The Sandy Hook Show

I’m sure the news of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was as shocking to you as it was to me, but what you’re about to see concerning the shooting will rival that shock.  Brace yourself for this one.





And now it’s time to play “Find the Tear.”
Can you find one tear?
I guarantee the tear wipes are written into the script he’s reading from.


Picture this: Your young child or sibling not only just died, but was murdered in a massacre along with other young children.
Can you do an interview days later?
Would you be smiling at this interview?
Watch the following videos.  Be sure to watch each one in full.






Same man, no tears … once again:

A comment on this video at Youtube: “He mentions Mrs. Soto? But, Mrs. Soto locked all her kids in the closet to protect them. How did they end up in his yard so soon afterward? And, why would the school bus driver stop and go into his house?”




Other Very Interesting Videos








A filmed drill?  A Hollywood production?  Partially real, partially fake?  What are your thoughts?


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