Don’t Talk About That Building


A lot of people have never even heard of World Trade Center 7, and surely never heard that it collapsed on September 11.  For these reasons, I thought I’d post some videos on the subject.  These videos are very incriminating, which is why you will NEVER see them on television.  They aired that first day (9/11), and that was it.

After the official story –when, where, why, how, and by whom the government says it happened– the media can only say and show things that either agree with the official story, or don’t contradict it too much.


9/11 Truth: What Happened to Building 7


Watch the support collumns get blown up.  This can only be done by well-placed explosives.

(Unseen Footage) Tower 7 blasted into rubble from NEW angle!


New WTC7 video shows evidence of explosions as the building is falling


From a couple of these videos it should be very obvious that media outlets are contacted and told what to say and what not to say:

BBC Building 7 Collapse


New: Fox News 5 reports WTC 7 collapse BEFORE it happens

WTC7 – “That is the building that is going to go down next”


WTC7 – Incriminating evidence


Some facts you may not know:

-Bomb sniffing dogs taken out of the WTC buildings weeks before 9/11.

-Workers in buildings reported unusual fire drills all week, where they had to keep leaving the buildings.  This was reported before 9/11.

-The owner of the security company which handled security for the WTC buildings, Dulles airport, and American Airlines?  George Bush’s brother Marvin Bush.


The control of information/knowledge = the control of a society.


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