How the Elite play House

Imagine two football teams playing against one another.  Now imagine what would happen if you could place one or some of the players in positions/roles they weren’t made to play.  Imagine changing a player’s jersey to the jersey of the other team while they’re playing.  What would all of this cause?  How would this effect the plays and the game?  This, is what you’re about to find out, but instead of football and football players, it’s you, your life and the rest of society.



*Just go through all of this piece by piece and you will see – the picture will become clear (unfortunately, and fortunately).
Don’t prejudge, this first section isn’t anti-gay, it’s exposing the homosexual agenda – a planned-out intentional manipulation of the population into practicing homosexuality and becoming homosexual.  Even if you don’t agree with this first part, by the time you go through the rest of the information (the other topics) you will agree.  Trust me.


Alan Watt – The Anti-Gender Agenda


View start – 2:31, it’s EXACTLY what Alan Watt said:
Homosexual Agenda Destroying The Family Unit – Intro & Full Interview


View 3:17 – end
Your Children Are Being Taught to be Androgynous – Alan Watt


Alan Watt – Demise of the Traditional Family


This is the guy Alan Watt spoke of, Yuri Bezmenov.  Watch this for an idea of how people in power manipulate populations.
Hidden History 6 – Ideological Subversion


One sign of this being an agenda is that those pushing it refused to recognize the portion of the population who knowingly chose homosexuality (erasing their existence from minds of the population).  They instead promoted the idea that “they were born that way.”  I was going to clubs when homosexuality first started becoming a fad, and it was mostly done by women seeking other women because they got hurt by a man, didn’t want to get hurt by a man, or wanted to experiment.  This made up the majority of homosexuals.

Over time, as the mass media, including the porn industry, transformed the minds of Americans even further, more men and women started experimenting, questioning their preference, and questioning their own gender; whereas before the barrage of psychological attacks they wouldn’t have, and didn’t.

True or false, a population of millions can’t go from homophobic to accepting of homosexuals on there own in just a few years?  That’s like going from racist to accepting of “that race” on your own in just a few years (hint). There has to be some reconditioning of the mind, some restructuring of understanding/beliefs. This is why people go to counseling.  But if you recall, most of America was homophobic until just recently.  With that being true, when did America as a whole go to counseling?  They didn’t, it came to them, through mass media.




The Elite are using homosexuals and homosexuality to further their own agenda, but homosexuals are not the only group they’re targeting, women have also been targeted, extensively.


View 3:33 – 4:50 (just for the truthful piece of information)
Miley Cyrus Likes The Illuminati


Who was really behind Feminism and why?


FYI: The Rockefeller family is one of the Illuminati bloodlines.


*Warning, strong language.

Feminism is the problem



In the case of Black families and relationships, the following will show just what has been done to them, and how it’s been done.  This will also reveal the manipulation being done to all “races.”


Gloria Steinem Targeted Black Women: Feminist Spy

FYI: The CIA was created by the Rockefellers.


Dehumanizing Us to Genocide! Pseudo-feminist marketing & Black Gender Warfare!

Oprah had a large part to play in this many years ago.  Other talk shows played, and still do play, a major part.  Major!  Think about the talk shows and what they show you.  Nothing but cheating men, over and over again.  Running the same “theme” over and over again, whether intentional or not, ultimately conditions the mind of the consumer of those shows.  Do you remember the era of “all men are dogs”?  Even little girls said it and believed it.  I was one of many males who at that time wasn’t a dog and couldn’t understand why Black women said that.  Or what about the movie-script line “What do you expect, he’s a man.” and those similar to this?  Or what about the scenes where the woman puts the man on the couch?  Do you believe these lines and scenes were written into scripts over and over again because they were so good?  All of this, and more, was intentional.  

Most Blacks used to talk about this one: “If the movie has a Black male as the lead actor, and that actor/character has a woman of interest, she will almost always be another race or a light-skinned Black woman.”  That is by design just as the frequent promotion of the idea that Black men love White women (a joke that lasted years).  It’s part of what’s presented here.  And all of this manipulation is not just against Blacks.  It’s against all families, and carried out by different means.

*Don’t be fooled by perceived competition between information sources, believing different news stations, news magazines, television networks, movie studios, record labels, and so forth to be truly competing against one another (or that they don’t work together as one).  It’s an illusion, and it’s controlled and ran by the people who created the post Industrial Revolution America, which gave birth to the businesses and corporations of today – families that are commonly referred to as the Illuminati bloodlines, or the Elite.


Maury – My Fiance Cheated With A Teen… Is He Her Baby’s Dad

Do you realize that what they show, and who they have on, is by the desire of the people who control the Network.  During the 1980’s and 1990’s is when nearly every role for a Black woman was that of “the angry Black woman.”  Nearly every time a role for a Black woman was in a script (in a show) Hollywood produced, her character was “The angry Black woman.”  The 1990’s is when it increased to a whole other level.  And then after the 1990’s, “reality” TV shows and other productions increased it even more.  And as always with the population that consumes this, they become it.  It usually never exists in society/in the population to any noticeable degree until it exists first on screen.  This is something you can really see, and in most cases can only see, after a three or more years of not watching TV.

Question: Did angry Black women exist in society/in the population to any noticeable degree before the 1980’s? 


A case of “Matrix” programming:

The Most Extreme on Animal Planet “Killer Cats” with Scott Lope



Feminism ruined my dating life


A Black Woman’s SHOCKING revelation

Think about words and ways of a hardcore feminist (not just a regular feminist, which is actually a woman with decreased femininity and increased masculinity).  Now, think about most Black women.  An exact match.  And a hardcore feminist,  borderline man, is undesirable to nearly all men.  They run from them (separate themselves from them). How many of those cases of “the Black man leaving his family,” a favorite story of the media, occurred because it was impossible for that Black man to be with/have a relationship with/form a bond to and with a Black woman – a manipulated Black Woman? The media did much of their reporting on this topic during the exact years those same Networks created an abundance of scenes in their scripts for “the angry Black woman.”


Why So Many Black Women Are Alone

This guy makes some good points.  I don’t agree that parents are the main cause though.  He actually mentions a piece of the main cause, a movie, Why Did I Get Married.  And as you saw, nearly all of them saw the movie.


Dave Chappelle – Chivalry Is Dead

He brings up another attack, self esteem.  Nearly ever single woman in the US unknowingly has a low self esteem/low self belief problem.  But what do you expect when the importance of beauty/looks within the society/population is in the hands of the Elite, along with it’s definition.

When did anorexia and other eating disorders explode in America?

When was it hardly noticeable or nonexistent?



These next four videos pretty much sum up the situation.
This first video sums up the effects of the manipulation
done to Black women:

Strong Independent Black Woman = Bamboozled


View start – 6:00
Black Women We are MUCH Better Than This

In that video, she mentioned the name of another attack against the Black Male image, “on the DL” – “on the down low.”  The news media of this country had this as a topic for weeks, not days, and there were TV shows that did the same.  Most Americans didn’t even realize that all races have homosexual males who are married to women and leave their wife to have sex with a man.  In other words, it wasn’t new or rare at all.  And they talked about it for weeks.  


View start – 9:47
Black Woman Putting Sistas In Check!


And in closing:

Yes Black Women, we SHOULD apologize to Black Men…….let me tell you why…..

I don’t think Black women should apologize directly to Black men (unless they truly wanted to), but should instead understand the manipulation done to them by those in power – and their own choices … choosing to engage and interact with mind control weapons (scientifically crafted “special people” and mass media made available to you) – then work on themselves, monitor themselves, mold themselves, with added prayer for each change desired. Then, as change in Self (inner self) is made, a positive change in thoughts, emotions, actions, and habits will be produced in life (outwardly). 

This will help (Divine order):

Marriage: Husbands & Wives


IOG – “Marriage & Family Conduct”



Before the 1980’s, in nearly all Hollywood movies that featured a Black actor, the Black actor would get killed in the beginning of a horror movie, and also placed in the role of the character that would mess things up.  This alone shows the conscious act of repeatedly placing Blacks in certain roles for certain hidden reasons.  These next videos show another conscious act that is also another assault against Black families, and the image of all men in America, especially Black.  


Black Men in Dresses


The Effeminization of Black Male Celebrities


Dave Chappelle Takes A Stand: Hollywood Emasculates Men


Black Men Actors In Dresses! “We Men… Aint We?”


Looking at the transformation of Terry Crews, his roles and image from the beginning of his career till now, do you think it was a natural occurrence?  His career is a representation of the image of Black men in America in the hands of Hollywood.


Hollywood Corruption, Dave Chappelle and other actors asked to wear a dress Minister Farrakhan

If you are Black, especially male, are you going to continue to watch Hollywood TV and movies for entertainment (for a purpose other than picking it apart or using it to serve you)?



Out of the many Black men and women with movie scripts who try to get their movie produced, Hollywood, just like the music industry, ALLOWS certain ones for certain purposes.  For some time now, I wondered why Hollywood allowed and promoted Tyler Perry, other than the cross-dressing, and why they allowed his personal movie staring himself.  Understanding the information in the previous videos, and the following videos, I now understand.  Stop and think about his movies.  Everything you just heard in those videos (the picture leading this article) is in his movies!  It IS his movies!  


For Colored Girls
Watch 5:17 – end


Tyler Perry Hates Men!


The Single Moms Club | Trailer US (2014)



To simplify it, for those who don’t understand, they’ve “pumped up” the heads of Black women so much (through movies, TV shows, music, and other media) that they spit on Black men.  At the same time, they show Black men as deserving to be spit on (through hip hop, the reverse is done intentionally).  And they do it to separate the Black Men from Black Woman. And this is done as part of a much bigger plan, the “capitalism” to “communism”/”socialism” shift
they’ve been carrying out in America.


Your Life is a Script – Alan Watt



For further information on this topic:

American Communism and the Making of Women’s Liberation

Gloria Steinem: How the CIA Used Feminism to Destabilize Society

Feminism—A Communist Agenda How the Rockefellers Engineered Women



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