Barack Obama Unveiled

In this article, the spotlight is placed on Barack Obama. Before you read on, understand, I don’t belong to any political party, so I could care less about the politics of it all. I just want to point out some discarded and unrealized truth about Obama – truth that may change the way you feel about him, and save you from being fooled again.

Most Black Obama supporters are suffering from a lack of information (usually from getting the majority of their information from the mainstream media, particularly the news – local news or cable TV news) and/or a lack of fair judgement (probably due to fear of what others will think, feel, do, or say; or due to unjust favor because of party affiliation, race, perceived self gain, etc. – the same things others suffer from when choosing a candidate). I’ll try to help with some of this.

*Being less than second class citizens 100% of their time here in America, most blacks saw Obama as a chance, a change, and a way ….  This opportunity (Obama) for what was actually just a perceived self gain added weight to the Pro Side of the Scale For Obama.  Any new information was weighed on these faulty scales, causing an automatic unjust/unfair judgement.  Relying on such a judgement means being blind to the facts/the truth.


Most of the video clips you see here were not shown by the mainstream media. And if you think it’s going to be said by people who hate him, or who are racist, you’re wrong.

If you go through this information, don’t get angry if you hear someone talking “bad” about Obama –someone you like (someone you favor)– just go through the evidence, and then decide if Obama was created to be the man you think he is or is actually the man you think he is. If you don’t want to watch the video clips, just read the text.


Black People:
You can’t trust someone just because they’re your race. A member of your race is the first one those in power used, and still do use, to manipulate you. That’s an old trick (learn about FBI COINTELPRO tricks). Be blind (see no race, gender, age, party, etc. — any label) if you want to see other people’s true self better (be blind to see.).

The FBI informant who infiltrated and got close to, then manipulated, Huey Newton was a Black woman. The first person to Dr. King’s body after he’d been shot, and said the shot came from the wrong direction, was a black FBI informant. DO NOT trust/back/support someone just because they’re Black (you must not realize where you live). Judge a tree by it’s fruit — what it births/gives off (says, feels, thinks, does).


*Do you realize how bad of a position Blacks are in right now? Those in power could kill, or pretend to kill, Obama right now; many Blacks would riot, and then the government would declare Martial Law. And IT would begin.


Just like with “race” (Black, White, etc), people don’t even realize there’s no definition of Republican or Democrat. So, if these people are sent a democratic by title who has beliefs, desires and actions that they have always seen as republican, they will see democrat. If they are sent a Black man by title, who has beliefs, desires and actions that they have always seen as White, they will see Black man. Years ago, most Blacks could see through this, but as they become more Americanized, without being Americans in others eyes, they’re losing all their powers. (I’m sure most Blacks in the ghetto can still see, which is why they’re not allowed on television.) A person who judges another primarily by their political party or race is setting themselves up for failure, especially in a world of extreme deceit.


*Even if Obama wanted to help Blacks, he couldn’t. The system wouldn’t allow it, it’s too contrary to the system.  True or false, people who actually try to help Blacks are killed, framed, or discredited? So, how is Obama who you think he is?


My first “red-flag” occurred while Obama was running for president. I saw how most of the media was supporting him. Looking at the mainstream media as one big machine (as it actually is), the majority of information presented was positive, with an irregular-for-this-circumstance number of attempts to protect him; and this, coming from a machine that would not normally do that under those circumstances (a Black man running for president).

When Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize, I knew something was wrong. He won the Nobel Peace Prize, while at war … illegal wars at that! The Nobel Peace Prize for war? The key word is “peace.” And he hadn’t even done anything at all to win this or anything else, not even a medal offered by a lesser organization. And the media wasn’t capitalizing on this! A few mediocre comments were made, but that was it. They could have made his win mean absolutely nothing, and they didn’t.

If you win the Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing, and you’re a Black man in America who has done this, then there’s some very powerful people who want you in office, and want you to have an image of “great man.”

My thing is … after all that Black people have been through and are still going through, he’s going to play that part/role – the role of the Black man who fools Blacks with charm just to get their votes, and while really being an agent for the establishment.

— It wasn’t harsh to me.

Dick Gregory on Obama (When he thought Obama was real.)


Over time, it became clear that they were marketing Obama after Martin Luther King Jr.  And “marketing” is exactly what they were doing.  Take the “Yes We Can” speech.  Didn’t you hear how it was patterned after King’s “I Have A Dream” speech?  Come on, you had to have at least caught that.

Obama is like Martin Luther King?

King stood up against the Vietnam War, an illegal war of his day, so….
King was a man of peace and love, a man who lived the Word of God (a true follower of Christ).
After September 11, King would have been talking about not retaliating (especially against the wrong people as the US did).  The Iraq war, he would’ve condemned; Afghanistan, he would’ve condemned; every other military offensive afterwards, he would’ve condemned. He would’ve spoken against almost all of Obama’s decisions/actions, and all of this would’ve gained Martin more enemies, especially amongst blacks, than the Vietnam War did. (For a fact, he would’ve been killed today.) But many Black people don’t even realize any of this. In fact, they actually believe Obama to be like King. That’s crazy.  That’s an insult and a mockery. And that’s successful marketing.

Here is King:
Audio from Dr. King starts @ 0:56


The First Black President?

Go here and scroll down to Post #100:


Farrakhan made a good point in We Count! The Black Agenda is the American Agenda: “… who convinced a first term Senator that he could be president?” That’s true. Think about this: A first term Senator believing he could be president and deciding to make an attempt to become president. Now, think about this: A Black first term Senator believing he could be president and deciding to make an attempt to become president.  Improbable, unless a part of the other oddities.  When looked at with the other oddities, it matches perfectly (very powerful men wanted him …).  With that, add this information: Tavis Smiley: Obama Is Fail Up Poster Child

Look at the government today. Who were some of Obama’s top campaign contributors? Banks … one being Goldman Sachs. Who did Obama put in key positions in his administration? Individuals from those same banks, primarily Goldman Sachs (even the head of the Treasury is from Goldman Sachs). They didn’t come from other positions in government, they came from a bank! What was the first thing Obama did after being elected? Give a bailout, trillions of dollars, to those same banks! (Not end the war as he promised.) Almost all of the bailout went to Goldman Sachs directly, and indirectly by way of AIG. And these institutions were the ones who caused the crisis! Nothing is what is appears to be. You need to wake up.


This Might Help You Understand Better

–If you knew Banking History in America, you would know that this is nothing new, Banks did this several times before.  It was only a matter of time before they did it again.

(I don’t agree with some of the statements made.)


Today’s financial crisis and Goldman Sachs (must watch the whole thing to understand):

It’s a shame they have to call the show Conspiracy Theory, but I’m sure that’s the only way it could air.  If you go through it, you’ll see the testimonies and facts (you can even look them up yourself).


Obama’s presidency: You’ve seen this scene in movies plenty of times.  An armored truck pulls up to a building to do a pickup … men emerge from the truck and go inside the building … after some time, they emerge with bags of money which they load into the truck and drive off with.  The only difference is … this is real life, and it’s your money.


After Months of Partisan Wrangling, Wall Street & Pentagon Emerge Victorious on Debt Deal


If those in power didn’t want Obama to stay in power, he would be gone.  Remember Bill Clinton?
If they got Clinton out by using the media deviously, got Bush elected by using the media deviously, got Cynthia McKinney out by using the media deviously, then if they wanted Obama out, they could just simply use the media deviously. They’ve had plenty of lies and situations they could have capitalized on. This means he is playing the game the way they want him to play it. You still see racism and hear “Obama hating”? It’s no where near what it could be. They merely adjusted the racism and negative criticism to a low level, maintaining the appearance of reality/unaltered coverage. They’ve been doing this for decades.


All presidents are puppets, and it’s a shame that hardly any American citizen realizes this.
A president appears on television, attends speaking engagements, and signs documents, and all with the aid and influence of others around him
These are facts everyone in the government knows.

The perception the media gives to the US citizens (which should be of concern) is that presidents are in control, that is, they are the supreme authority in the land. By the US Constitution, they are not. By reality –who actually has power in administrations, the government, and the world– they are not.

Do you realize that if a president actually had the power most Americans believe them to have, the power they’ve been led to believe they have, a president would be a king or dictator and this would be a monarchy or dictatorship?

Do you notice how the media, the information source for the citizens of the country, is constantly showing you what a president said, what a president did, where a president went, etc?  Why not the Legislative and Judicial branches?  (Read the Constitution and see their powers.)

Is it a coincidence that with this practice, the citizens get an illusion of change when the president leaves office?  By believing the president to be the one behind the wheel, replacing him means changing the direction of the car.  The people do not realize the car/the System (the US government) does not change, has not changed, and will not change.

Most citizens, the people who vote, don’t even know that before every election, all districts (the citizens) are probed for information on their likes, dislikes, desires, etc. Campaigns are then molded to match this. The candidate goes on to say what the people like and want – what they found out the people like and want. “I find out what you like and want; become what you like and want; you then like and want me.”  Simple.  And then there’s no objection when, after being elected, they don’t follow through with what they’ve spewed out of their mouths (lies) because that’s when the sports game mentality (favoritism) comes in — they protect their choice. It’s a game on every side.


*No candidate even writes their own speeches. And from this, the public thinks they know the person. Wow! And yet people are lusting over Obama like he’s a savior, or something special/different.


If you are Black, it will probably be a breath of fresh air to hear the words on this next video. The words are pure truth, without bias/blemish (God’s water … or the true God Particle), about this country you are oppressed in and the people working together on the oppression. There’s unbiased criticize on Obama you must see, and statistics you NEED to hear. Please watch this whole thing:
We Count! The Black Agenda is the American Agenda.

You’re looking for Black leaders?  You should have looked toward Cornel West, Jeremiah Wright, Michael Eric Dyson, Tavis Smiley, and Dick Gregory.



The Rev. Jeremiah Wright Issue

Did you know that the media intentionally lied about Rev. Wright? As devious as the people in power are, they probably did it on purpose just so Obama could respond the way he did, giving whites assurance. Either way, they intentionally lied.
Here is the proof:

Here is what the mainstream media presented to the public:


Here is what the media didn’t present to the public (it also shows what the mainstream media did with the video):


A Fox News response to the Bill Moyers interview:

Additional Information:

White Priest … Rev. Wright (A must see! Watch all parts.)

Now think about this: How is it that FOX News intentionally lied about Jeremiah Wright, practically ensuring Barack’s win, and at the same time “is speaking negativity against Obama on a regular basis because they want him out” (your belief)?  They have to play the role of “the negative” to give the appearance of natural, when in reality the media possesses so much power over the American people’s minds they could turn them against Obama if they actually wanted to.  In other words, the negativity is not to the degree it could be, it’s just enough for you to believe (while also staying true to most of they’re viewers).


*Jeremiah Wright is how most Black pastors should be, as far as his dedication to speaking all types of truth (especially the truth about the unrighteousness of the oppressors) and speaking up on behalf of the oppressed. The oppressed need the reassurance this brings. The lack of this in black “christian” churches is one of the main reasons blacks go to the Nation of Islam, and why those in their 30’s and younger don’t respect the Black church.


Here was Obama on Rev. Wright:

How can you sell out your own pastor, and when he’s done nothing wrong? That’s crazy. You sell out a man of God who use to be your pastor? Wow. You say: “It’s worth it to become president?” or “It’s worth it to become the first Black president.” That’s a clue to his moral character (no black leader, just average man), and your own. Choosing glory and riches over the right decision/the decision God wants you to choose? How American of you. And the first Black president? If you knew America, and how God felt about America, you wouldn’t think it to be a gain to be the president of America.


Obama did this; Obama did that.  You can’t give a president, who just says Yes or No on measures, all the credit for a good deed; the deed you see as good didn’t originate with him.  This is also true with the bad deeds (even with Bush). With that being true, what kind of man would authorize the things Obama’s been authorizing (you would have to know just what those things are)? Not the man people claim him to be. Or maybe Obama proves that in America, it’s not even about policies, actions, and beliefs of a president, it’s about politics — “My Guy” (My sports team – favoritism). With most people it is about politics (teams).

Well done research would uncover facts that the Obama administration continued almost everything the Bush administration was doing, and then some (not reported by the mainstream media – the media of most citizens). This would mean that Obama is Bush, without the superficial characteristics –skin color, looks, age, speaking ability, etc. If a person disliked Bush because of what he did or didn’t do as president, but likes Obama, something is wrong.


A Few Obama Actions

Obama Issues Signing Statement to Ignore Labor, Environmental Provisions
President Obama has issued a signing statement refusing to comply with several provisions of the $106 billion war funding bill he signed into law last week. Obama says he will ignore a congressional mandate to pressure the World Bank to strengthen labor and environmental standards. Obama has also rejected a provision calling for the Treasury Department to report on the World Bank and IMF’s activities. The war funding bill included billions of dollars for the IMF. The signing statement is Obama’s sixth since taking office.


Obama Signs War Funding Bill
President Obama has signed a $106 billion emergency spending bill to expand the war in Afghanistan and to continue the war in Iraq. Congress passed the measure last week with the support of several Democrats who had previously cast antiwar votes. The measure also includes $420 million for the Mexican government to fight drug cartels, as well as increased funding for the International Monetary Fund.


Almost a month before:

US government openly admits arming Mexican drug gangs with 30,000 firearms – but why?


Los Zetas Kingpin: We Bought Guns Directly From U.S. Government


Lyndon LaRouche: Obama to Become ‘Fuhrer’ After Debt Ceiling Vote


Do you remember what the media told you about Obama ending the Iraq war (they’ve made this claim about 3 times so far)? Why didn’t they give you this information?:
You would have to watch or read all to truly understand how you were tricked about the first claim the war was over.  What the mainstream media tells you is one thing, what actually goes on is another.


What about the Debt Deal?:



If you watch this next one, you’ll understand Obama’s connection to Goldman Sachs and other financial institutions, and what they’re all up to right now. (What’s going on today is nothing new, they did it in the past; you don’t know because it’s hidden, it’s never ever spoken of or shown):
Part 1

(It’s a set-up!)
Part 2

Part 3

There’s hidden history in America when it comes to banks, wealthy families, groups, and corporations.


More on Obama you may not know (almost 2 hours worth):
This is very informative.


It’s all a show:


Even more understanding:




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