The Pulse Nightclub Shooting Hoax





You Were Shot?!





They said the only “big gun” the gunman had was a rifle, an AR-15.  To see what a shot from an AR-15 would be like, watch the following video from the beginning – 0:48, then 4:48 – 5:30 and 6:37 – the end.

DefendAR-15 Bump Fire Stock




Another version of the official story, which seems to be the one they went with, states that he used a Sig Sauer MCX carbine.  Do you want to see some typical ammo for this rifle?

Watch 8:12 – 9:28

SIG MCX Review




They said the shooter also had a handgun.  Here is a guy who accidentally shot himself with a handgun.  This was five days later (he states that in the beginning of the video).  Although this was not the same gun the gunman had, listen to the type of damage that was caused by it.


And did you see how his hand was wrapped?




This next one is graphic.  If you can’t deal with that type of thing, you might want to skip it.

Unpacking a 40cal gunshot wound in the hand lolllll




This next video shows how these so-called witnesses are lying, but as you watch take note of the information on the Sig Sauer and the movement of a bullet from this rifle. 
Watch 3:28 – 5:28

Pulse Nightclub Shooting Hoax – Even More Evidence


And here’s a little more information on the bullet that was supposedly sticking out:

Watch 9:20 – 11:25

Orlando Shooting Hoax Examined No. 4




Watch 3:28 – 6:30





Now take a look at Wolverine (because of how he “healed” so fast) in this next video.  Do you really believe he was shot in the hand by an AR-15 or Sig Sauer?  How about a shotgun, as he states?  If he was shot by an AR-15 or Sig Sauer in the location he has the bandage, there would have been a chunk of flesh missing from his hand, his index finger would have most likely been gone, and his thumb would have also been gone.  And that’s just the least of what would have happened.  F.Y.I. as far as proof he wasn’t shot in the hand, the first video is nothing compared to the second one.  Watch, you’ll see.

Orlando Attack Survivor Relives The Nightmare: I Thought I’m Next, I’m Dead

He said he got shot in his hand.  And he kept saying the gunman was shooting a shotgun (or shotguns).  Let’s just give him the benefit of a doubt and say he was mistaken and it was an “assault” rifle like the news says.  If anyone was shot in their hand one to two days ago by an “assault” rifle, shotgun, or handgun could they move their hand and fingers like he moved his at 0:19, 1:05, and 2:40?

Around the 1:35 mark he stated that the shooter shot his hand; then he looked at the wrong hand.  And watch the lady’s reaction after he does it.

At 2:13 he says, “Please carry me because I’m in pain right now.”  At 2:38, speaking of the same time period, he says, “I don’t feel pain but I just feel all this blood on me…”

He said he got shot “about” three times in his leg, got trampled, had shattered and broken bones on his left leg (I guess from the shots), and got pulled through glass.  He might as have kept going with the story: “And then another office came in and thought I was suspect and he shot me four times in the stomach.  It was horrible.  I just couldn’t believe all of this was happening.  After they got me in the ambulance all I could do was think about my friends.  On the way to the hospital the ambulance got hit by a train and I flew into a tree.  Oh, and before you guys got here I fell out of the bed and broke my neck.  But I’m okay though.”




In this next video you’ll see a different news clip of Wolverine in the hospital (ABC News interview).  Check out his hand!

Watch the beginning- 20:00

Orlando Shooting Hoax – Oregon’s Chris Mintz You Have a Challenger For The Mr. Indestructible Title

So, there you have it, undeniable proof he was NOT shot in the hand.  So, what does that mean?  He’s lying.  And you don’t think anyone else can see that he’s lying?  You think he’s the only one lying?

For those of you who believe there WAS a shooting in the Pulse nightclub, you who choose to yield to emotion and the majority over logic, let me ask you something, where the heck is the bullet hole in his hand?!  Where is his little bandage he had in the other video?  And don’t worry, his lies aren’t the only proof of this being a hoax.

Some of the comments on Youtube:

– Can the Hospital cope with that many not working at once? You must have great health care


– No fucking way the nurse would let him be in street clothing ether. It’s not sterile, and would raise chance of infection. Hospitals will not allow even your own socks, and underwear, its policy because you are under there supervision, and protection while at the facility. So they have to take every measure to keep you completely healthy.


– My wife has worked in ER, Critical Care, intensive care, post surgery, surgery. And she completely laughed at this. If he gets a infection from them letting him wear street clothing, he could have a major lawsuit against a hospital. It just doesn’t work like how they are showing this.


– He said he had shattered bones in his leg, 3 days and he’s healed? His leg would would have stainless pins all over it and he’d be laid up with that damn leg elevated. Plus a morphine drip that would make him unable to string a sentence together.


– Yea, a freind of mine got shot in the stomach and he couldn’t move from the bed for weeks. He stayed in hospital for a month. He was was so drugged up he could barely talk right.


– It shows you how the sheep no nothing about guns. Shot 5 times with military rounds your dead not in hospital. Hit with one military round anywhere in the torso your dead. Hit in the arm or leg you want to hope you can stop blood loss fast like right now or your dead. And even if you manage that you want to get on an IV fast so shock won’t kill you. Miliatry rounds that hit bone on the arm or leg will blow that whole section out. I have seen 30.06 rounds hit cattle and blow out on exit a hole the size of a dinner plate. The sheep bye this because all they know is Hollywood seeing people shot endless times and walking around like its nothing.




Some good points are made about Angel’s leg in this next video.

Watch the beginning – 4:12

Orlando Shooting Hoax – The Most Amazing Miracle Since Lazarus.

Some of the comments on Youtube:

– HaHa, Axl Rose had to keep weight of his foot for a month and it was just broken not shot. It takes weeks for it to heal.


– A “shattered” leg = pins, traction, and casts…NOT medical boots made of fabric and velcro…. FRAUD. FRAUD. FRAUD. Get a clue.


– Why aren’t we seeing something like this ? we get 2 stitches on his elbow and grammies’ comforter


– i shattered my foot n 3 places and drs orders were t stay off of it, boot cast and crutches. so this is complete bs


– Shattered and broken bones on his left leg. He’d be jacked up on heavy pain killers – and IN BED – for the better part of a MONTH. Not sitting up in a press conference two days later. Total BS.


– I’m getting really frustrated seeing all these lies, i hope this guy dies a slow painful death. Piece of shit


– What’s even funnier is people think this really happened.


– you guys fukn clueless! The bullet traveled enough distance that it lost velocity and ricocheted ever so gently off his hand!


– I was a paramedic and worked in the hospital and never have I seen a patient walk 2 days after an injury occurs on a or 2 broken legs let alone shattered..


– He must be related to Cassidy Stay … she blocked a bullet to the head with her magical finger too LMAO the absurdity continues.


– As a health worker of 11 years i can safely say that the suggestion this man had “shattered” bones in a leg and is up on crutches within a week / few days is LUDICROUS. This is such a bad staged event in that it’s so obvious. They want to push agendas, nothing more nothing less.


– He has no iv, no drainage tube in his leg, no morphine line and wearing regular clothes under his hospital grown. What a fraud!


– no cuts to the face, that cut to the arm is an old cut. no cuts to the hand. stands up after having leg shatter.


*In case you don’t know about Cassidy Stay and why that commenter said that, I’ll include a little information on her at the end of this presentation.




Wouldn’t Angel have experienced something like this?





Now that you know Angel wasn’t shot, take a look at this next video; it shows you just how far they go to deceive the public.

Survivor of the Pulse nightclub shooting meets the police officer who saved his life




Orlando Pulse Shooting Hoax- Norman Casiano Shows “Proof” Of His “Injuries”

Some of the comments on Youtube:

– Unbelievable!!!! Gosh, when I had my appendix out, my tape covered most of my abdomen and I was pretty sore! and hey where is the i.v.?????? if this is what gun shot wounds are like, what is the big deal???? ha ha this is beyond stupid!!!!!


– Exactly! And why do they want to ban AR-15’s? Angel Colon supposedly got shot 6 times, and 2 days later he was perfectly fine giving a press conference in the hospital. Gentlest gun ever!


– Get shot with a high powered rifle? Just patch it up with some masking tape! lol


– So the cure for an AR15 wound is a bit of white tape ! Im sure all the gunshot victims living in Detroit will be pleased to learn of this discovery …


– so i guess the hospital didn’t give him any medication for his pain… he seems pretty alert. I would be drugged out of my mind! like a normal person on morphine and strong medication s


– i guess it wasn’t a big deal when his friend passed away.


– Ugh disgusting liars! how anyone can believe this crap smh


– bullshit!! pumped full of bullets and giving an interview happy n smiling in 48 hours!!!


– An AR15 word make gruesome wounds. I see nothing.


– Norman Casiano doesn’t even pass the “Smell Test!!” The word is BS!! It stands for BULLSHIT!! It’s also, said when someone is telling a lie!! Note: The tumbling 55 grain bullet is truly violent and fast killing and is the most effective medium load for the .223. Exit wounds are often as wide as 3”. However, it must be stated that when full metal jacket ammunition tumbles, the bullet also very gradually falls to pieces due to the unsealed base of the bullet allowing jacket core separation. Because the process is gradual, wounding also occurs through vitals and bone.




MTV Joins Propaganda Machine To Keep Pulse Shooting Lie Alive

He’s right about them continuing a story for months and years after an event.  They just recently did an “update” on Dylann Roof, claiming he was beat up in prison.  The problem?  The Charleston church shooting was a hoax.  You shouldn’t need anymore proof than this to realize you live in the Matrix.  There’s constant reality creation going on.  And this system, this Matrix, didn’t just recently start operating; it’s been operating for a long time now.  That’s why it’s so sophisticated and runs so smoothly (almost perfect).




Orlando Pulse Shooting Victim lying about The Shot But Did Not Die Pride Parade




100% Proof You Are Being Lied To By Your Government And The Media

There is no way she was shot in the stomach days before this.  No way.




This would have been her, still in the hospital recovering:

“TESTIMONY” Gun shot to the Stomach…








Pulse Attack Victim reveals her wounds!!

All they had to do to fake this video was add audio of Patience to some other video.








Watch the beginning – 1:45

Patience Carter,Pulse Club Fake Victim,Who Been So Busy,Healed After Only 5 Weeks




At first no one knew exactly where on his back he was shot.  By trying to prove that he was shot, he only proved that he wasn’t because the “hole” is over his spine!  He shows his “wounds” at the 8:30 mark, but watch the entire video.

Tall Tales of The Shootout At The Bar

Some of the comments on Youtube:

– An ar15 wound right on the spine where his heart is?? in real life he would either be dead or paralized for life. Not doing interviews. This man is a LYING SACK OF SHIT. BTW nice post, Cheers.


– how would they be scars already


– I can honestly put my hand on my heart and say NEVER in all of the hoaxes over the past few years have I seen so many lies, contradictions & just out & out BULLSHIT as I have done with the Orlando ‘shooting’


– hello, in the post he said he had many surgeries in 16 days? look up skin grafting that”s not what it looks like and they never do them that close together that see how it heals!! i guess they don”t know yt has gun shoot wounds and skin grafting on here!!! fake fake!!! thanks for all the time you have put in please don”t stop!!!


– A bullet to the center of the back would probably mean he’d be paralyzed from that area down & unable to walk. Good job.


– Here is a blog of a woman who was shot with a 9mm through the hand, through her leg, then lodged in her hip. She is very detailed in describing her ordeal. Graphic photos: It helped me give me another perspective on what happens when you are shot, especially recovery times


– Really good info and sounds much more like what we should be hearing from these “gun shot victims”. Out of it on morphine for days, terrible ringing in her ears from indoor gunshot, full bed rest for a week, not even allowed to get up to use the toilet, 3 months of further bed rest, days before even being able to have her hair washed and that was done in the hospital bed, sponge baths only (no showering or bathing) for months due to wounds. Blood thinning injections to the stomach every day for two months to prevent clotting, the worst wound needing to be packed with wet gauze every day for months, hours of therapy every day, depression crying and being overwhelmed, weeks of pain meds and sickening withdrawal symptoms while going off them, and unable to dress herself or bathe herself for months. But we’re expected to believe these pulse people who are posing for pics, holding press conferences, and beginning grueling physical therapy just two days after suffering multiple gunshot wounds.




Gonna Jet Outa Here Now








We’ve seen how far they’ll go to fake wounds and injuries with the Boston Bombing.  Rodney’s “injuries” could have easily been faked, as shown towards the end of the previous video.  But just in case you don’t believe such things can be faked, take a look at the following videos.

Watch 3:17 – 5:10

Gory Prosthetic Wounds and Special Effects : HFX


Special Effects Makeup Tutorial – Hand Wound Made Using Skin Tite® Silicone


Operation Scar – SFX makeup Tutorial


Special Effects | Severe Stitches Cut Tutorial


Easy Special Effects Wound tutorial – CRC Makeup


Special Effects Makeup Tutorial: Matching Dark Skin Tones


Special Effects Broken/Hanging Finger | Technically Tutorials


People believe the fake shootings, and those pulling them off haven’t even done gunshots yet:

Special Effects Makeup Series- Bullet Entry Wound 2014


And while on this subject, here’s something from the Boston Bombing and Nice truck attack:

Gory Leg Wound- SFX Makeup Tutorial


Special Effects Tutorial: PT Flex Severed Leg


You want to know how most people determine if someone is lying or not?  They only focus on the emotions, words, actions, and reactions of the person.  If that person is crying, acting as though it’s real, and not stumbling on words, it’s real to them.  Day in and day out these same people watch lying, fake words and actions – acting – on TV shows and movies that is five times more convincing than what they see in hoaxes, and yet they can’t see how a person could be acting.  Day in and day out they see people on TV and movies get shot – and have holes in their bodies along with blood splatter and blood flow – have body parts chopped off, and more but can’t see how a video or photo showing someone who claims to have been shot could be fake.







Other Willing Accomplices






Orlando Shooting Hoax…Crisis Actors Caught Off Guard




He is absolutely right in this next video.  Remember where they were taking the “red shoe guy,” towards the club, on the side of the street opposite the club?  If he was lying on the grass on the same side of the street as the club, then that was the starting point.  With that being the starting point, they had to have crossed the street to carry him and other people pass the camera and toward the club.

Crisis Actors Seen Planning – Orlando Shooting Was 100% a Hoax




Orlando Pulse Shooting Hoax – Greatest Fails

You do know what happened don’t you?  One commenter on the video said it, “At 1:42, she couldn’t read the word ‘chaos’ from her cue cards. Geraldo had to correct her. LOLOLOLOLOL.”

So, what does that tell you?  The media is in on it.




Orlando Shooting Hoax – Illiterate Crisis Actor Can’t Read Her Lines

A good comment on Youtube:

– Wow, Heraldo was quick to correct her…. then was quick to shuffle her off…. now that’s an experienced deceiver.




Orlando Shooting HOAX Crisis Actor May be the WORST Ever!! (Redsilverj)

Some of the comments on Youtube:

– No ambulances, ppl carried away the “injured,” bloodless, tearless reports.  Here we go again.


– that’s not the only actor. the lady who claimed she lost a son, that did the interview. her son is missing she doesn’t know if he’s dead or alive is doing an interview, not checking If he is at the hospital, instead doing an interview on how proud of her son she was….your son is not yet confirmed dead or alive, you are on national tv not 24hrs after a massive event such as this. foolishness!


– Think about this…. When israel bombs Palestine, we get almost instantly pictures of dismembered children all over the place… But when 50 people get killed and 50 get injured in a shooting in Orlando…. No pictures? No video of anyone coming out of the club injured? No one hurt being push into an ambulance? There were over 100 people in that club, 2016, EVERYONE there has an iphone….. Where are all those pictures and videos?….




CNN Caught Faking News Again!

And the reporter had to have heard it.  That proves, once again, that the media is in on it.




Orlando Pulse Shooting Hoax – Brett “Bullshitter” Rigas Lies EXPOSED




Watch the beginning – 5:25

Orlando Shooting Hoax – We Finally See Tears From a Crisis Actor…But Are They Real?

Some of the comments on Youtube:

– He almost had me until he mentioned the stretcher…..there were none….just the victims planking all over town with their friends.


– Opps the Vicks on the finger trick


– It’s real It’s real We saw tears We can all stop now lol


– Jeeze, I cried more tears over giving my kitten away yesterday. These people really need acting classes….a kick in the nuts….something.


– I cried more when I watched ET


– Lol CNN must have realized the other crisis actor’s didn’t have tears, so they had to fix the problem with this guy.


– Funny thing is that I can actually make myself cry at will. These people must be really bad actors. Too bad for them I can’t be bought.


– pains me to say, but I have s sister who is a manipulative, opportunistic liar and let me assure you, she can turn her tears on like a faucet when she wants her way or to get out of being called out. lets not forget “good” actors in Hollywood can produce tears for film  why would this be any different?




Compare the next video to the one after it.

Orlando Shooting HOAX Desperate Crisis Actor Fake Crying EXPOSED (Redsilverj)




Orlando Shooting HOAX : Crisis Actor Returns AGAIN Happy About “Dead” Son (Redsilverj)

Looking for her son … “crying”.  Found out her son was dead … smiling.  But the real reason she is smiling is because CNN told her to.  All interviews are scripted.  They had her smile like that so that Anderson Cooper could say what he said.  What he said was written up by his bosses to implant in the viewer an excuse for why these crisis actors smile.  From that point on viewers will believe that the past crisis actors who smiled only smiled for that reason, and future crisis actors who screw up their acting and smile only do so for that reason.






How Bad Do You Want To Be On TV?






They used at least one actual actor in the Virginia shooting:

Virginia Shooting Hoax Father 100% Confirmed Actor Sellout (Redsilverj)




Who else is an actor or wanted to be on TV (besides the mother who wanted to be on TV)?

100% Proof Actors Used in Orlando Shooting Hoax EXPOSED (Redsilverj)

And just like the psychological operation against blacks, celebrities were used to further this psychological operation for gun control.




BUSTED! Omar Mateen is an ACTOR Who Appeared in “The Big Fix” – Pulse Shooting Hoax




Orlando Shooting Hoax Crisis Cast Omar Mateen, Actor




Orlando Pulse Shooting Hoax – Crisis Actress EXPOSED As A FOX NEWS Reporter




Meet “Patience Carter” – FOX News CRISIS ACTOR for the Pulse “Massacre”




Orlando Shooting Conspiracy FACT Fox News Intern is a Crisis Actor EXPOSED (Redsilverj)

Internet newbies go to Snopes and really believe they’re getting truth.




Crisis Actor Storyline Exposed – Orlando Pulse Shooting Hoax False Flag




No Patience for Liars







It Takes More Than Just Patience





This guy who posted this video goes a little overboard in his video so just watch from 2:21 – 8:15 and 11:55 – the end.

Orlando Shooting Hoax – Crisis Actor Tiara Parker Exposed

He mentioned how they liked to kill multiple birds with one stone, adding propaganda from other psychological operations into a current psychological operation.  This shooting was a hoax so the things they said the gunman said were a lie, just part of the script.  Do you recall that he said something about not killing black people because they had gone through too much?  For a fact, that was written in.  So, why do you think they wrote that in?  To fuel their other agenda, the psychological war against blacks.  It really put blacks into a victimized mind state and makes the so-called war against blacks seem even more realistic.  “See, everyone knows what we’re going through.”

This hoax also supports their homosexual agenda.  Not only by making homosexuals victims, putting them in the limelight, and getting people to support them and pity them, it supports their homosexual agenda through the things written in the scripts.  One homosexual after another had a line about praying to God and even having a conversation with God, giving the impression that God is okay with homosexuality, and homosexuality and God can go together just fine.

Some of the comments on Youtube:

– Just graduated high school last week and was at a nightclub??  don’t you have to be 21 to get in a nightclub???????


– My fiancée worked in a trauma center. No way you get shot “through and through” with a high powered rifle and are out of hospital in a day or two.


– shes bending over 2 days after being shot in the belly ? super healer ? wtf ?
– I have a fantasy that an interviewer would just get up live and just say, “I cant do this anymore, no way in hell can people buy this bs, people wake the f@#k up, PLEASE!!!!” Please explain how people can supposedly be shot by an assault rifle in there torso and not have internal injuries that would keep them in the hospital for weeks to months. Please somebody explain!!! She is not the only supposed victim with the same story but they are already giving interviews. FAKE-FAKE-FAKE-FAKE!!!


And that commenter was right about the cousin just graduating and going to a club.  Go to this link below and look on the right side of the screen.  The club was 21 and up.  So, that whole Akyra story, the cousin that supposedly died, was a lie too (of course).




This is said to be Akyra’s mother.  She had supposedly just lost her daughter days before this.  Watch the video and use your brain.  Do you actually believe that?

Watch the beginning – 5:30

Orlando Shooting Hoax – Did This Mother Just Lose A Daughter?

Some of the comments on Youtube:

– it is utterly amazzzzingggg how calm and together these “mothers” are when in all reality they would be in shock and hysteria if it were REAL. let me tell you from being a mom of two and almost losing my daughter who was in a coma for a week several years ago, there would be NO WAY I could have had a normal, calm and concise conversation with ANYONE especially media during that week! I NEVER left her bedside and refused to eat as I did not want to nor did I want to leave her for a SECOND! nursed begged me to take a break and I COULDN:”T!!!! this is utter BS and I am SICK of it!!!


– I would be more distraught if my cat died!! wtf







More Garbage From The Pulse Hoax





Watch the beginning – 5:34

WARNING!!! Orlando Shooting…Very Disturbing and Graphic Shootout Footage.

Stop and think about why CNN named the video what they did.  Why would they name it “Orlando nightclub shootout caught on camera”?  The power of suggestion.

Some of the comments on Youtube:

– HOAX!!!! This was immediately obvious with all the tell-tale signs of a drill/staged event — bone dry/no tears from really bad actor “mother” interview who faked sniffling/crying for 8 minutes (eyes covered with sunglasses) – and she mentions ‘something being done about assault weapons’!; shooter allegedly calls 911 on himself to make sure they know he’s a Islamic Terrorist!; super ridiculous texts sound like done by a 6 year old; he allegedly hits 103 people with only a rifle and pistol; people being seen carried out with FAKE tourniquets, all on the LEGS!!! Was he shooting at the floor? Haha


– Good call mate! There’s no way they’d be releasing names and photos of the deceased 24 hours later. The msm is pummelling live streaming of this hoax on all stations right now. Really trying to drill it into the mind’s of everyone that this is the worst shooting in history. The acting is so bad on this one, I’m actually embarrassed for the lot of them.


– I have lived my whole life in So. Cal and live next to East L.A. and never have I meet a Mexican/Latino with the name Peter, Eric or Stanley. I don’t know how they do it in Florida, but I doubt the Mexicans or Cubans down there name their kids Peter, Eric or Stanley.


A good comment from another video:

– Sandy Hook was to instill fear in parents. Charleston was to instill fear in black people. Oregon was to instill fear in Christians. Orlando was to instill fear in gay people. What group is next?




Watch the beginning – 1:18 (the rest is just the same video repeated)

Orlando Shooting Hoax Pulse Cell Phone Footage…Is This Garbage the Best They Can Show Us?

They simply add audio to a certain part of an unrelated video.  That video can be from anywhere.  If you went to court with that video as proof you were at a certain location at a certain time it wouldn’t be accepted.  Any lawyer could have that “evidence” thrown out.




Watch the beginning – 3:44

BOMBSHELL!!! Mainstream Media Busted Changing Times on Orlando Shooting Hoax

One comment on Youtube:

– I found the cached version. Proves beyond doubt that Joanne Steen’s discovery was genuine.  Cached version:


Another one:




Could Omar Mateen do this?








For All Your Hard Work





Orlando Shooting HOAX : Crisis Actors $7 Million in Hush Money EXPOSED (Redsilverj)




Let’s Talk About GoFundMe Pages for the Pulse Nightclub Shooting Victims




Angel Colon’s Road to Recovery




ORMC $$$ Incentive For Complicity In Pulse FRAUD, By “Concerned American”




Pulse Shooting “I CALL” Victim Kena Lewis, Hosp. Media Clown Director In Plain Sight

This is America, the land of sellouts, where people will do almost anything for money and fame. 






The Funerals





Some people will say, “It can’t be a hoax, they had funerals and I saw a body.” 








You should already know for a fact that the shooting was a hoax, so either the body in the casket is fake, or it’s real.  Regardless, the club shooting is still a hoax.  If the body in the casket is real, it could have been someone who died around the time of the hoax, and they approached the family and offered them money to take pictures at the funeral and be a part of the hoax.  The same can be done with people who have injuries (for future reference).  If the body is fake, it may be faked by using a wax dummy.


Take a look at what’s possible:

Lady Gaga – Amazing Wax Figure











































The Plot Thickens





Celebrities are the real crisis actors, the main puppets on the stage, so why trust them?  The real shocker in this video comes at the end.  They really did put their stamp on it.  They are beyond arrogant. 


Watch the beginning – 5:55

Truth Bomb Hits Lady Gaga, Anderson Pooper and IsraHell

Shouldn’t all of those landmarks have been lit up in red, white, and blue???  Did Facebook offer you a chance to change your profile to red, white, and blue?  And even though it was, according to them, the largest mass shooting in US history no one was given an option to change their profiles.  Do you want to know why?  That would be patriotism.  What’s wrong with that?

“To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism, and religious dogmas.” – Brock Adams, Director UN Health Organization




I guess that image of the Israeli flag connects to this:

Watch the beginning – 4:59

Was the Orlando Shooting Hoax an Israeli Diversion?

This is not the first time they’ve carried out a hoax for gun control and also used it as a diversion from something else that occurred.


And if you don’t know why this is the United States of Israel, this will show you:

The United States of Israel







The Main Agenda





This next video was initially created in response to the many previous shooting hoaxes before Orlando, but it’s still relevant to the Orlando hoax.

Obama Explains Why They Stage Fake Shootings(Redsilverj)




Crisis Actor’s Biggest Break Yet! DNC Convention Pushing The Agenda (Redsilverj)




Watch 22:06 – end

Orlando Shooting HOAX CASE CLOSED 100% FAKE Agenda EXPOSED (Redsilverj)




Orlando Shooting False Flag Agenda…..”Assault Weapons” Ban..Executive order Coming?




Proof Gun Control is 100% BS




Bill Cooper on the Importance of the 2nd Amendment

It’s already planned out, and the UN is a part of it. Why do you think the UN has a statue of a gun that has a barrel in a knot?  What’s happening is part of something that’s called global disarmament.  And it’s already happened in other countries.

The plan can be found in this document:

Freedom From War
The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World
Disarmament Series 5
Released September 1961




If you’re black, this next video is not for you.  This is not your country, and you would be a fool to die for it, so it doesn’t apply to you.  Besides, there are other plans for you.

Bill Cooper on Gun Control







Very Important Information For All Researchers (“conspiracy theorists”)





The game has changed a little.  The waters are now muddier.  You may have heard the “more than one shooter” line coming from so-called witnesses.  This is part of something those carrying out these hoaxes have been going hard on lately.  They are added more elements to the story so that an official conspiracy story/conspiracy conclusion can be made.  This causes confusion, takes researchers done the wrong trail, and shields the truth.  The elite always have several esoteric conclusions to hide the exoteric, true one.  Alex Jones and Infowar’s sole purpose is to give people a higher exoteric conclusion, but still not the esoteric, true conclusion. This is why Infowars will always say “false flag,” but never say “hoax” no matter how much evidence we all can clearly see online.  They are the “safety net”.  And you may have noticed just how many of the people saying “more than one shooter” were interviewed by Infowars. 


In this next video don’t just listen to the guy being interviewed, listen to Joe Biggs (reporter) too.  He’s states all the implanted evidence, more than one shooter… etc. that forms the other official story/official conclusion – the official “conspiracy story”/official “conspiracy conclusion” – the higher exoteric story/conclusion. 

Orlando Terror: You Could Hear Flesh Tearing And Bones Splintering




Orlando Shooting EXPOSED!!! False Flag Event



So, remember, they are now having “witnesses,” officers, news reports, and other sources state things that are a part of an official conspiracy story.  Their deceit has been elevated.  Their tactics are now more advanced.  Not every piece of evidence that is proof of a conspiracy is proof of the real conspiracy.







Cassidy Stay




“On July 9th 2014 America witnessed one of it’s worst hoaxes in history. Cassidy Stay, 15, survived July 9th by playing dead, as her parents and four younger siblings — Bryan, 13, Emily, 9, Rebecca, 6, and Zach, 4 — were gunned down.”

Cassidy Stay

Some of the comments on Youtube:

– What kind of people go on tour after there family is shot? Complete bs. Cartoon time..

– She was around $400,000 on Go Fund Me before they ended donations..not bad.


Cassidy Stay MIRACLE FINGER has grown back!


Cassidy Stay UPDATE – Magic Finger is alive and well


Cassidy Stay EXPOSED for FRAUD