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How far away are we from having a micro-chipped population? Is it a positive or negative thing to be chipped? If you’ve ever had these questions swirling around in your brain, the following information may change your belief for the worst. One thing is for certain, if you were to go through all of the information in this article, you’d see that something just isn’t right.




Dr. Watson: How IBM’s supercomputer could improve health care

By Martin Ford, Published: September 16, 2011


Watson, the IBM supercomputer that defeated the world’s best “Jeopardy!” players this year, has found a job in medicine. It won’t be consulting with patients, but a version of the game-show champion could appear in examination rooms, offering assistance to flesh-and-blood physicians. But how soon might you see Dr. Watson? And could Dr. Watson be better than your doctor?

I’ve worked in software development for more than 25 years — never for IBM — and was amazed by Watson’s ability to understand language, solve problems and present answers in the form of a question as Alex Trebek coolly looked on. While I don’t think most doctors need to worry about their jobs anytime soon, Watson-esque technology offers a powerful diagnostic tool that could bring dramatic benefits to health care. The prospect of a robotic caregiver might not seem comforting, but Watson’s first appointment will be a watershed moment. This is an app way beyond anything on an iPhone.

Machine learning — the technology that makes Watson, well, Watson — lets software analyze historical data and generate rules that inform decision-making, even when tasks significantly vary. Watson could churn through millions of case histories to learn what diagnosis is likely to be correct and what treatment would be the most effective. The system could almost instantly process medical textbooks, electronic medical records and the latest published research, illuminating obscure links among studies in seemingly unrelated specialties. Watson could someday be a standard diagnostic tool. Its ability to make sense of a universe of data would be far beyond that of any person or team of experienced physicians.

Watson could dazzle in the exam room. It could lead to greater consistency of care, giving every patient an exhaustive review of treatment options. It’s a good bet that this smart machine will evolve into a genuine Dr. Watson: a true diagnostic partner for physicians, offering not just a reference but a viable second opinion.

More: http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/dr-watson-how-ibms-supercomputer-could-improve-health-care/2011/09/14/gIQAOZQzXK_story.html



What’s the problem with this?

1. Implantable RFID chips are said by everyone involved, including it’s creators, to be for health reasons; and secondary, for emergencies (for instance, your child …).

2. IBM controls Applied Digital Solutions, the maker of VeriChip (http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=17627 all together, this means they control Applied Digital Solutions).

3. IBM has what can be considered “priors.” Major ones!



IBM’s History:

IBM and the Holocaust




Propaganda After 9/11:

The Verichip on The Today Show (2002)


Look at how scripted that was! This was 2002.


Andy Rooney promotes the mark of the beast


That was 2002.

This, and others like it, equates to the prepping of the minds of Americans. Take note of the things that were said in the video.



More On The chip:


Healthcare is the veil!

*Did you hear what was said starting @4:14?

It may indeed be voluntary; they only have to scare people into getting it. Most people don’t even know that this past Swine Flu scare was intentional: http://howmanyknow.com/2010/11/vaccinate-against-lies/. It was most likely a test run.


I don’t know what this is, but this is exactly what the creators of the chip said the chips would be able to do and why we would benefit:




IBM’s History and the Verichip … A Must See (uploaded 2009):

One Mainframe To Rule Them All (1of5)



–IBM and Nazi Germany

One Mainframe To Rule Them All (2of5)


–IBM and Nazi Germany

–The barcode


One Mainframe To Rule Them All (3of5)


–The IBM/VeriChip connection

–IBM patent on tracking humans

–How tracking works

–Satellites and the chip

One Mainframe To Rule Them All (4of5)


–Raytheon connection

–This is IBM’s supercomputer


Maybe people don’t understand or know that the same families and groups who created, financed and supplied Nazi Germany are the same families and groups who control the US. Just watch MAAFA 21 and/or TerrorStorm and you’ll see what I mean. So, to think that it can’t happen here is not intelligent.


Lindsey Williams – The Elite Speak – DVD 1 Part 8 – Jan/Feb

2010 (To Seduce a Nation)

Watch: 4:27 – 8:00


–Through healthcare!

–It may be that the VeriChip is a decoy for nano-chips placed in vaccines, which people will flock to get if an outbreak occurs. This may even be the back-up plan.


Step by step, slowly, they implement pieces of the machine/their creation; later they piece the machine/their creation together. Individually, these pieces seem harmless and beneficial, but when combined …. And when they’re combined it will look like chance, instead of planned.

This combining of seemingly unrelated things is similar to how they get everyone to link their online accounts, such as email with social networks. Once enough information sources are linked, they can simply feed that, along with internet searches and the sites you visited, into a super-computer, and they’ll have a full profile on you … if they don’t already. It’s too easy.

In fact:
CIA’s “Facebook” Program Dramatically Cut Agency’s Costs


(not real news, but common sense tells you it’s true)


Here’s a couple of articles that could offer more info (I skimmed through them, I haven’t read through them yet):


http://www.jesus-is-savior.com/End of the World/barcode_implants.htm


Some time after the dollar collapses, all money will probably be on the chip. You’ve heard the creators of the chip say on the clips above: “financial implications.”
Another source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nD7dbkkBIA



RFID Can Help In Containing Swine Flu

RFID technology which has been traditionally used to track assets in a supply chain, can also be effectively employed to track and contain diseases

By Srikanth RP, InformationWeek, September 29, 2009 http://www.informationweek.in/Pharma/09-09-29/RFID_Can_Help_In_Containing_Swine_Flu.aspx

Chip on the shoulder’ medication reminder

Patients could soon be reminded when to take their medication by a “chip on their shoulder”.

By Kate Devlin, Medical Correspondent

5:51PM BST 22 Sep 2009 http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/healthnews/6219844/Chip-on-the-shoulder-medication-reminder.html

Big Brother in a Little Pill

Linda von Wartburg Oct 3, 2009

Oct 3, 2009 http://www.diabeteshealth.com/read/2009/10/03/6391/big-brother-in-a-little-pill-/?isComment=1



More Informative Videos:



Ad for implanted RFID chip


Healthcare bill to put embedded chips in everyone?


Must Watch! Obama Care RFID Microchip!


RFID Healthcare bill


NBC Prediction That We Will All Have an RFID Chip Under Our Skin by 2017


No Chip No Work?


Class II Device


FYI: In the book of Revelation, the mark is not forced, that’s the common interpretation. Check the root meaning of the words using a Bible dictionary and you’ll see that it’s voluntary, but people are pressured to take it.

The Mark of the Beast, U.S. Patent Office application for Skin Marking for RFID chip!


BREAKING NEWS id chips comming for everyone!




 The Role of Social Networking In Getting You Chipped

Take the entire population of America. Now, have them engage in the use of different types of social networking — information sharing — for a certain amount of time. Just like that … you’ve made them much more willing to share what used to be guarded, sensitive information.

Take a device which stores and is able to share people’s personal information. Introduce this device to the American population before the time of social networking, how many would be OK with it/accept it/engage in it? Now, introduce that same device after prolonged, widespread use of social networking.

Information, which was once guarded, sensitive, and not freely shared, is now freely shared. Steps in the opposite direction have been taken, which in this case would be steps toward it being OK to share once guarded … information. People have been changed. For a fact, social networking has had an effect which would/will directly alter people’s reaction to the introduction of the type of device mentioned in this article. Is this coincidental or is this social engineering, which has always been a common practice in this country (unknown to most)?

Incremental steps are used in plots to avoid detection and give the appearance of “natural occurrence.” (With that, “tokens” are always used to further the appearance of “natural occurrence.” By “tokens” I mean exceptions. It’s almost never all of anything/anybody, exceptions are allowed to exist.)
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