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This project, which is really a message, was created with the help of the Spirit/the Holy Spirit/the Holy Ghost/the Ruach HaKodesh over the past year.  My job was to be the vessel through which it was created.  Now my job is to deliver the message.  This message is specifically addressed to those who are the descendants of people who were taken from Africa and surrounding areas by Europeans and Arabs and placed into slavery, but others can read it as well.  Read Wake Up Jacob first, then read The JourneyThe Journey is the story of my life.  It validates the message (Wake Up Jacob), and me, the messenger.  They are Microsoft Word documents (.doc).  If you don’t have Word, here are some alternatives:

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Wake Up Jacob

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The Journey




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Wake Up Jacob
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The Journey


Once you see how important it is, spread it.



For issues or errors you find in Wake Up Jacob (only), notify me at the following email address and I will hopefully be able to take care of them as soon as possible:


I will most likely post something on my site to notify others of the issues or errors.



All glory to Yahuah and Yahusha



  1. Writeous1 (Post author)

    Here is an updated link to the article linked on page 485 (Proof that Biblical Day begins at Dawn and not Sunset). The creator of this article renamed it and moved it.

    Sunrise and not Sunset Begins the Day Part 1

    Sunrise and not Sunset Begins the Day Part 2

  2. Writeous1 (Post author)


    Page 554 – 555, starting with: “All of this supports the statement that the moon was made for appointed times ….”

    Watch 54:55 – 1:09:00
    Why we are learning about the other Calendar

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