator of just how safe America is!  It’s an even better indicator than The Terror Alert System.  If there’s enough cocaine and heroin to supply even one community in the US, you’re not safe, you’re being lied to somewhere, or both.  For them to not be trafficking drugs and you be secure at the same time, it should be so little cocaine and heroin in this country that hardly anyone in the country would know a cocaine or heroin user.

If their intentions are to stop drugs, as they state with the war on drugs, and protect the homeland, as they’ve stated for many years and continue to state to this day, they would have immediately covered up each and every hole they found, right?  Each time they found out about a way drugs were being brought in, they would have fixed it.  After twenty years, there would have been an effect.  Do they have the capability to do so?  Yes.  But cocaine and heroin continue to get in, and even at an increasing amount, although they are fully aware of the “holes” and have the capability to close them.

You as a citizen can’t even fly from one city to another in the same state without going through more searches than someone crossing the border in a vehicle!  You actually believe the border has to be that way?  Have you questioned why it doesn’t look like airport security on steroids?  Based on what they say, shouldn’t it?  Couldn’t it?  What you see it desired.

They told you that all of the security measures –the terror alert system, all the cameras, them being able to enter your home without a warrant, all your phone conversations and emails being monitored; them being able to arrest you and imprison you forever without trail, you being on a no-fly list; you having your full body x-rayed and looked at by airport staff, and so on were for your safety.  That contradicts their actions when it comes to drugs.

So, either they aren’t too concerned about national security, which means they passed laws, set “security” measures in place, and repealed other laws for totally different reasons than they told you; they are purposely allowing drugs to enter; or both.  Either way, they’re lying and up to pure wickedness.  Cocaine and heroin stand as a testament to their lies.  Until cocaine and heroin are close to nonexistent in America, you are no where near safe, and they are not doing what they claim to be doing.  Basically, they either stop trafficking drugs or continue to show themselves to be liars.


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