Whose Debt Is It Anyway

What most Americans don’t realize is that both political parties never change real issues, they only take issues which don’t severely effect them or their superior’s money or power, and use the media to blow those issues out of proportion till the citizens see those same issues as big/huge issues – “real issues.”  It’s the same act over and over again.  And the people just aren’t catching on. 

Common sense: If you can borrow billions or trillions to create an unprovoked war, you can do so to help the citizens of this nation with education, healthcare, homelessness, food, clothing, etc.  It’s easy!  And yet the government doesn’t do it (with almost no American realizing they don’t; and they don’t, although they could).  Instead, they lie and manipulate to go to war, and then give contracts for weapons, training, rebuilding, etc.  to the companies they own or have stocks in; or their friends, family, or superiors own or have stocks in.  They make millions to billions, while the citizens are left with the bill.  How stupid is that of the citizens?  And all this has been reported in the same news the citizens receive!  go on too.

The people of this country just live on, they have no objections, and don’t even maintain disgust towards their government.  And the people of this country are the ones who fight in the wars – wars they don’t create and the majority don’t even want!  How stupid is that?  Those same people then go give their lives and take innocent lives for their government who is obviously playing them/tricking them.  How stupid is that?

All of this doesn’t matter, the people still don’t see a thing wrong with what’s going on, they just continue to live their lives cheering and bragging about how they have the power in this democracy (while the definition of democracy means that an elected group has the power).  This has got to be the dumbest place on earth.

People talk about the country being in debt and what the country can do to solve the debt crisis, but the government nor controlled media never mentions the amount of debt from the illegal wars, which shouldn’t even be called wars – wars the majority of the people didn’t want, but the government wanted.  But that’s probably a coincidence, surely they wouldn’t focus attention on other causes of debt (debt which doesn’t condemn them) while never mentioning the cause of debt they intentionally created which happens to be the greatest cause of debt and means of making them millions.  With the media not mentioning it, the majority of the people don’t even think of it, so surely don’t discuss it.  It doesn’t exist.

And then that same government actually keeps the people (it’s citizens) up-to-date on the debt they created by telling them “Your Family’s Share of the Debt.”  Wow!  What’s even more “wow” is that the people/citizens don’t even object to this!

“Somebody den told you wrong.”  I wish I would consider the debt they intentionally created as mine or my family’s.  They better dig in their pockets and use that money they got from their company’s profits, stocks, legal and illegal bribes, or the future job they’ll get from the corporation they gave favorable lawmaking to, and pay on the debt. I didn’t vote for any wars.  I didn’t vote for the Federal Reserve Act.  I didn’t vote to have my income taxes go to pay on the interest the government owes the Federal Reserve.  I didn’t vote for the companies or projects they give contracts to.  I especially didn’t vote for Halliburton’s “Cost Plus” scheme.  No debt did I create, so no debt am I responsible for.

You want to pay down the debt?  Look no further than the assets of members of government, the media, corporations, banks, bankers, and military (especially high ranking) – the people who actually caused most of the debt (without your consent).  But for sure, members of government (fore they state and imply they have your best interest in mind).



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2.3 Trillion in one year!  You can’t lose that, that can only be stolen.  Now, think about the causes of waste they’ve had you focus on this past year.  Think of the schools that have been closed, officers fired, elderly medicare and more that has been taken from YOU.

Notice how this damaging announcement was made (scheduled) a day before 9/11.  Notice how the area of the Pentagon hit by the “plane” on 9/11 was exactly where proof of these missing trillions was stored: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjcRywb6Zf4
It’s similar to how the WTC towers (the 3 that collapsed) housed the FBI, SEC, and others info on what the FBI called “an epidemic of mortgage fraud” that was taking place in the US:
and how because of 9/11 FBI agents investigating white collar crimes (mortgage fraud by lenders, Wall Street, banks) were taken off white collar crimes and placed on counter-terrorism:



The Land of Coincidences.


That love of people and fearlessness is why Cynthia McKinney is no longer a part of the US government.  Most people don’t even know about the crazy things that were happening to her after she started speaking out against the government.  It was reported in independent media, but not mainstream media.  They basically ran her out.  No real human being could be in the US government and feel at ease, or comfortable.  For a person to be able to stay amongst that much wickedness says something about that person.  Maybe they stay quiet, full of fear, and in their place like many American preachers do when it comes to the government.  Whatever it is, such a person shouldn’t be trusted or followed blindly; fore when their fear is activated, their lack of words says, “everything is fine,” “they are okay people,” “nothing is going on,” and “don’t focus on that.”  This is misleading, and agrees with/compliments the lies of those doing the wickedness.








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