No Health, No Care

In the US, there are agencies like the FDA , USDA , HHS, and others who purposely make the public believe they exist in order to watch over the public’s health and ensure they’re at their healthiness. That’s a joke. They’ve all been infiltrated long ago, with most, if not all, having been created by the influence of the Families like the Rockefellers, the FDA included. Look it up.

If anyone in power wanted you healed, or wanted you to be able to heal yourself, they would have freely given you key information … simple things, like the fact that you need a certain type and amount of nutrients daily (basically, your body has a nutrient regiment you must sustain). They could have engraved this into your brain. Instead, with full knowledge that Americans are no where close to achieving/fulfilling this need, they withhold information/knowledge, and nutrients, which would lead to achieving/fulfilling it.

Simple information: How often do they tell you that Vitamin D is proven by them and others to be more effective against the flu than flu shots (man-made chemicals/potion)? Are flu shots offered as the solution more than Vitamin D is? Are flu shots said and implied to be the better solution more than Vitamin D is? How is that? Government and businesses are giving out free flu shots. Free! It couldn’t be free Vitamin D? Of course it could be. This means it’s not done for your benefit.

How “clever”/conniving and manipulative are they? How did we, as people in this country, get to a point where we accepted that no sickness, disease, or condition can be cured/healed completely?  How did we get to the point where we believed that using that which comes from the Earth/that which is natural (what is supposed to be normal) is a blasphemous thought or utterance and a dangerous practice/route. I know that answer, but I won’t explain. Out of man’s entire existence on earth, only we, in the past 60 or so years has done this.

I think this pretty much sums up modern healthcare/modern medicine: They give you the “cure,” but the “cure” only modestly and temporarily heals, at best, while the contents of the “cure” poisons you, causing other problems. You then have to get other “cures” for those problems, repeating the cycle. They’re “quack cures.”

Medical Industry Nightmares with Dr. Peter Glidden

2:48 – 2:59 — I disagree. The main reason for American’s poor health is diet.

17:16 – 18:22 — It is that simple.

29:31 – 30:49 — … same names, different games.

30:51 – 31:27 — That last statement is a truth that needs to be remembered.

43:37 – 43:40 — That’s another issue. … a lie that more than MD’s pushed. “It’s genetics.” “It just runs in your family.” “Any case of _____ in your family history?” How many times have you been asked that? All of that … they started to preach/push some decades ago, but it’s all untrue. Just as cultural accents are passed from one generation to the next, food choices, dishes — food combinations– preparation methods, cooking methods, etc. are passed. This means the same nutrient imbalance will be shared by the next generation, resulting in the same diseases and sicknesses occurring in each generation. And there’s no way all those smart people in this country didn’t know that back when they started to push the idea that these conditions people are suffering from are genetic. The Answer — the Excuse — the Justification — the Reason, but if untrue, the Lie.

45:12 – 46:03 — People, starving for nutrients and overeating is a main reason for obesity, but it’s not “the only reason.” Another reason: “Food” is made by manufacturers to taste extremely good — very pleasing. Another: Advertisements.

If you truly want proof of how the healthcare industry is concerned with profit, not your health, watch Michael Moore’s “Sicko.” Even if you don’t like him, just check out the evidence he presents. It will be to your benefit to watch the entire thing.

How Caffeine Can Affect Your Health

Shockingly, those are all true.

True or False, since the 1980’s, the government has allowed the beverage Industry to have it’s way with the American people? The invasion of the big name soda brands resulted in millions of kids on caffeine; while their parents were on caffeine from soda and coffee. This caffeine consumption (or feeding) went on for about twenty years, steadily rising, until an invasion of energy drinks shot it up into new heights while coffee was seeing a rebirth … and this is now being topped off with concentrated caffeine shots.

Cigarettes and fast food consumption also rose with caffeine from the 1980’s till now. What about alcohol (man-made poison/synthetic stimulant) and illegal drugs? It was consumed (first advertised and distributed) in greater strengths, amounts, and variations since the 1980’s. And to top it off, in that same time period, Americans started using them at younger and younger ages.

All of this … is this the reason why heart disease is the number one killer of Americans?

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