NASA and the Mars Agenda

The following is a small collection of information regarding NASA.  The link between NASA, the Nazis and Operation Paperclip is known by many, but what’s not known by many is the information you’re about to discover.







William Cooper From The True History and Purpose of NASA

Bill Cooper – Agenda of the elites Project Blue Beam and Humanism

View: 11:25 – 12:43 and 21:08 – 29:30

Isn’t this exactly what Bill Cooper spoke of:



National Geographic When Aliens Attack


The following announcement by NASA was one of the many ways they have opened up the minds of the population to the possibility of life on other planets:


These next two videos show you the alien creation philosophy that you have already begun to be indoctrinated with:

The Elite bloodline from ancient time till now


The Legend Of Atlantis: Complete Series



More on Project Blue Beam and the fake alien invasion:


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