Society’s Biblical Lies

Millions of “followers of Christ” and “Christians” do not study the Bible themselves, they depend on other sources entirely. And this is how it’s been for many years.

If you haven’t read the Bible several times in it’s entirety and studied it for hours at a time, how do you know you’re not being lied to when you receive “the Word” from these other sources, excluding Yahuah/God?

For over twenty years now, television and movies have made statements or references to Biblical passages and teachings that are totally incorrect.  For someone who hasn’t studied the Bible these references may not seem incorrect; but for someone who has studied the Bible extensively, the falsehood stands out.  And not just that, if you watch TV shows or movies made before the late 70’s you’ll see that there has been a change from promoting Christianity to causing doubt about it.  And with the emergence of the New Age, it has gone to even greater heights.  Since the 70’s, wouldn’t the accuracy of pointing to “the right verses,” and the correctness of their interpretations been continuously rising?  But they haven’t been.

Movies are the most widely used tool when it comes to causing you to question, doubt, and believe certain things (desired things).  It’s accomplished through questions, statements, and situations involving the characters you see and hear.  You may not be able to see it, but your mind is being attacked.  What you may not know is that those who have been in control in Hollywood and the entertainment industry since it’s birth, are into the occult and other religions which hate Yahusha/Yahushua/Jesus.  Luciferians are an example.

Think about this: Where did most Americans learn to use Jesus’ name in vain?  Movies.

Millions of people say “God is white” or “God is black.”  Millions say, “the man upstairs.”  The Bible clearly states in many places that God is not a man but a Spirit.  So, once again, what people think and say is not actually what the Bible says.  And people actually have arguments over such things.

People say and believe: “God won’t forgive me for ….” or “She ___, God will never forgive her for that.”  This is another one that was made popular by movies (intentionally).  The truth: There’s nothing you can do, not multiple murders, rape, molest children; nothing, except blaspheme the Holy Spirit, that God won’t forgive.  That’s a clearly stated fact and teaching of Yahusha/Yahshua/Jesus, the one Christians claim to be following.

Saul, also called Paul, was a great persecutor of the earliest followers of Christ, and persecuted them for the purpose of killing them.  He did this at a time when The Way (called Christianity by the Europeans who were oppressing believers) was just being birthed.  And though he did this, and more, he went on to become a great teacher of Christ, a favorite of many.  People who have been deep into Satanism have repented and became followers of Christ.  Mercy, and more mercy, was what Yahuah/God practiced.  This is shown in the Bible, the opposite is shown by TV and movies.  Forgiveness of sins by Yahusha/Yahshua/Jesus is throughout the New Testament and is one of the main reason’s for his coming.  This is clearly shown in the Bible, the opposite is shown by TV and movies.

A very popular belief in the US is that Yahuah/God is unfair, that is, he’s an unjust God.  For someone like me who knows Yahuah/God and has also studied the Bible passionately, this is so untrue that it’s hilarious.  Read the book of Leviticus and see how Yahuah/God dealt with the Israelites, His unruly people, back then.  Look at His laws in Deuteronomy.  Does that look unfair to you?

Many people, even movie script writers, point to the book of Job as an example of how unfair Yahuah/God is. Job, was one man and his circumstances … out of all the men that had been on the earth before him.  This didn’t happen to man after man.  And what about the fact that death is not always a bad thing, and the lack of knowledge of Job’s wife and her sins? Those few things may make somewhat of a difference, but when you add to that how Job was blessed afterwards, something that is always left out, a huge difference forms.  Why is this never stated in movies?

Job, whose “limit” was obviously known beforehand by Yahuah/God (He never gives you more than you can handle), was taking what was occurring in his life.  He wasn’t cursing, crying, or trying to commit suicide.

And if what happened to Job didn’t occur, no one would have this extraordinary example of faith and righteousness to attain to or outdo.

Many people believe that to be a follower of Christ or “a Christian” means that you’ll be in trouble every time you sin, that is, if you sin, you fail and God will punish you.  This is nonsense.  Yahusha/Yahshua/Jesus and the apostles clearly taught that all men sin, and that Yahuah/God gives you time to get it right.  You live a life striving to be like Christ, while repenting after failing (sinning), with the understanding that to repent means to go in the direction of righteousness in your heart, mind, and actions in life; as if walking down a path then changing direction to walk down a different path (the right one).  Although this is in the Bible, and taught by the apostles, most people believe differently.  And they do so because falsehood has been pumped into their mind by TV and movies.

Read the following:

2 Corinthians 7:10

It is shocking that hardly anyone knows this or is taught this.

People who lack understanding of God or the Bible, or who desire to deceive others, spread falsehood through mass media; while those who actually do understand God and the Bible know that what’s being spread is nonsense.  This is exactly what they did with many “clues” of who the antichrist is.  With that, people say that the antichrist is the second beast of Revelation, the false prophet, and focus all attention on him.  Well, what about the first beast who controls and puts the false prophet in place?   Why in the world would you put all your focus on the puppet – the CEO – not the board of directors and stock holders?  But this is what mass media has done (and who knows, maybe it was done on purpose).

The mass media has also developed their version of what’s been called Judgment Day, Armageddon, and the Apocalypse.  They actually created their own definition, which then became the people’s definition.  They have no idea what they are talking about, or they are intentionally misleading people.  A lot of the misleading can be seen on documentaries shown on channels such as The History Channel.

Another example of a false, misleading idea is “the end of the world.”  There is no such thing as “the end of the world” most people believe in.  This is another one the media has created.  And then when people go read their Bibles they believe they see references to it (confirmation).  People think that everywhere the Bible uses “the end,” it is referring to “the end of the world,” and each usage is referring to the same event/thing.  This is not true at all.

Many times in the Bible “the end” is referring to a point in time when Israel was to receive God’s wrath, which was usually accomplished through the evasion of another country.  The same is true for “the day of the LORD.”  The destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. – the wrath they received – is an example of what was called “the end.”  For them, it really was the end.  The city was destroyed and the temple was destroyed.  “The end” means the destruction, the close, of the current state of affairs/age.  There will be an end very soon, and it will be worldwide, but it’s not the end of the world, that is, everyone and everything is not going to die.  There are people who are making it seem that way in order to take advantage of  false beliefs.

The only “end of the world” the Bible speaks of is the new earth, which comes with a new heaven, but this is not what’s been called “the battle of Armageddon” or the “the end of the world.”  The end of the old earth/world is not something bad.  The end of the old earth/world does not come with fighting and destruction and then everyone dying from it.  In a short summary: There’s going to be wrath; then peace; then the “white throne judgment” where everyone stands before God; and then God’s transformation of the earth and heaven, which is the end of the earth/world — the beginning of eternity.  That can be called the end of the world/earth, but there’s no such thing as the end of the world society believes.  And if you think I’m wrong, check the Bible for yourself.

One word which has many definitions in society is “apocalypse.”  From what they’ve heard, many people think that the apocalypse is some big destructive event described in the Bible.  They hear this word and they start to fear, not knowing that the media and others have developed it into something totally different than what is true.  It’s only the title of the last book of the Bible, Revelation.  “Apocalypse” comes from the word “apokalupsis.”  Apokalupsis: 1. manifestation  2. revelation  3. unveiling  4. laying bear, making naked.  The truth is far from what you’re shown, told, and believe.


Little-known facts about the Bible

Most Bibles consist of sixty six different writings – called “books” although some are not – placed together as one.  Some of these writings were written by different writers, at different times, and in different languages.  Some of the writings are even letters that were written from one believer to others.  When you understand this, and know what a writing was before it was in Bible (some Bible translation give a background at the beginning of each book), you gain a much deeper understanding of that writing.  (I am pretty well convinced that certain texts were left out of some translations based on intentions most followers of Christ would not agree with.)

Did you know that there are many different translations of the Bible? Did you know that a word or verse in the King James translation, for example, may not be the same in the New International Version?  Did you know that wrong words have changed, made wrong, whole teachings to readers?

One thing about the Bible, you can’t just read the books, you have to understand, but this takes a want/desire to understand.  You say you understand?  How much do you understand?  Do you know what those words mean or are referring to?  Do you know what the words meant back then?  Do you know the subject of the paragraph or sentence?  For instance, many references of Israel are not referring to the location but a chosen people.  “A day” can be referring to a literal day, a moment in time/an era/a season, or in prophecy, a year.  To “hide your face,” not let someone see your face, meant to reject/cast away/deny/decline/renounce them.  Therefore, to seek their face meant to seek acceptance.  And to see their face meant to be accepted.  So when God says He will hide His face ….

There’s a lot of understanding that goes along with the Bible, which is not included with it, and that’s where Bible dictionaries, concordances, commentaries, and teachers come in handy, but you have to know how to use them without being used by them.  You’re not really into it if you don’t search for the truth yourself.  The level of understanding you reach is proportional to how much you want understanding.


Here are a couple of online Bible aids:
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If you go into a search for understanding with what you believe or want it to say (come out as), you’re going to be geared towards that in your thinking.  You’ve already judged (made your mind up).  You’ll go from gaining understanding to gaining “proof” of your belief or desire.  Many people take their previous belief(s) or desires, the seed of confusion which was planted, in with them when they read the Bible, but they don’t know it’s been planted in them.

If you were to go into the Bible without previous beliefs, either you never heard them or you know how to go in with a clear mind, then you’ll see that there is no way you can get from the Bible the so-called facts about where people go when they die, or what happens to them; nor can you get some of these so-called details about heaven or hell, “the rapture,” and other beliefs.

If one part of the Bible implies one thing, and another part implies another thing, then you should go with no thing/nothing (unless you want to believe by faith).  Explore all sides and only go with one when you have undeniable proof.  Don’t try to force it, leave it an open issue.  For things you need help in understanding, ask God for the understanding in the name of Yahusha.



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