Justice or Just Us

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Contrary to popular belief, the prisons in the US are not filled with murders and rapists.  More than half of the prisoners in the US are there on drug charges, and most of those are for possession of drugs.  Over 1.6 million people were arrested in 2010 for nonviolent drug offenses.  I had to get that out of the way so that justifications can’t be made and believed as valid (“They’re murders so …”).

Most people in the US believe that jail/prison is the answer to most criminal acts.  (They even lock em’ away young with Juvenile Hall.)  How can you say that jail/prison is the answer, if you’ve never been there?  When you’re behind bars, you can actually feel your freedom leave.  Have you ever had that feeling?  I bet you haven’t.

When you’re behind bars you can’t just decide to change your situation and leave.  No matter how bad you want to leave, you can’t.  You’re thirsty?  So what.  You’re hungry?  So what.  You are a slave, what you want doesn’t matter.  You are totally powerless, and your only duty is to obey.  If you disobey, the guards will take you where no one can see you, then make you wish you’d obeyed. Jail/prison is the closest you can get to begin enslaved, but no one realizes this.  An animal shouldn’t be caged up, and people fight against that, so how much more shouldn’t a human be caged up?  “His crime was so inhumane.  Let’s lock him up in a cage.”

In jail/prison, it’s not the inmates that are the main problems (that’s the misconception they want you to continue to have so that they can continue doing what they are doing).  In reality, it’s the system, officers, and the jail/prison itself which are the main problems. In jail, people have to deal with some of the worst kinds of people, and I’m not referring to the inmates, I’m referring to the guards.  Many take advantage of your situation and treat you like an animal, or tease or belittle you.  Some are so evil that they will make false statements such as, “You’re never getting out.” or “We’re sending you …”  You don’t know that they are lying, therefor this is mental torture.

Many of the guards are beyond evil and crooked.  If you ask, it won’t be done, they will wait until they know that you know that they will do it when they want to; never after you ask.  They have to have that feeling of control, and make you feel that they have it also, on every single issue.  This may be a part of their training, but what effect does that have on these guards?  They become drunken with power.  How drunken they are with power is something that is never shown to society (The guards get to tell you about the prisoners, but how about you let the prisoners tell you about the guards?).

{Think about being trapped behind door, after door, after door with these individuals who are drunken with power like military drill sergeants (the guards), telling you exactly, I mean exactly, what you can or cannot do.  You’re imagination can not come close to how it truly is.}

So many people have said and proved that they’d rather die than go back to jail/prison.  Just that statement alone gives you an idea of how horrible it really is.  Putting someone in jail/prison is death, you are taking there lives in every way, except for breathing, for the amount of time they have in there.  You, as a human being, were made to experience situations and create.  In jail/prison that is gone, so it’s a living death. Of course people who’ve been in jail/prison are different, have no feelings, or make bad decisions when they get out; there minds have been tortured and altered.  There’s no way that people who have been in jail/prison for years don’t suffer from some form of depression or other mental or emotional condition, especially those locked in cells for twenty-three to twenty-four hours a day, or in a cell where they keep the light on twenty-four hours a day.

Proof of the mental transformation and torture can be heard in the yells, cries, and screams of grown men that echo throughout the jail/prison day and night.  Oh yeah, that’s something else they don’t let the public know about.

Another psychological alteration occurs when they put drug dealers, thieves, and other non-violent individuals in with killers.  All this does is force the dealers, thieves, and others to adapt to the killers ways.  They will not only adapt to the killers ways as a result of influence, but will have to adapt in order to survive living with the killers because the name of the game is Survival of the Fittest (anger and vengeance will be your new best friends).  The longer the sentence the killers have, the worst.  If you have life in prison, or any amount of time close to that, what do you have to lose?  Nothing.  You’ll do anything to anybody.  With jail/prison, they’re only changing dealers and others into killers before putting them back into society.  That’s smart!

Throughout life, and even as kids, we resemble/reflect our environment because we are partially a product of our environments.  We closely resemble/reflect that which has contact with us the most, and that which has the most impact on us (parent, music, TV, streets, jail, etc.).  If you lived in the wild for five years, would you be like everyone else?  Think about how much you would change if you lived in the wild for fifteen years.  If you hang out with gossips, what will you most likely become?  If you hang out with murders, what will you most likely become?

Those who have been imprisoned have adapted to fit their environment (jail/prison — a life amongst other criminals, which includes murders, and unwritten customs), and when released, they have to adapt to fit yours, but this takes time and lessons–just as it would with anyone adapting to an environment (just like a child growing up, it takes time and lessons).  Learning lessons, they will fail over and over again until they get it right.  Because these people have been made into killers and violent persons, their failure, when trying to adapt to this new, less violent and anger filled environment, will be very harsh, and illegal.  And when anyone is imprisoned once, any little thing they do afterwards will get them imprisoned again, and for a longer amount of time.  If you add all this up, a person who is imprisoned for long enough will be imprisoned again after being released (they will do wrong/get it wrong), and for a longer amount of time.

{Using one of the many unwritten rules, ways you must live, as an example: In Environment A, you can’t let anyone disrespect you, you have to punish them with violence if they do.  If you live in that environment for fifteen years, that way of living, following that rule, will be a permanent part of you.  Taking you out of that environment will not remove this from you, yet they take you and place you in Environment B where that way of living is illegal.  It’s you, but some how you’re suppose to immediately stop being what is now you.  “I’m going to lock you up with wolves until you become like the wolves, then I’m going to let you out into the public, but when I do, you have to become like everyone else the very second I let you out.  If you act like a wolf, you’re going back in.”}

To sum it up: If you commit a crime and are caught, they’ll imprison you, which makes you into a real criminal if imprisoned long enough; then they’ll put you as a real criminal back into society and tell you to adjust, then imprison you again for trying to adjust (for being a criminal, which their jails/prisons made you); and this starts the process all over again, but this time, you’re imprisoned for a longer amount of time, which makes it worst.  So, it’s just a continuous cycle that gets worst each time it goes around.  Nearly everyone in America has committed a crime, so just what if that was you?  Then you would care.  But that would still be the same concern for self, and not for justice or others.

If you’re imprisoned for months or more, what do you lose?  If you had a job, your job is gone; therefor, your source of income is gone.  Depending on where you lived, your home is gone.  Depending on how long they can wait, usually depending on how much time you’re in, your significant other is gone.  If you had a family, your absence will affect their lives, especially if you have a young child.  With consequences such as these, what are you going to do when you get out?  How do you adjust to regular life?  How do you ever recover?  So, from being punished for a crime of robbery, assault, possession of drugs, possession of a weapon, D.U.I., etc.–the things the average American does commonly–your whole life is ruined forever.  You’re actually receiving a much greater amount of punishment than everyone believes.  You’re actually receiving a type of life sentence.  The punishment is severely affecting the present and the future, although it’s said that you’ve done your time.  This is not justice.

Think about this: You’re stripped, made to adjust to a second environment, and then thrown back into the first environment (which you no longer know) where you need what you were stripped of to survive.  So, now you’ve been made more of a criminal, plus you have all of the factors that tempt anyone and everyone to commit a crime –no income, money, car, etc.– and you go from being fed and housed in prison for years, to suddenly having to feed and house yourself.  Survival mode!  You will definitely go back to jail/prison!  And of course, when you go back, it starts this, and the other process, all over again.  Then everyone calls you a “low-life.”  And don’t let the crime you committed be a felony because that makes it highly probable that you won’t get a job no matter how hard you try.  This makes it even worst.  You will really be in survival mode!

So, the jail/prison system is a revolving door, not because of the prisoners, but because of the system!  But the government swears they know what they are doing.  You can’t put it passed them, maybe they do know exactly what they’re doing (they do have experts of every type).  The fact that once felons are released from prison they can’t get public housing or receive food stamps, the very things they will need, being in their condition, sure says they do.  (And this also coincides with the already practiced plans, and obvious strong desire, to put certain people in jail/prison and keep them in jail/prison.)

Another thing that can put you back in jail/prison is being addicted to a drug while out and on probation.  If you’re addicted to a drug before being imprisoned, and are then released with probation, then when you use that drug you’re addicted to, you’ll be imprisoned for using a drug while on probation.  That’s like putting a cigarette smoker behind bars for whatever crime, not allowing him/her to smoke while behind bars, releasing him/her on probation and telling him/her that they will be imprisoned if they smoke while out on probation.  Do you think they’ll smoke a cigarette?  Of course they’re going to smoke, they’re addicted, right?  But people are imprisoned for using a drug they’re addicted to.  How scandalous is that?!

They say that jail/prison is supposed to be a deterrent from crime by targeting a person’s fear, but once that person gets used to jail/prison the fear will subside, so the ability of jail/prison to deter that person from crime is gone.  And to get used to it probably takes a few years, depending on the person.  (Not all are scared to go back.)  If someone gets used to it, comes out, and then later goes back in (the system ensures they will ); it will only take them a very short amount of time, much shorter than before, to get used to it again.  And each time, depending on factors such as the length of time between being imprisoned, they will get more and more used to it, which means less and less fear of it. So, now they’re back in society having been made into more of a criminal, having all of the factors that tempt all people to commit crimes, and now having no fear of jail/prison.  Yeah, look at the system work!

They also try to say that jail/prison is a means of correction or discipline.  That would mean that it’s for the convicted person’s well being.  They made jail/prison to help themselves, that is, to get those who jeopardize their “perfect society” (perfect reality) away from them (like you do your elderly).  So, when they use correction as a reason, it’s a lie.  They only named it “correctional facility” to make it sound better to you (deception).  It’s the same with “lied” to “mislead,” “h#,” “nasty,” and “slut” to “free spirited,” or “lawyer” to “attorney.”

Think about it, how in the world can you be rehabilitated –corrected– keeping the company of those who are what you’re supposed to be getting rehabilitated from?  Can you stop your desire for porn being surrounded by porn?  Can you stop your desire for heroin being surrounded by heroin?  What about alcohol?  Can you get a grip on your anger being surrounded by angry people?  They know that jail/prison is not for correction, they’re playing with you’re mind.  One day you’re a prison guard, the next day you’re a “corrections officer,” yet the jail/prison and nothing about your job has changed?  Saying that it’s correction is a lie, and using the words “correction” and “rehabilitation” is deceit.

{It’s very obvious that saying that it’s a correctional facility is deceit –a lie.  Even with the obviousness they might still try to deny it.  But, if they say they didn’t lie, that would mean they are very, very stupid to do correction that way.  If they’re very, very stupid, there is no way that they should be in charge or running anything … as stupid as that is.  They can go right ahead and try to deny the lie –lie again.}

Jail/prison is “bad people” storage (the real public storage).  The little bit of correction that is done in jail/prison today, is done because of society finding out the truth and complaining, not because of the government’s wants (just like everything else).  Jail/prison only multiplies that which is already wrong with a person, or adds something new.  It’s definitely an incubator for anger.  And then when that person does something in jail/prison as a result of their anger: “no parole” or “more jail time.”

Why don’t you lock yourself in your bedroom twenty three hours a day for only three months, and see how crazy you get.  Better yet, to make it more like jail/prison, lock yourself in your bathroom.  And then when you display anger, add more time.  If what they are doing is working, and is correction, why do they need to register sex offenders when they get out?  Why ask if someone has been convicted of a felony when they get out?  And if ex-prisoners have “paid their debt to society,” why are they still paying?  How many thousands of questions can you make with, “If it works, then why …?”?

{The term, “paying a debt to society,” is a term that really needs to be eliminated.  If I sell cocaine, then it’s said that I need to go to jail/prison to pay my debt to society.  But if the majority of society uses cocaine, society is exactly who bought the drugs from me.  So, how would I be paying a debt to them?}

Racial profiling, “you fit the description” bull, and other unfair practices were found out to be happening (true), but how many men and women who have been victims of it have gone to jail/prison and are still in jail/prison to this day, taking a crucial part of their family?  The system has recently been caught arresting, charging, convicting and jailing innocent minorities, so think of how many people they got in the past when racism was even worst–people who are still in jail/prison to this day.

If you as a country is no longer racist, as you claim, then that means you are just.  Being just, wouldn’t you have the desire to reevaluate past cases that could have involved racism by your officers and judges?  Wouldn’t you want to fix all that you did when you “were” racist?  Get it through your heads, just because someone was convicted doesn’t mean they’re guilty, and with the bull they are running, I would question anyone’s guilt.

{Officers have quotas.  What kind of system is that?  You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what that practice will cause.  Trying to maintain quotas means that their trying to maintain a number of arrest.  And it’s a fact that they try to maintain or increase these number of arrests no matter what happens with crime –no matter if crime rises or falls.  Think about this: If they try to maintain or increase arrests no matter what, that means they have a desire for crime.  This is consistent with other things seen throughout the system.  It’s a business.  And if you want more money, you increase crime.}

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