Is Your Religion the Problem?



For the past 10 years or more the American people have been brainwashed into believing that religion, especially Christianity, is the main problem plaguing the world.  As usual, the brainwashing came through mass media (TV, movies, music, magazines, etc.) and used a form of crowd control to get everyone hyped up and moving as one.  

The main arguments were:

1. All wars have been fought over religion
2. Most wars have been fought over religion
3. Nothing has caused more deaths than religion
4. Religion is just a tool to control the masses
5. The Crusades even happened because of religion

And then, to get black people in on it they were pushing the following:

1. Christianity is the white man’s religion
2. Christianity made “us” docile slaves
3. Look at what white Christianity has done to non-whites all over the world

These ideas, and similar ones, were being fed to the people, unnoticed, through a very well engineered psychological operation, and many people got caught up in it.


And now, the truth: For starters, you can’t group all religions together and say “religion”.  They are all different.  Some even teach ideas that conflict with one another.  With that being the case, how is it such an “open and shut case”?

What is a religion, is it the people who claim it, or is it the teachings, what’s in the Bible for example?  It would have to be the teachings.  What people, especially Europeans, have done throughout history is the exact OPPOSITE of the teachings found in the Bible.  So, how can you use their actions as proof/evidence against religion or Christianity?

How can teachings of love and peace be the cause of wars, murder, and all things bad in the world?  How can teachings that prohibit murder, theft, deceit, vengeance, and even man-stealing be the cause of wars, murder, and all things bad in the world including slavery?  Loving your enemy is the cause of wars, murder, and all things bad in the world?  Huh?

All these wars the US has been in, were they over religion?  No.  What about World War I and II?  No.  What about colonialism and the killing off of natives all over the world?  No, it wasn’t over religion.  What about slavery?  No.  Most of those things were a result of things that “God” (not His name), “Jesus” (not his actual name), the prophets, and the apostles taught against, like greed, pride, and deceit.  All of those things where done by practices that God, Jesus, the prophets, and the apostles taught against, like murder, theft, lying, and oppression.  So, Christianity is the problem?  The Bible is the problem?  Religion is the problem?  No. The truth is that people NOT following/living the teachings found the Bible, at least, is the problem, and has been the problem this whole time.

Researchers like myself already know that since at least World War I bankers have fully controlled wars, starting them and even funded all sides.

“If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.” – Gutele Schnaper, wife of Mayer Amschel Rothschild

Oh, but I thought it was religion, especially Christianity that was to blame.  According to her, and history, the Rothschilds were the ones causing wars.  So, bankers who were atheists and Luciferians have been the cause of most wars since the Middle Ages.  Where are all religions in that?  Where is Christianity in that?

Here is another example, the Spanish American war.  You don’t even have to watch it all.  Just watch the clip at the beginning (0:00 – 0:34) and listen to what he says.

The Truth About the Spanish-American War with James Perloff

Religion?  Christianity?


Religion is the cause?  What about the homicidal dictators the elite-created and controlled CIA sets up all over the world?  All of those murders, and all of that oppression, the source of much murder and oppression in the earth, and none of it because of religion.

These bankers have been creating poverty around the world, getting people to sign up to their central banks and UN loans that are really debt traps that destroy and enslave nations, and yet religion, especially Christianity is to blame for poverty and famine?

The Crusades where caused by religion?  No, religion wasn’t the cause.  That’s the excuse those in power gave to the people they hyped up and got to do their bidding.  And what’s taught in school and by mass media is the official story (official lie).  And still, what they did was against the teachings in the Bible, “a religion”.

Religion is used as a tool?  Just because people used it as a tool doesn’t make “the tool” bad.  If someone uses hammers to kill people, does that make the hammer bad?

If you want to call what’s in the Bible a religion, it’s the only religion that kept people from destroying themselves. Pagans of the Roman Empire wanted to be wild and unrestrained, but the Bible made them look guilty, and question their actions, so they had to stop some of what they were doing.  I’m sure the Roman Empire would have been the New World Order if not for the Bible.  The amount of morality within it is the reason Rome hated it and sought to destroy it. That’s why they created a counter religion called Roman Catholicism/the Catholic Church, which murdered true believers and murdered people who read the Bible or practiced its teachings instead of their new religion (history not taught).  90% of the people who call themselves Christians don’t live by the teachings of Jesus or the Bible, and it’s been this way since the Roman Catholic Church started killing true believers and spreading their version of Christianity.  With that being the case, can you judge the religion by them?

Do you notice how Christianity and the Bible are called out and attacked in particular? Why not call out the Catholic Church (which is not Christianity)?  They could easily expose the Catholic Church, but they don’t want to because it’s been their weapon for hundreds of years, and is needed for their plans in these days.  They could attack Islam too, but they don’t because it’s another weapon, and just like the Catholic Church, created to curb the Gospel and the Bible.

The Koran teaches that it’s okay to beat your wife.  Mohammed said blacks were born to be slaves, and he and his followers murdered and enslaved whole communities of Israelites and Africans.  But where’s the talk of things like that? Or what about all the evidence that shows that Islam was created by the Catholic Church/Rome?  And there’s so much more, especially on the Catholic Church, but you don’t hear it.  All you hear is attacks on Jesus, Christianity, the Bible, and God of the Bible.

Religion is the problem?  What about Illuminism, Freemasonry, Luciferianism, and today’s Judaism (Kabbalah, Talmud, Zohar, etc.)?  If there are any religions that are the problem in this world it’s those because FOR A FACT the people who practice those things have been the cause of nearly every war, murder; most hate, most poverty, and nearly all oppression.  They are the ones using birth-control, viruses, and war for depopulation, killing hundreds of millions of people a year.  But when have EVER heard those religions being brought up and called the problem?  And you won’t because they are the people behind the anti-Christian agenda.

How can religion (all religions) be the cause of everything bad when a large percentage of the aforementioned people are themselves, or are  totally controlled by, atheists?  Explain that one.

Now look at how false that whole “religion is the problem” idea is.  It’s so untrue it’s insane.  And yet, millions believed it and still believe it.



The propaganda campaign unleashed on the public for this plot was grand.  “They” attacked the population from many different angles.  One such angle was the belief that all religions are actually worshiping the same god.  They are all one (1 religion).

It’s Official! Pope Francis reveals plans for “One World Religion”


Another angle consisted of using arguments such as this, without allowing a counter-argument.

And like I stated, that happens because of man (the elite in particular), and because man is NOT living by God’s words.


Another angle of the “religion is the problem”/anti-Christianity propaganda campaign was that Jesus was copied from Horus and other “gods”.  The elite know they have the population right where they want them (lacking knowledge) so they know they can have channels like the History Channel, the Learning Channel, and others state outright lies and no one would notice.  I don’t watch TV but I saw parts of some of these propaganda documentaries produced by these cable TV channels on Youtube.  They went beyond their usual deceit for this anti-Christianity campaign.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. They were full of lies and deceit.

Cable TV channels weren’t the only mediums being used to deceive the population though, an underground documentary and movement, Zeitgeist, was also used.  This documentary and movement really kicked the propaganda into gear.

Also part of the “religion is the problem”/anti-Christianity propaganda was the creation of the idea that religions, especially Christianity, “pushed their religion on people” and “judged people”.  Through mass media they had the population saying, “Don’t judge me.” and “Don’t push your religion on me.”  This propaganda was a little different than the rest though.  It not only changed the people who consumed it and believed it, it also changed the subjects of the propaganda, Christians, by causing them to fear trying to get people “saved,” and fear telling people anything about the Bible or God, especially in regards to sin (bringing up wrongdoing). It totally silenced them and sat them on the bench for good.

Now, my question to you: When did anyone ever try to push their religion on you?  Bringing it up is not pushing it on you.  What Jehovah’s Witnesses, a false “Christian” religion, does when they try to enter your home, or won’t take no for an answer, could be considered pushing a religion, but bringing it up is not “pushing it on you”.  What some sects of Islam do when they attempt to force someone to convert could be considered “pushing their religion on you,” but what percentage of Muslims do that, how many times has it happened to you, and what does that have to do with Christianity?

“Pushing a religion” on someone means that they are trying to force or strongly persuade you into accepting or believing something related to their religion.  Look at the word “push”.  When the heck did anybody push a religion on you?  When did anyone beg you to join a religion?  When did it happen?  How many times did it happen?  What percentage of religious people or Christians did it?

It never happened.  But you believed it was happening every time someone brought up something religious.

What “they” did was rename the act of speaking about religious things to “pushing religion” and “judging,” and people actually felt as though they were being pushed and judged.  Their response?  They hated it.  But it’s all brainwashing.  The main way “they” did this was by writing the program into the scripts of TV shows and movies.  People who tried to tell someone about their religion, or who brought up something religious, were said to be “pushing their religion” or “judging” by one or more of the characters in the scene.  “They” also had celebrities say it outside of TV and movies, and in songs.  After seeing and hearing this again and again, most of those who consumed it unknowingly started believing it and saying it in those same situations they just saw it and heard it being used.  This is done constantly in this country, with one agenda after another.


“The whole point of brainwashing is that those being brainwashed don’t know it.” — Graham Haley

“Propaganda works best when those who are being manipulated are confident they are acting on their own free will.” – Joseph Goebbels

“If you tell the same lie enough times, people will believe it; and the bigger the lie, the better.” – Joseph Goebbels

“This is the secret of propaganda: Those who are to be persuaded by it should be completely immersed in the ideas of the propaganda, without ever noticing that they are being immersed in it.” – Joseph Goebbels

“Propaganda must facilitate the displacement of aggression by specifying the targets for hatred.” – Joseph Goebbels

“The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly – it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over.” – Joseph Goebbels

“It would not be impossible to prove with sufficient repetition and a psychological understanding of the people concerned that a square is in fact a circle. They are mere words, and words can be molded until they clothe ideas and disguise.” – Joseph Goebbels

“The essence of propaganda consists in winning people over to an idea so sincerely, so vitally, that in the end they succumb to it utterly and can never escape from it.” – Joseph Goebbels




I made the following video some time ago.  I made it because I was annoyed by all of the propaganda.  I’m sure it will be fully understood now.  Youtube/Google censored my video by freezing my view counts (which says to a person, “No one is viewing this video.  It must not be good.”).  Why they did that, I don’t know.  It could have been because of what I exposed, or even because of the audio clip I placed at the end of the video.  Either way, as you can see from the information above, they only made matters worst.

Is Your Religion the Problem?


Here are some things I would have added to the video had they been said earlier:

Watch from 1:53 – 2:16
Killer Mike on Real Time with Bill Maher explores violence and Hip-Hop.

“… let’s start with the real violence-starters. Let’s start with the three major Abrahamic religions, and let’s do away with their books. Let’s start with governments and geo-war and politics. Let’s do away with out leaders.” So, basically, do away with all governments and all religions? Interesting.


I’ve never seen the movie The Book of Eli, but I’ve seen clips. From what I could see it had something to do with a man saving the Bible. But it’s a Hollywood movie so I knew it couldn’t have been promoting the Bible. Not long ago I ran across the following clip that explains one of the true purposes of the movie, a vessel for propaganda like every other Hollywood movie.


Somehow this is the exact same idea being pushed from every other information source – the Bible is a tool to make populations docile so that others can rule over them. The viewer’s conclusion? Killer Mike stated it.


“All this was inspired by the principle—which is quite true within itself—that in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation. For the grossly impudent lie always leaves traces behind it, even after it has been nailed down, a fact which is known to all expert liars in this world and to all who conspire together in the art of lying.” — Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, vol. I, ch. X




According to Zeitgeist (“documentary”):

“Christianity, along with all other theists belief systems, is the fraud of the age. It serves to detach the species from the natural world, and likewise each other. It supports blind submission to authority. It reduces human responsibility to the effect that God controls everything, and in turn, awful crimes can be justified in the name of divine pursuit. And most importantly, it empowers those who know the truth, but use the myth to manipulate and control societies. The religious myth is the most powerful device ever created, and serves as the psychological soil upon which other myths can flourish.”

  • “Christianity, along with all other theists belief systems, is the fraud of the age.”

Roman Christianity, European Christianity, is the fraud of the age, and that’s stated right there in the book of Revelation (Rome/the Catholic Church as Mystery Babylon).

  • “Christianity, along with all other theists belief systems … serves to detach the species from the natural world, and likewise each other”?

Where can you find that in the Bible? And when real Biblical Christianity was practiced by Martin Luther King and others like him it was being used to bring people together. Explain that.

  • “It supports blind submission to authority.”

Take a look at the book of Daniel and Daniel’s refusal to submit to authority. You’ll see the same with Mordacei in the book of Ruth. And Yahusha/Jesus definitely didn’t blindly submit to the authority of his day. His whole ministry was full of opposition to authority. And what about all the Christian martyrs who gave their lives instead of submitting to authority?

  • “And most importantly, it empowers those who know the truth, but use the myth to manipulate and control societies.”

Can’t you say the same, and more, about science, psychology and sociology in particular? Shouldn’t you be saying that about science before you said that about religion? Haven’t the elite been using what they know about science, what you don’t know, to manipulate and control the masses, and make them docile? Was it religion or science that brought you television? What about fluoride? Was it religion or science that created the presidential campaign that had you believing Obama would save you when in reality it was the opposite? Was it religion or science that brought you guns, bullets, missiles, tanks, military aircraft, atomic bombs, etc.? Do they have war down to a religion, or down to a science? Was it religion or science that formulated cigarettes to be as addictive as heroin? Most of the viruses and bacteria found today, where they created by religion or science? How about deadly chemicals for plants (food) which you consume, and GMOs? What about brainwashing? Propaganda? Crowd manipulation? Eugenics? Race (Darwinism, for example)? Was it religion or science that created the thing that caused the cancer your loved one died of? Was it religion or science that gave you chemtrails which take away rain and cause the sun’s light to be unbearably intense? Was it religion or science (through Dupont’s scientists) that made you dependent on oil, thus dependent on the Rockefellers, and therefore the elite? Is it religion or science that has you monitored 24/7 through TVs, phones, emails, stoplight cameras, etc.? Is it religion or science that is being used to turn blacks and whites against each other; and blacks against the police? Is it religion or science that creates the military recruiters who get you to join the military where you’ll use those scientifically created weapons against innocent people, for the elite? Is it religion or science that trains recruits to be killers (“soldiers”)? Is it religion or science that persuades almost an entire nation to support theft and invasion of other lands? And it’s not even “science,” it’s people who are not living by the Bible who are using science to do those things. But if we judge how these people judge, then it’s science.

Controlling populations? Making them docile? Take the time to watch this, you’ll learn a lot:
The Century of the Self – Part 1: “Happiness Machines”

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. …We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. …In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.” ― Edward L. Bernays, Propaganda



The abolition of all religions and the creation of a one-world religion are goals of the Illuminati (funded into existence by the Rothschilds), and this has been known for centuries.

This is from 1798:


The same way they have the American people almost begging for gun control is the same way they have the American people almost begging for the destruction of all religions with this “religion is the cause” nonsense.

Illuminati goals:
1) Abolition of all ordered governments
2) Abolition of private property
3) Abolition of inheritance
4) Abolition of patriotism
5) Abolition of the family
6) Abolition of religion
7) Creation of a world government

And “somehow” you see the exact same goals in Communism.


“To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism, and religious dogmas.” – Brock Adams, Director UN Health Organization


But keep in mind, the Illuminati is only a creation, a tool, like the Council on Foreign Relations, being used to accomplish world government.  It is NOT at the top of the pyramid.  That’s what they want you to believe.  And to believe that Adam Weishaupt is the progenitor of all of this is to believe any lone wolf theory put forth about anyone today.  Global domination was already being carried out long before the Illuminati. 


For a look at the beliefs of those behind this agenda, watch the beginning – 28:30 of this video:
The Luciferian Philosophy/Religion vs. The Truth

Atheists!  Atheists who use science!  Wouldn’t that explain why they want all religions gone?  Wouldn’t that explain why they would go to such great lengths to deceive the public about religion?


Don’t fall for the “good Christian man” claims in this next clip. You have to read between the lines and see the truth of what they’re trying to explain away.  Remember, your founding fathers even pretended to be Christians.

Watch from 1:26:06 – 1:28:10
Rockefeller’s Documentary


This ties it all in.  Now you’ll really see reality.  Try to remember the parts about consciousness and becoming god, it will come into play later.

Listen from 2:38 – 19:50


And just in case something happens to that source, here is another, though only partial:
Listen from 9:36 – 19:52
Social Engineering 101



Think of the last ten years, what made Christianity really start looking bad?  Wasn’t it the prosperity preaching and greed of televangelists, particularly those at TBN? 



So, with Luciferians and occultists actually controlling TBN, could its existence be part of a bigger plan?  It should be clear that those pastors and churches are used to form the image of Christians and Christianity. Those pastors are also used to infect and mold their members, listeners, and smaller churches in communities the same way celebrities, controlled puppets of the system, are used to infect and mold the general population.  It’s the same psychological and sociological (science) setup (weapon).  Those infected Christians then become examples of Christians and Christianity to non-Christians.   

As a regular American, you watch TV shows, interviews, news shows, and movies.  You may even read comments on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter, noticing the number of “likes” or “thumbs up” they have.  As you go about your life you unconsciously consume information from these and other sources.  Unbeknownst to you, they are all under control, and rigged.

Think back to all of the examples of Christians and churches you’ve seen in the past 10 years.  How much of them showed churches feeding and clothing the poor and homeless?  How about other charitable deeds?  How many stories have you heard where people have went to religion and had their lives changed for the better?  What have you been hearing the most?  Money-hungry pastors and churches. 

Those in control of mass media are showing you the people and things they want to represent Christianity.  And who controls Hollywood and all entertainment?  Luciferians and occultists.  That’s clear to most people now as watch the shows and look at the music artists, but it didn’t just happen, they’ve always controlled it.  Think about that.  Luciferians (Gnostics) are the ones who have been showing you Christians and Christianity your whole life.  Could all of this be the reason you got this during the peak of the anti-religion/anti-Christian agenda:

‘Preachers of Atlanta’ Have Their Own Approach to Inspiring Faith

“Somehow” it produces the same image in the minds of the viewers that the televangelists produce, and fuels the same ideas being preached by them. 


‘Preachers of Atlanta’ pastor defends passing out condoms, cigarettes for ministry

Some of the comments on Youtube

– I’m not buying this, I’m sorry this preacher with the lip stud, No not buying it. I mean passing out cigarettes and condoms please. Its like AA passing out alcohol at a bar and trying to get people sober. Or having her to preach about not having sex outside of marriage with her wearing those tight jeans and stud in her lip. Try this, how about teaching God’s Word and using his Word to entice his children to have a relationship with him. Just because she said God talk to her about this, doesn’t mean its so. Her perceived good intentions are just a little off base.

– “God told her to pass out cigarette” which god was she talking to? #Falseprophet.


One commenter brought up how this so-called pastor was showing her breasts on Periscope.  You can look that up, it’s true.  She was also drunk.

And that so-called pastor Kimberly Jones-Pothier is a definite puppet.  At 3:52 she states the belief that’s constantly being pushed through this agenda – “I know how hard it is in religion with especially Christians, they are the first to beat you down….”  Watch the video again at the point she says, “all of those ‘saints’ and all of those ‘Christians.’”   You can see “puppet” in her body language and hear it in her words, or at least I can. 


‘Preachers of LA’ Spark Controversy with Flashy Faith

Some of the comments on Youtube

– Christianity is a career for these guys not a walk..

– really straight crooks..these preachers are doing this for worldly possessions and fame..not for God..there’s people starving and these so called men of God can’t get enough houses and cars.. preachers like this make Christians look bad..Shame on you wanna be preachers

– im a christian….. but who else thinks this is simply ridiculous??

– I’m a Christian. This makes me sick. He who is of the world hates God.

– I’m Christian and watching this made me sick>:(

– I’m a Christian and I have to say that this is so stupid and I am utterly ashamed of these men who call themselves “Christians”…they are NOT real Christians people. This is not the example that Christ gave nor is it how the Bible describes the Christian life should be like.

– I m not here to judge these men for what they do, but I know Jah (God) is not the author of confusion or doubt. It’s not wrong for any religious person to have riches, but it also a sin to flash it around when you know there are people struggling and they give there last to a churches and the pastors, preachers, bishops, deacons, deaconess, members of the board and they are living better than the community which they serve.This type of behavior is the same anywhere I been to several churches, white and black and I see the Man of God driving expensive cars and wearing expensive clothing sometime it hard to truly see Jah through all of this, but I must say everybody needs to know Jah  for themselves these men are not your God they are men who just happen to be preaching the word of God, I know the word of Jah for self so this type of shows will not confuse me on who Jah is and always be. Much Respect.


It’s almost as if only certain “pastors” and “Christians” are being shown to the population through mass media.  Imagine that.  And it actually goes much deeper than this.  You have to understand that when they do these things, they don’t just do them out of the blue.  They’re planned out (your life is all planned out), and they take years to complete.  They condition you slowly.  Take Obama, for instance.  Years before his election you were shown movies where a black male was a president, right?  And it happened again and again.  That was conditioning.  Without that conditioning your reaction to Obama, especially if you’re white, would have been totally different.  It’s the same with this agenda.  The conditioning was slow, and over many years.  This is your life, in the Matrix.

Nearly everything most Americans know about the Bible and the God of the Bible has come from consuming information through mass media, they just don’t realize it.  They have never even read the Bible, and this includes most people in church.  Do you want to know what happened after I read the Bible all the way through for the first time?  I was highly disturbed.  I was disturbed at how it was the opposite of what I had always heard.  I actually had to examine the book to see if there was something wrong with my copy.  So, nearly everyone has already been brainwashed, and now we’ve come to the peak of the brainwashing.  Just looking at the music industry alone will show you the huge anti-religion/anti-Christian agenda.  Think about it. 

Something extra: The way Christian pastors were pit against homosexuals and homosexuality right before “they” elevated homosexuals and homosexuality (for the homosexual agenda) was not coincidental.



Now I want to expose another angle of the agenda, puppet teachers in the black community.  There is a community called the Black Conscious Community, and their teachers are the most effective (damaging) in this agenda.  The Black Conscious Community is really the New World Order nursery.  Followers and teachers for almost any New World Order agenda are being bred there:  Blacks vs. the police.  Blacks vs. whites.  Breaking up relationships and families through feminism (elevating the woman far above the man).  Teaching occult doctrine.  The anti-religion agenda.  The anti-Christian agenda.  And even the agenda to keep black people believing that they are the descendants of Africans only (not too many people know what this is about).


Watch 8:30 – the end

US Gov has legalized psychological operations against citizens

“… through press, publications, radio, motion pictures, the internet, and other information media including social media, and through information centers, instructors, and other direct or indirect means of communication.”

All they did was legalize what they’ve always been doing.  And what they actually legalized was the Matrix.


Here’s a prime example:

Watch 7:00 – 43:34



The guy in these next videos is a teacher in the Black Conscious Community.  People in the Black Conscious Community are just now realizing that he is a con artist (he did EXACTLY what the puppet Christian pastors do … interesting).  As you watch, ask yourself if it could have been for the anti-religion/anti-Christian agenda.

Brother Polight on Why Jesus Couldn’t Be White or Mary a Virgin

You may have to watch it again to realize that he’s just regurgitating “facts”.  Some people have found out that if you do research on his “facts” you’d see that many of them are untrue.

Something to understand: The Bible is an Israelite/Hebrew book which contains Israelite/Hebrew history.  Yahusha/Jesus and even “Paul” were Israelites (you probably call them Jews).  The first “Christians” were Israelites.  The first Christians adhered to the writings and belief system of the Torah as well as the Messiah.  There was no separate religion.  The coming of Yahusha/Jesus was a fulfillment of their religion, and just a part of it.  Rome, who held Israelites under subjection, ended up taking all authority of what’s known as Christianity, and its Catholic Church became the epitome of Christian and Christianity.  Over time, an entire theft and transformation of the belief system came.   One thing they love to do in this agenda is disprove or refute Catholic “Christian” claims and ideas.  This gives the listener the feeling that Christianity is being disproved.  In nearly every case what those who refute are actually doing is refuted things that were added on by Rome and Europeans after they stole this “religion” from the Israelites. 


@1:14 – 2:36 – You are dealing with two different languages.  But let’s do what he said, and let’s go into a concordance.
Here is Matthew 1:23 for a reference:

The word parthenos, Strong’s number 3933, can mean both maiden and sexually pure.

Now check out 1 Corinthians 7:1-8

If you go here you’ll see unmarried woman and virgin in the same verse:

So, parthenos doesn’t mean an unmarried woman.  It means a maiden, and can be used to refer to a virgin, but it doesn’t mean an unmarried woman.

And what did the word translated to virgin in Isaiah 7:14 mean?

Also see Gesenius’ Hebrew-Chaldee Lexicon:

So, this word in the prophecy actually means maiden, a young woman.  So, Polite is wrong in what he stated, and backwards in his attack.  But regarding the issue of immaculate conception, there is a possibility that it didn’t happen, for reasons that are too much to go into here.  And if it’s not true, guess what it changes in the belief system?  Absolutely nothing.  And think about this: If Yahusha/Yahushua/Jesus or “Christianity” is so bad, wouldn’t these people be attacking the teachings?  Remember, the rules, or teachings, is what a religion is about.  So, why don’t they attack them?  You want to know why?  Because they can’t.  They are too good, they are too righteous/right.  And if it’s so righteous, how is it wrong?  It’s not.  That’s why they have to find something they can attack, but people don’t realize they usually attack something that was added by pagan Rome or something mistranslated from the original text.  And with their attacks on nothing they think is something there are outright lies and deceptive tactics, mostly in the form of straw man arguments.  Could it be that the Bible and “Christianity” is being attacked because it is right, it is so morally correct?  And it must a coincidence that the same people, who set themselves apart from all other people, got kicked out of many countries for introducing and increasing immorality, the opposite of “Christianity”.  And those same people created Hollywood and did the same thing to America through Hollywood and other means.  And those same people took over rap music and did the same thing.  And those same people are the ones who control everything.


@ 2:36-3:11 – He states that Egypt and Sumer is where these people’s information was grafted out of, speaking of Israelites/Jews and Christians.  That’s the same idea being pushed through other sources.  All of that is proven false in Is Your Religion the Problem – Part 2


@ 4:14 – In our ancient African mystery systems?  Mystery schools, occult knowledge?  So, let’s bring back the mystery schools in place of Christianity?  Sounds familiar.  And did you catch statements about consciousness?  So, he has the same “belief system” as the ultimate oppressors, the elite.  The Conscious Community will say, “It’s not theirs, they stole it.”  Oh, now stealing matters.  What about Christianity?  If we judge the same way you judge, that Egyptian stuff is the slave master’s religion; that’s the white man’s religion.  And think about this:  How many of those Christians who have done terrible things throughout history were secretly, actually, followers of the Egyptian mystery schools?  And notice how he called it “systems”.  He couldn’t call it a religion, but if everything he and others speak down on is a religion, how the heck is that not a religion?  And somehow all people, in what wasn’t known as Africa nor seen as an identity, had the same religion.


@ 7:25 – “This is the way the ancestors thought.”  Ancestors from which nation and tribe, and at which point in history?  All of Africa?  They didn’t see themselves as Africans, or a people.  They were separate people with separate beliefs.  And if the average black person is the product of several different African nations, or peoples, then how is it “our ancestors” and “the ancestors”? 


@7:33 – “They looked at the trees, they looked at the birds, and they said this to themselves.”  And what follows is something that they could not have said.  And what he eventually says comes from the occult.


@8:49- “What is the working model?  Everything seems to be working in conformity to the better advantage of man to progress consciously.”  Seriously?  All of that physical stuff that was stated is for man to progress consciously?  How can you know that or prove that?  How can you prove that everything is one consciousness?  Just believe.  He then goes on to say that man made it that way, which means that man is what?


And what he says after 11:00 is not even worth commenting on.

Some of the more negative, but truthful, comments on Youtube

– He figured out through a process of ancient esoteric knowledge communicated to him through his ancestors that we can’t see the wind!! We are dealing with a truly enlightened individual here. And for just the price of admission to one his lectures you too can learn more fascinating truth bombs like basic geometry and the hidden meaning of Old MacDonald .

– What the fuck is this bullshit. Polight hate the Bible. And he pushing Alister Crowley. And he don’t understand shit.

– Him: “1+1-1+1-1+1-1+1-1+1-1+1-1 = 0” Dumb People: “He’s a genius!!!”

– Fuck this nigga and his elite agenda, everyone apart from Trump supporters knows Jesus wasn’t white

           – Elite agenda? What are you on about?

– Elite Agenda, so many issues in our community yet he calls out this one, one that gives so many of our people hope growing up, one that shows are people were the real isrealites they want to hide that from us. He is a puppet for the elite, it sad seeing some brothers and sisters eat up whatever a smart sounding nigga says. God is real and if you want answers follow your roots



And of course, there are comments like this:

– Christianity is a tool used created by the white man to more easily control and subdue blacks asian, hispanics and other minorities when they conquer foreign lands. Christianity is simply put a slave masters religion



Brother Polight Explains How Religion Has Been Downfall of Black Community

Some of the comments on Youtube

– I am still waiting for the first Muslim or Christian to come and dispute what this man is saying. He is speaking nothing but the truth, you can’t handle the truth lol.

– Words in the Bible we’re used to Keep my people down and the color of his skin the white man forced upon us was use to further insinuate ultimate superiority over my people. So yes the focus is important. If you don’t see that I can’t help you. This wasn’t what our people believed in

– Nothing worse than going into a black church and seeing those huge murals of a white Jesus

           – Nothing worse than someone who focuses on his skin tone before teachings.

– Words in the Bible we’re used to Keep my people down and the color of his skin the white man forced upon us was use to further insinuate ultimate superiority over my people. So yes the focus is important. If you don’t see that I can’t help you. This wasn’t what our people believed in

– You can murder someone with a hammer too…doesnt mean the hammer wasnt meant for putting in nails. Also, there are many other things used to keep you down as well but you accept those with open arms and a blind eye. The Christs teachings could never oppress anyone…matter of fact the opposite. You’re making assertions with nothing to back it up.

– from the crusades to manifest destiny to slavery to Jim Crow, to the Trail of Tears, to the Witch trials religion is the deadliest weapon of all time. It’s claimed billions of lives and people will be way better without it. You don’t need bullshit religion to teach you the merit of good deed. It’s common sense .

– Why would the same man that killed you,hung you,raped your ancestors give you something to believe in….just imagine someone beating you up,then handing you a bible….

– Christianity is the religion of white supremacy.

– This nigga speak straight facts. It’s all made up bullshit. Black folk need to wake up. The white man knows its fake and that is why he runs the world.

– He’s right Christianity was taught by slave masters. Who did black people pray to before Slavery?

– i hate religions . root of all evil. it’s even more saddening when i see black folks clinging to religion, both Muslims and Christians. knowing damn well these religions weren’t introduced to them by peaceful means. it was forced upon them while having their traditions and way of life taken away. SMH

– Any black person following any form of the abrahamic faith in 2016 is a complete and utter fucking moron. Cracker Jesus didn’t save your ancestors and he damn sure isn’t going to save you. You can talk that “but Jesus is black” bullshit all you want, but you negros know damn well deep inside that small mind you envision that cracker who’s portrayed in those images when you pray at night.

– Christianity is a Fake religion. Do your research. They stole that shit from Egyptian mythology. You’ve been lied to people. Wake up and stay woke

– religion for dumb niggas !!! aint no god


Can you see how it’s the same untrue ideas over and over again.  It’s just like the general population and the news, right?


Shortly, the public will be unable to reason or think for themselves. They'll only be able to parrot the information they've been given on the previous night's news. - Zbigniew Brzezinski


But one thing about comments in the comment sections on Youtube and in Facebook groups is that they may not be made by who you think they’re made by.  There are agents and paid trolls working on different types of agendas, and they absolutely rule Facebook.  This is covered in The Psychological War Against Blacks.


Here is an interesting comment:

– Polight did a DNA test and he is Yoruba. People living in modern day Nigeria. The Yoruba people are part of the larger Niger-Congoloid people. His ancestors were never near anything that was Egyptian. For him to talk about the Netjer is just as stupid as to believe in the Bible…if he claims to only follow his ancestors path. I guess the Yoruba religion isn’t as sexy as claiming the sphinx and pyramids.

– … you don’t know shit about africans, and most of the tribes were nomadic …including dogon , woodabe Fulani stupid white fucks think egypt had a big wall that no tribe can come in and out. Egypt was made out of tribes ..look at the halfan tribe ..they were black … but hotepery is stupid..but whites need to get a grip

– I didn’t say the Egyptians weren’t “black”. I said he is Yoruba and his ancestors had nothing to do with anything Egypt. Its 2016, we know all about migration routes and absolutely nothing suggest that the Niger-Congoloids (Most African Americans and West Africans) were nowhere near Egypt. If you want to believe that Africa was this magical place where all tribes lived in harmony and prayed to the same gods, you are utterly retarded.



My take on the video

@The beginning – “The most destructive thing that’s taken place in the black community has been the religions that’s always been introduced to us.”  If you watch the video again you’ll see that he goes on to talk about how some religions were introduced to some black people.  He never states how these religions are the most destructive thing.  Never.  And he never does what the title of the video states, and explains how religion has been the downfall of the black community. 


@0:35 – 1:25 – I guess we have to go back in history to find out how each African tribe got the religion they had before slavery – how was it introduced – because if it occurred during servitude…. 

And how does he know what the people taken from various parts of Africa and placed on ships were practicing before being placed on ships?  Weren’t people taken from the Ethiopian region?  True or false, Ethiopians, and a few other African nations, practiced Christianity by choice long before slavery?  Did you know that many of the captives in Africa who were sold to Europeans by Africans were Israelites/Jews?  So, the slaves were first introduced to Christianity and Judaism through servitude? 


See: Acts 8:26-39


“The spread of Islam into North Africa reduced the size of Christian congregations as well as their number, so that of the original churches, only the Coptic Church in Egypt, the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church and the Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church in the Horn of Africa remain. Both the Ethiopian and Eritrean Orthodox churches profess their own distinct religious customs, a unique canon of the Bible and unique architectures. Neither of these communities of Christians in the Horn of Africa are the product of European missionary work, but were founded prior to missionary work by any European countries.[1]

“Mark the Evangelist became the first bishop of the Orthodox Church of Alexandria in about the year 43.[3] At first the church in Alexandria was mainly Greek-speaking. By the end of the 2nd century the scriptures and liturgy had been translated into three local languages. Christianity in Sudan also spread in the early 1st century, and the Nubian churches there were linked to those of Egypt.[4]

Christianity also grew in northwestern Africa (today known as the Maghreb). The churches there were linked to the Church of Rome and provided Pope Gelasius I, Pope Miltiades and Pope Victor I, all of them Christian Berbers like Saint Augustine and his mother Saint Monica.

At the beginning of the 3rd century the church in Alexandria expanded rapidly, with five new suffragan bishoprics. At this time, the Bishop of Alexandria began to be called Pope, as the senior bishop in Egypt. In the middle of the 3rd century the church in Egypt suffered severely in the persecution under the Emperor Decius. Many Christians fled from the towns into the desert. When the persecution died down, however, some remained in the desert as hermits to pray. This was the beginning of Christian monasticism, which over the following years spread from Africa to other parts of the Gohar, and Europe through France and Ireland.

The early 4th century in Egypt began with renewed persecution under the Emperor Diocletian. In the Ethiopian/Eritrean Kingdom of Aksum, King Ezana declared Christianity the official religion after having been converted by Frumentius, resulting in the foundation of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church.

In these first few centuries, African Christian leaders such as Origen, Lactantius, Augustine, Tertullian, Marius Victorinus, Pachomius, Didymus the Blind, Ticonius, Cyprian, Athanasius and Cyril (along with rivals Valentinus, Plotinus, Arius and Donatus Magnus) influenced the Christian world outside Africa.”


And of course, you can research elsewhere.


What other things were blacks introduced to while in a state of servitude?  Were they all bad?  Based on his logic, they had to have been.

Let’s say that all blacks were introduced to Christianity by force, by people who clearly weren’t practicing Christianity and actually had a “religion” that was stolen hundreds of years earlier, does that make Christianity wrong or bad?  If you ask one of these “conscious” people, you won’t get a yes or no, they’ll come up with something to try to hold on to their belief – “Like they would give them something good.”  But I just went over that logic.

Guess what?  Some people “introduced” slaves to Christianity so they would have the same religion as they did.  Some people “introduced” slaves to Christianity thinking they were doing their Christian duty in gaining converts.  Some people forcibly converted or introduced slaves to Christianity to give Christianity a bad name (a hidden agenda).  Some people forcibly converted or introduced slaves to Christianity to make them docile.  And yet, somehow, in modern American thought, every slave not only had Christianity forced on them, it was forced upon them to make them docile.  This reminds me of the homosexual agenda – everyone is born this way, that’s why their gay – case closed.  All of those other people who chose it after experimenting or having a bad relationship, they don’t exist.  All of those people who were sexually abused as a child, they don’t exist.  All of those people who were geared towards gender confusion as a child, they don’t exist.  The narrative of the agenda is all that exists.

They gave slaves the Bible?  So, when whites would oversee black churches/meetings to make sure things were being taught a certain way, would that be considered “giving the Bible”?  That sounds more like restricting the Bible.  When blacks would sneak out back and risk death to have church or read the Bible, would they do that because it was “given to them”?  When they did that, was that a sign of being “forced,” or a sign of being real?

If we read slave narratives and search black American history will we find blacks who hated God and Christianity, or just the opposite?  Harriet Tubman stating how she talked to God and God talked to her was false?  Hundreds of years with this one God and the Bible, with endless amounts of testimonies, and it was all false?  He talks down on Christianity and Islam.  I guess that means Marcus Garvey, Martin Luther King Jr., and Malcolm X were just brainwashed?   Let’s compare them, what religion produced, to you, what atheism and “African belief systems” produced.  As you can see, all of the evidence is contrary to what he and others teach and believe, but we are to believe them over the evidence.


@2:35 – 2:45 – “The general, but not universal, consensus among Bible scholars is that the Old Testament of the Peshitta was translated into Syriac from the Hebrew, probably in the 2nd century AD, and that the New Testament of the Peshitta was translated from the Greek.”

“Almost all Syriac scholars agree that the Peshitta gospels are translations of the Greek originals. A minority viewpoint, variants of an Aramaic original New Testament hypothesis, is that the Aramaic New Testament of the Peshitta represents the original New Testament and the Greek is a translation of it.”



@ 2:46 – 2:56 – Like I said, if you research his “facts”….  Here you go:


@ 4:23 – “Only religion can create that kinda ideology.”  Religion, not man?  Religion, not lying men, like those who deceive people for agendas.  And keep in mind, somehow what he, and others like him, believes in is not a religion. 


@4:32 – 5:31 – He starts speaking on things that Roman Christianity created after stealing the Israelite belief system, and he’s using it to attack the Israelite belief system and writings (the Bible).


@5:32 – 6:09 – He talks about typology.  So, hundreds of years of written history detailing moments in the lives of many different individuals and families, and the moment something matches its typology?  And it definitely can’t be something deeper.  Now go back to 5:20 in the video and listen again.  Mary was hidden in a cave?  Huh?  That’s not in the Bible.  He’s speaking on something he saw.  “Both of them were babies.  Both of them had someone named Mary who saved their life.”  Huh?  What?  Is he speaking of Moses and Mohammed now?  Moses went through the wilderness for forty days and forty nights?  Huh?  I thought it was forty years?  And they, whoever he’s speaking about at this point, were in holes?  What?!  And that’s his typology.  Typology is a popular writing style?  Huh?  Now it’s writings?  All of what he stated was writing now?  This is the EXACT same nonsense I see in the sermons of these televangelists, but I’m sure that’s just a coincidence. 


@6:17 – 8:08 – What was said is somewhat true.  The Bible is a history book, but it is also more.  At 7:26, after Vlad says there is a basis to all of that, Polite steps in and says, “Maybe someone embellished on some of the information.”  They then talk about Solomon having three hundred wives.  It was actually stated in the Bible that Solomon had 700 wives.

Read these commentaries:

Note: The book Song of Solomon shouldn’t even be in the Bible, but that’s another issue.

How many sex partners is too many?


@ 7:45 he brings up more fake holy sites.


@8:10 – “I like the narratives.  It invokes a higher spirit and consciousness in man.”  I wonder if he’s full of crap and is just talking out of his crack. 


@8:15 – He states that he doesn’t like how people, I’m guessing, suggest that other people should believe a certain thing, or that they’re stupid because they don’t believe a certain thing.  And if we go through the things he’s said elsewhere, what will we find?  If we look at the Black Conscious Community, what will we find?  We’d find that very thing, and on a level that we would never see coming from Christianity.  And if he’s trying to suggest that people are being forced or having religion pushed on them, I addressed that earlier. 


@8:30 – 9:07 – The key words, “that passed away”.  The Bible is false, and Christianity and all other Abrahamic religions are false, but communicating with your dead ancestors … priceless.  All that “Biblical stuff” is false, but he believes he can communicate with his dead ancestors, and they will be his medium to connect to the higher source – entities and ideas that he, nor anyone like him, can prove whatsoever.  But this is the true way?  And it’s not religion, and it’s not faith based?  I would like to see him and others prove all of this.  How many ancestors does a person living today have?  What if you have ancestors that aren’t of African descent, how do you know you’re not communicating with them?  Did these ancestors sign up for this?  Do your ancestors speak English?  Through what means is there communication?  Dead people huh?  This is no different than a child having an imaginary friend, and yet Christianity, with a history he himself said he saw, is false and to be laughed at, but this isn’t.  Did he and others like him hear from their ancestors and this higher power and that’s how they learned this?  No.  They got it from someone’s book or lecture, and that information ultimately came from some “white man” (as they say) who told them this is what his ancestors used to do.  And then these “conscious” people mix Egypt in with this in order to get some kind of laws (from the 42 laws of Maat).  It’s like an African gumbo.

“The ones most immediate to me.”  What does that mean?  Is he speaking of genetics, emotionally, or time?  If time, from what time period?  Most of his ancestors who are most immediate to him in time would slap him in the face and disown him if they heard the things that come out of his mouth.  They would do the same with others in his community. 

Their argument is based on the belief that what your people did “initially” is what is true/correct/right.  “Our people used to….”  So, if we research and find that some of them sacrificed their children to whomever, it must be right.  If we find that they treated disease by mixing cow’s dung with pig’s blood and giving it to the diseased, it must be right.  “Our people used to….”  Another popular argument: “We practice Christianity because our parents did.”  So, let’s go back and practice this other stuff because our ancestors did.


Bizzle – We Here Now (#CrownsAndCrosses OUT NOW!!!) 



This next video is on another level.  It’s full of falsehood, and he twists scripture.  In the first minute he acts as though he’s said something profound, but if you listen carefully he doesn’t really say anything.  Get ready for the emotion and theatrics; and remember what was said starting at 8:15 of the previous video.

Brother Polight says Jesus is the biggest fraud in the black community

I could easily refute every statement, but it’s not even worth it.  “I like the narratives.  It invokes a higher spirit and consciousness in man.”

It’s religion, particularly Christianity, that is the downfall of the black community?  It’s the thing that’s being keeping us down and causing us the most damage?  CIA heroin in the 70’s isn’t a cause for the downfall of the black community?  Using and selling CIA cocaine, powder and rock form, wasn’t/isn’t it?  Consuming the poisonous hip hop culture wasn’t/isn’t it?  The FBI’s gang banging wasn’t/isn’t it?  Religion, over these things?  Is it religion that has black women aborting/killing their babies by the thousands each year?  Is it religion that has black males killing each other and selling drugs to their community?  Why did your family member die of diabetes, heart disease, or another health related issue?  Was it religion or diet?  So, you choose to focus on religion over diet?  You choose to focus on religion over abortion?  You choose to focus on religion over the hip hop culture?  You choose to focus on religion over consumerism and materialism?  Religion, over gang banging?  I can keep going but I’ll stop there.  The things I just named off aren’t more destructive to the black community than religion?

All those churches out there feeding the homeless and giving clothes to the poor, we have to stop that.  They’re over there teaching people morality, and teaching people love and peace, we have to stop that.  They’re over there invoking a higher spirit and consciousness in man, we have to stop that.

Think about all of the people who used to gang bang – kill or harm black people – sell drugs – to black people – use drugs, pimp, prostitute, steal and so on – ending in harm to black people – but have “found religion” and stopped those things.  There are tons of people!  We can go on Youtube right now and find countless testimonies.  These people go to church or read the Bible and learn not to kill their brother, or steal from their brother.  You are fighting against all of that, and you claim “black power”?

Religion is the problem, and yet nearly every single person that has significantly helped black people and their struggle was die-hard religious, especially Christian.  Black people had a Bible in their hands and they made it through hell; you don’t have a Bible but have money, clothes, cars, homes, businesses, and knowledge and can’t make it through a puddle.

Since they believe police brutality to be the worst thing affecting black people today:  If you take a look at brutality against blacks in 2016 you would see that in nearly every case the person first resisted arrest or refused orders, forcing the officer to go to the next level (which was usually too much), or in other words the person was NOT submitting to authority.  Let that one sink in.

If you add all of this up, in reality, these puppet “teachers” are getting black people to attack the very thing that is turning them away from destroying themselves, and the very thing that has always been their source of power, and leading them away from their true problems by having them focus on lesser problems which are actually the agendas of their controllers.

And this wasn’t intended to be an attack on Polite or the Black Conscious Community.  All I did was attack the lies in the videos related to the subject matter.  If this was a purposeful attack against him or that community it wouldn’t be a part of a project, it would be its own project.  I didn’t even know so much was going to be revealed here, but since it has been I know the other puppets will try to change strategies.

As a black person, you may believe that the agenda to turn you away from Christianity and have you embrace other things is new, and it’s just through “teachers,” but it’s not.  I will give you a couple of examples of older programming.  When it comes to movies, you have to understand that movies are made up of actors reciting and acting out a script.  It is from the script, the director’s mouth during filming, or during editing that the propaganda for agendas is inserted.  And this with every single movie.  Do you remember the movie What’s Love Got to Do With it with Angela Bassatt?  Do you remember the place the chanting played in the movie?  Whether it actually happened in Tina Turner’s life or not, it was in the movie for a purpose.  If you think hard you may be able to indicate the anti-religion/anti-Christian material, and pro-Nation of Islam material, in the movie Menace II Society.

Here’s an example (that “they” will probably have deleted because I’m using it):
Menace II Society – Grandpa’s Speech
(In case it’s deleted, this clip is from the point in time in the movie where the grandfather first speaks to them in the house, to the time they were outside discussing revenge.)

Did you catch the statements that were made, statements you hear from other sources of information today?  They were exactly the same!  How is that?  Why is that?  The reason it matches is because they are selected words, statements, and ideas that were/are selected to be implanted in people’s minds to condition/mold them.  It’s brainwashing and social engineering (which constitutes normal life in America).  This is the true purpose of ALL Hollywood movies.

Here is an example of how people in power think and carry out manipulation on societies:

Ideological Subversion – Yuri Bezmenov (KGB)
(And for the record, there is no Russia vs. the US.  The elite control all countries.  They just use other countries to turn the US towards Communism.)

And why do you think they would make the characters/actors wear crosses, especially in those scenes?  It’s just as they have clearly made degenerate musicians (their puppets) wear crosses, along with actors in porn.  And the people who produce porn, produce music videos, so it is definitely connected.  What’s being done is psychological.  They’re linking the cross, this image/symbol/logo, with certain ideas and feelings.  It’s the same psychology behind product branding and corporate branding.  This is the Matrix.

And there’s so much more than this, you just don’t notice it when you’re being hit with it.  Your mind is constantly being molded because you constantly consume their poison, or you follow/copy/imitate the crowd who has consumed their poison.


For those who have ears to here:

Listen from 1:43-2:53

Bizzle Aka Lavyss – Liar Feat. 2Pac Commentary (Christian Rapper That Exposed Jay-Z)


Listen from 3:11-end

Bizzle- Beware Pt. 1 (No Church In The Wild Response) @MyNameIsBizzle




All Glory to Yah





To see the Horus, Mithras and other claims debunked, check out part 2:
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