Power to Powerless

As I stated HERE: If America were a building, or structure, a vital part of the foundation which holds up the total structure (an important belief in the created reality/illusion called America) is that the country is run by the people/the people have the power. This is actually the definition of a “republic,” rumored and believed to be the definition of a “democracy” by almost every single American citizen.

“Democracy” means the people/citizens elect representatives … that’s it. If you don’t believe me, look it up in any dictionary. With this being so, how is it that nearly all citizens of the US believe “democracy” to mean something totally different? How did this word come to have the definition of “republic”?


Do you know the word “democracy” can’t even be found in the US Constitution?

Do you know the United States was initially set up as a republic … and the word “republic” is found in the US Constitution several times?

So, what happened? That’s for you to answer.


If you look closely, you’ll see that a democracy is a dictatorship wrapped in the clothing, or covering, of a republic. With this kind of set-up, the citizens will remain content, even prideful over the “power they wield,” all while having little to no power at all.


The primary concern should not be on the title, it should be on who actually has the ability and opportunity to exercise the power and authority (this type may remain unknown to most citizens), or, when all available factors are taken into consideration, who’s the one actually controlling things, the one actually making the decisions (this type is visible, but can be made to be invisible).


If you enter a car with the intent of being driven somewhere by someone else, but they’re taking you where they want to go, then excuses can smooth things over while you’re being taken for a ride.


If over half of you vote against a war, and you still go to war, then who …?

If laws are passed without your consent, then who …?

If something you want is taking away from you, then who …?

If money is taken from your paycheck without your consent, then who…?

This can go on and on.

If the bike represents the power/control in this country, then the moment you demand it back, you’ll find out exactly who you’re dealing with, and have been dealing with the whole time – a violent dictator/dictatorship.









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