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What’s your definition of food? The things you normally eat, right? In that case, your definition of food is this: Chemicals, most of which you can’t even pronounce, and know nothing of their effects, placed together with real food and/or other chemicals to make something tasty – something that would sell (and accomplish other objectives). That’s the sad truth, right?





*Advanced science in the hands of those who are out for profit will always mean extreme danger for you, even if you don’t see the dangers.

The true purpose/reason for consuming food (eating) is to fuel the body, it’s not for taste. Eating with intentions to fulfill the purpose, you can’t go wrong; eating based on taste, you will almost always go wrong. Take control over your own mind and begin to consume only to fulfill the purpose of consumption – fueling the body with a proper type and amount of nutrients. Thinking like this will change your diet dramatically. You may find that you don’t have actual food in your home. You may also find that you will have to discover what nutrients are found in which food sources … something we all should know, and could have had engraved in our minds if those in power wanted it so.

When you read or hear that a certain food –such a carrot– contains a certain amount of vitamins or minerals, think about what food, if any, was tested to determine that nutritional data. Was it organic? What about the changes that occurred from picking to testing, and during testing? This matters, and you need this information, but where is it?  Shouldn’t it’s location be known by all citizens?  Shouldn’t this information be easily accessible?

Think of your food, the food you normally eat. What are it’s nutrients and toxins – the positives and the negatives? Where do these nutrients come from – what’s their source? Is the source pure? Are all the nutrients still there after processing, shipping, storage, preparation, cooking, etc? All of this matters most, but all of this is exactly what’s withheld from you, or circumstances are created so that you will not see, nor look, for this information.

*This documentary offers great information on nutrients and toxins in the body.

Nearly everyone would agree that organic is healthier, right? That’s due to the absence of genetic modification, certain harmful processes, and man-made chemicals during the food’s lifetime. The chemicals are toxic to you (poisoning a little at a time), and decrease the nutritional value of the plant or animal if adding before or during growth. Certain processes add toxins and/or destroy nutrients. Genetic modification can decrease nutrients, and was shown in a study to cause sterility in future generations of hamsters which consumed GMO.  And then there’s the unknown effects of genetic modification.

Organic means the food is in a pure, unaltered form. Organic was food for Man 99% of his time on Earth (… up until our time.). It is the example/standard – the true food. So, if organic is healthier, the healthiest, and the standard, then non-organic is less healthy and below standard. Nearly all food that is consumed is in the US is non-organic, which means that nearly all food consumed in the US is less healthier than organic and below standard. A decrease in the healthiness, or standard of nutrition, of nearly all food in the country? That equates to a decrease in your healthiness/health. A decrease in your healthiness/health means …?

*Imagine having stock/shares in America’s food production and drug companies at the same time. 

Organic is not a diet, it’s a Need (total dependency). It’s what you were designed to consume. A vehicle’s gasoline engine is designed to run/function/operate on a certain type of gasoline. Using any other type of gasoline other than the type it was designed to run on will cause consequences which will be in some way destructive to the Whole. What has occurred in America with food is similar to you putting 87 octane gasoline in a engine that was designed to only run on diesel fuel. There will be negative consequences for the vehicle. This is an obvious fact, just as it’s an obvious fact that there are negative consequences for your body. Who, if they had control over a nation’s food and drink would allow or cause such a thing to happen?

*America’s food is actually more similar to using milk for an engine designed to run on diesel fuel only (it’s that “off”). The worst part of this situation is that for many, even if they wanted to eat actual food (organic), they couldn’t afford it. The System is set up that way.

Those who control the food and drink Industry, the producers, sellers, and especially lawmakers know all of what you have just read, right? You have specific agencies to watch over food and drink. Don’t they have all sorts of data on the country’s health which they can look at by deficiencies, overindulgence; by gender, religion, etc? They know it all, and yet love it this way, that is, they love a food and beverage System that makes money but weakens to death the bodies of millions. That’s a fact; if it weren’t, they could simple change it.

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Just as routine food choices, dishes/combinations of food, preparation methods, cooking methods, etc. are passed down through a Family/Lineage over decades and centuries (if left uninterrupted), a Nation’s routine food choices, dishes/combinations of food, preparation methods, cooking methods, etc. is passed down. When it comes to America, it’s food supply was hijacked and interrupted. It went from farms, farmers, and organic, to factories/businesses, businessmen, and man-made.

{What’s called breakfast by most Americans today –cereal, for example– is one of many “Foods” eased in over generations, and by Generations (the Elite). Fast food is another horror that was eased in over time by the men who own and control Business and Government.}

When it comes to food choices … you, doing what you want to do, or whatever others are doing, is not doing what’s best for you; and what is best for you is to make food related choices based on what’s best for you; that is, you choose what, when, where, how much, and how many times, not tradition. Food choices, your meals should be based on each individual’s Needs.

Whomever prepares meals and gives food to a child will create that child’s definition of “salty” and “not salty enough,” “sweet” and “not sweet enough,” “sour” and “not sour enough,” and so on — the child’s preference levels when it comes to sweet, salty, etc.

If, since birth, that child was fed food and drink with what you would consider lower amounts of sugar, then what you considered “your amount,” your preference, would be nearing “too much,” if not reaching it, to that child. This means you can actually consciously set … instead of letting tradition set ….

Here’s some food for you (real food)





(can purpose smaller quantities from this site)

*A Depression is here, and it will probably get worst, so you might want to stock up on some seeds.


Organic Fertilizer/Fertilizing





Back to the land

Think back to the days when people owned their own land, their home, and grew and raised their own food (America before Banks and Corporations). That’s true independence. And in those times, there were no pesticides or GMO. There were no toxins in the air, ground, or water (from Industry), that we’ve been stricken with today.

You want a horrifying picture? A country that doesn’t know how to farm (grow their own food). Most people in this country don’t even know how to grow their own food. That might not seem like a big deal, but look at the history of Man/humankind. Look at history, all the back to the first Man. A country that doesn’t know how to farm is unheard of in the entire history of this Earth. … from an adult, feeding self, to a baby, depending on someone feeding you.



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