Charlottesville Hoax Exposed




Youtube is deleting videos so fast I have to release this as is.  I don’t have time to fully examine the videos like I want to.

I advise everyone to download the videos they are about to see, the videos after the first set, and re-upload them with the same title, on a backup channel.  This way when Youtube takes down the videos or channels these videos are posted on, they can still be found by the title.  You can also add “(mirror)” at the end of the title just so the original uploader knows you aren’t trying to claim they’re video as your own.  Ideally, you should ask the original uploader. 

You can also make your own video out of this information. 

You should probably skip this first set of videos for right now and go throughout this page and download all the videos (some videos are used more than once) because what Youtube is doing right now is crazy on a level I have never seen.

Here’s some examples:

Charlottesville PSYOP Censorship Continues – Strike 1 for my Channel


Censoring THE TRUTH on Charlottesville has BEGUN!! COMMUNITY STRIKE!


Google heavely censoring truth about Charlottesville Virginia hoax

Hours after viewing these videos I went back to the videos  and found that they are gone:

Watch How The Fake News Is Dividing & Deceiving Us!

Jason Bourne Movie Compared To Charlottesville




Now let’s begin.


I’m going to start this off slow, and with proof that there is indeed a conspiracy, but things will definitely heat up as it progresses.


The Official Story in Charlottesville Isn’t Adding Up


It looks as though it was this guy, or they used a picture of this guy:

Watch from 4:33 – 5:40

Who Was Driving the Vehicle at Charlottesville?






Ahhhh … who needs a head when you’re driving.  How is this so?  My theory is that this scene was filmed separately using a dummy.  Or the photo was faked.





Driverless Minivan In Motion Before Crash Charlottesville Hoax





Another Reliable Witness In Charlottesville (LOL)

Yep, deleted.

He stated a script/official story right after the incident occurred.  Would you agree that if the incident just occurred it would be impossible to know that a racist was behind the wheel of the car (the official story that came out later)?


Listen to what’s stated at 0:55 and 1:49 on this video (totally different than the previous one):

Charlottesville Car Attack- RAW moment when CAR runs over a crowd

And did you catch the story being stated at 1:42? – “So, somebody knew the march was coming and before the march could get under way….”

Alternative video source:
Driver Rams Into Line Of Cars And Protesters #UniteTheRight #Charlottesville






Now it’s going to heat up.


I don’t agree with every statement made in this next video, or conclusion arrived at, but I will use it as a source to show the truth.

WOW! Elaborate Charlottesville Virginia HOAX!

Yep, that’s right, gone.  I went back to finish making this project and this video was gone too.  I left it here to show what’s going on.  And this video had a couple of good revelations no one else had, things that really prove it was a hoax. 


BANNED ON YOUTUBE! Elaborate Charlottesville Virginia HOAX! EXPOSED!!!

BANNED AGAIN!! Grimnasty Out Bans Harvey Dent!

*I almost didn’t use that video for violating my bragging guidelines


Here are the good points that were made in the original video that was deleted:

If you take a close look at the image of the black guy in the air “just after being hit,” you’ll see some things that don’t add up.

  1. Look at difference in length between his legs.
  2. Look at his facial expression. It’s doesn’t match the situation.
  3. Now look at the facial expressions of all the people in the shot. They don’t match the situation.
  4. Now take a look at the person at the top left who is upside-down . The person in the video pointed out how the car doesn’t even look as though it’s reached that area yet.











Clearly, this image has been doctored.



The video-maker also brought up how in the video that was filmed by the person up the street, near the corner, you hear the sound of screaming and bodies hitting the car as soon as the video starts, but if you look closely you’ll see that the car hasn’t hit anything yet! 

Charlottesville Car Attack- RAW moment when CAR runs over a crowd

Alternative source:
Charlottesville Car Crash Alt Angle

Alternative source (the quality of this one is not that great):
Challenger runs into crowd


So, we have a script, doctored image, and doctored video clip.  So, for a fact, it’s already a production.




Watch this next video and take note of how the guy in white and red was just hit, but eight seconds later he’s sitting on the truck.  And he doesn’t have a shoe on his right foot.  That means he lost his shoe some time after falling to the ground and going to the truck (he had both shoes on in the photo).  And the car dragged his shoe back up the street where it unlatched on camera, bouncing on the ground like some movie.  After being hit like he was hit, wouldn’t you be dazed and hurt?  Even if you knew you had been hit by a car, you wouldn’t think that the car was going to back up.  Why would you leave the street so fast?  He had to leave the street so that the car could back all the way up, and do so without hitting him again.  Who would believe he survived that?





Car Runs Over People In Charlottesville





Charlottesville Hoax Hood Sitter





Charlottesville – Marcus the Stunt Man





The Star Of The Charottesville Hoax Video





Faceless Muscle Boy At Charlottesville Hoax





Now it’s really going to heat up.


Last year, I examined enough footage of the Nice truck incident (hoax) to know for a fact that it couldn’t have happened.  But knowing that it couldn’t have happened, that meant the truck seeming to crash into the crowd was faked with video editing.  There’s no “maybe,” it had to have been faked.  Myself and others came to the conclusion that it was done with computer generated imagery—CGI.  What they did was combine actual footage with CGI.


In order to understand what you are going to see later you first have to understand CGI.

Why CG Sucks (Except It Doesn’t)

Here are some statement made in the video that you need to keep in mind as you watch the footage of the Charlottesville incident.

– 0:49 – “You see, amazing, wonderfully executed CG is everywhere, you just don’t know it.  When done well and paired with solid story-telling you will rarely notice that what you’re looking at was churned up by a dirty, soulless computer in some … basement.  It’s because great visual effects serve story and character, and in doing so are, by their very definition, invisible.”

– 1:21 – “Like right now computers are really good at rendering things— cars, tables, chairs, buildings, solid objects.  Computers handle that stuff fantastically, and it’s used all the time; you don’t even realize it … like vehicles.”

 – 1:46 – “Car crashes too are using CG cars, I mean, it’s much safer that way.  And sometimes it’s an entire city.”

– 2:51 – “But the thing is, human beings are still super-difficult.  It may be because we’re so use to what other human beings look like, so any anomaly sticks out to us.  Far-away humans though, that’s no problem.  They don’t hire nearly as many extras as they used to because large crowds can be built and animated inside the computer.”

– 3:43 – “… when it comes time to combine CG elements with real ones.”

– 3:51 – “Physics though, continues to be the tough part of this because while the materials might pass the test of looking photo-realistic often times the animation betrays the fact that it’s CG.”

– 5:12 – “… is a director who also understands how the blend of practical elements with computer imagery can create a whole greater than the sum of its parts.”


Now go back to 1:33 of the video and look at the car scene.  Look at what can be done.  Look at how the “other cars” react to the main car.  This is how you saw people seeming to run out of the way of the truck in the Nice truck hoax.


Simple, low budget effects:

Crash vfx breakdown


Simple Car Accident VFX breakdown.


Car Crash VFX ShowReel


3d effect animation cgi car crash


How CGI technology is Advancing in Hollywood

– 0:37 – They said conquering the human face is the final frontier.  This issue was also brought up in the first video.  In this video they said one way they work around this issue is to scan an actor’s face with multiple still images, but the scan only shows what that actor’s face looked like at that specific moment in time.  “But it doesn’t give us that performance, the way the actor would have acted.”  So, a still image can be used, but the person’s facial expression may not match the situation they are in.




Watch these next videos and pay close attention to the woman in the green shirt (looks to be a different color in the photo) on top of the white/light grey car that was hit by the Charger.

Driver Rams Into Line Of Cars And Protesters #UniteTheRight #Charlottesville

Starts at the 0:26 mark of this video:

What the media won’t tell you about the Charlottesville accident
Starts at the 1:22 mark of this video:

Charlottesville CAR HITS PROTESTERS -Time Line with Slow Mo

Try to picture this woman before she was hit.  She could have been standing or running in the street.  The Dodge comes and smashes into her.  In the video, she comes into view and she’s upside-down, and her head is close to where the cars collide.  She then ends up face-down near the back of the roof of the white car, which is in front of the Charger, with her head towards the Charger.  If you look closely, when the Dodge hits the white car she’s already upside-down.  It looks as though she starts upside-down.  And if she didn’t, figure out how she began in order to end up doing what she did?  Is it possible?  What she did defies the laws of physics, right?

Go back to the picture of Marcus being hit.  How does she get hit and turned upside-down onto the car in front of her in that situation?




Frame capture from a slow motion video (different camera):



She suddenly appears, lying on the car:






I guess this is her “blood” (it’s from that exact area on that same car):

Do I even need to comment on that?




Watch the first 54 seconds:

(RAW!!) Car crashes into protestors in Charlottesville




Look carefully at the guy (or girl) who runs up to the back of the car and gets carried away.  Mute the sound and watch it in normal speed and slow motion (click the gear icon – Settings).  Do you see how he is stiff as a board as if he has a superman grip on the car?  Do you see how his feet hit the ground and his body pops back up?  This might be possible if he were stuck to the car, or holding on with a superman grip, but he runs up to the car with a water bottle in his left hand, and what appears to be a rolled up flag in his right hand. 



Even if these items fell out of his hands during impact, which they didn’t, do you think he would have had enough time to get a superman grip (that he had to have had)?  With that being the case, he should have been ran over when his feet hit the ground.

Take two of your fingers, put them on a surface in front of you, and simulate a person standing.  Now take your other hand, or fingers on your other hand, and slowly ram them into your standing fingers at a constant rate, trying to simulate the crash.  When would your feet come back down?  And if they did, what would happen?  So, as you can see, the physics and the video conflict. 


If you go back to the image of Marcus in the air you’ll see a black truck on the right.  The mirror is damaged, correct?  Does it look as though the car could have done that?  Compare it with the video.  You might say it was a body.  Possibly, if this were real, but one thing is sure, you now know it wasn’t caused by the body of the guy who ran behind the car and got carried off when the car went into reverse.


A camera which would have captured this scene from a different angle is conveniently covered:

Watch from 1:28 – 1:38

CharlottesVille False Flag Hoax. Analysis of various footage

Question: Doesn’t the car hit the truck as it backs up?  And yet there’s no damage to the front corner of the truck (you can check other footage).  And it doesn’t cause the truck to move (Marcus does).  Along with that, there’s sound of a car-to-car impact at what should be the moment of impact.



Mirror Mirror Charlottesville Fake Event Hoax

In the process of posting this, I noticed that this is gone too.  It was a good slow motion video of the car backing up with the person on the back.  It also showed that the mirror of the truck was damaged in one scene, but after the incident was over you can see it in another scene and it’s just fine. 




Condemned Video’s Point Charlottesville Hoax Crash Fake News




You can also go back to one of the previous videos or use this video as a reference:
Driver Rams Into Line Of Cars And Protesters #UniteTheRight #Charlottesville


And speaking of damage, unless there was already damage to the side of the van, how could the damage to the side of the van been caused in the circumstances you saw, especially when looking at the “drone footage”?  And speaking of “drone footage,” someone brought up how the drone was stationary the entire time.  It didn’t move at all.  CGI crowd?




Director Busted In Charlottesville!

Yep, that’s right, gone.

Here is another source:

Director Busted In Charlottesville! Trust One News 3 Is Being Terminated


I agree 100% with this:

Charlottesville Hoax Lessons Learned







By now you should already know that Black Lives Matter and other such protest groups are paid puppets who carry out deeds for their puppet masters.  You should also know that the mainstream media is the same.  They were all just playing their parts in this production.



Here are some things you should understand

– Politics is a joke.  Wake up.  All sides are controlled.  It’s a show.

– George Soros is not the source of all of this.  Neither is anyone in government.  They are just doing what they are told to do, and Soros, and government, is being used as scapegoats.  Making the government look bad aids in the plan to destroy all governments. 

– This whole incident just confirms how racist America is, and how big a problem racism is in America, to the many black people who have been intentionally brainwashed since the Trayvon Martin incident, aiding the racial divide/race war agenda.  “White supremacy.”  And the hero, who gets ran over by a racist, white supremacist, just so happens to be a black man.

– This whole event only created more political division in America (Left, Right, Up, Down). 

– As usual, “they” made the hoax imperfect to aid in division—one person believes it was a hoax, another person doesn’t; therefor they can’t get along.  If “they” wanted, they could make it look as real as a Hollywood movie. 



This was published May 15, 2017:

Cointelpro Richard Spencer’s Staged Protest To Continue Divide and Conquer Agenda





This was published July 22, 2016:

Black Trump Supporter Smacks Down CNN Reporter for Race Baiting





Except for the fact that she believes a person was killed, what she states is correct:

Charlottesville Tragedy Psyop has got me Heated.










Smashing Statues: The Race War Hoax





Watch from 2:20 – the end

The Agenda is CLEAR!! Charlottesville HATE PSYOP REVEALS ‘THEIR’ AGENDA via SPLC/CNN

Racism among the general population was at its lowest, as it always continued to lessen year by year (unless flamed).  There was about to be a generation of children who didn’t know a thing about racism, and who had never experienced racism, that is until The Matrix resurrected racism in America, first beginning with the Trayvon Martin incident.  Since then, it’s been Black Lives Matter, the New Black Panthers, other protest groups, celebrities, teachers/activists (like Umar Johnson and others), authors, the news, Hollywood, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter—all controlled sources of information—pushing the idea of some sort of out of control racism in America.  “White supremacy.”  Meanwhile, when you go outside, blacks among whites, you don’t see it.  You go back inside, tune in to your controlled source of information, racism everywhere.  Interesting.  I guess in this hoax they finally had to get average white citizens to seem to do the racism instead of having the police do it and just blaming it on all white people. 




Watch from 1:33, what are they telling you?

The Birth of a Nation Official Teaser Trailer #1 (2016) – Nate Parker Movie HD




Read the following excerpt from Illuminati Conspiracy Part One: A Precise Exegesis on the Available Evidence

At about the same time Weishaupt was embarking on an academic career two important figures entered the world stage: Thomas Robert Malthus,8 born in 1766, a major influence on Darwinism, population control and the eugenics movement; four years later we see the birth of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, in Stuttgart Germany, the inventor of what would become known as the “Hegelian Dialectic.” “For Hegelians,” Antony C. Sutton reports, “the State is almighty and seen as ‘the march of God on earth.’ Indeed, a State religion. Progress in the Hegelian State is through contrived conflict: the clash of opposites makes for progress. If you can control the opposites, you dominate the nature of the outcome” (Introduction to the 2002 edition of America’s Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones, no pagination PDF copy).






US Gov has legalized psychological operations against citizens






The War Is On

Hear me on this.  The exodus from Youtube must occur now.  You see what they’re doing.  It’s only going to get worst.  If you wait you will eventually be deleted and never heard from again. 

Keep your Youtube account as long as you can, but get a website and create another account(s) elsewhere.  Prepare a video(s) telling your subscribers where you can be found, and why you want them to also go there, or only go there.

Where do you go?

There is no other video hosting site like Youtube, but you only have small segment of the Youtube community anyway.  These people are interested in truth and most of them will follow you where you go.  Because there is no other site like Youtube, and it’s risky to put all of your trust into some of these other sites who will turn around and do what Youtube does, having your own website/blog is a must.  This should be your main hub.  In addition to having your own website/blog you should have an account with another video site.  The question is, of course, which video site? 

Youtube/Google and its controllers know that you are going to leave.  One of their goals is division.  They know that you will only go to a video hosting platform that you personally like.  Everyone who loves the truth should try hard to choose the same site, or at least the same two sites.

Maybe everyone can make videos proving which is best, and why.  If you decide to do this, you should make the video giving your followers your website address/blog address first, then after one or two sites are proven to be superior make another video stating that you will be hosting there, or state it somewhere on your website.

DTube is questionable:

What is DTube? My look at it

Bitchute is also very problematic right now (don’t know about later on).

Vidme SEEMS like the way to go for now, but its ties to Reddit are a cause for concern.


The ideal situation would be a “truth network” of websites hosting videos from their own websites/blogs.  This should be the goal, and foundation.  Hosting videos from elsewhere, then linking or embedding them on your site, should be the only change in this foundation; you can’t put all your trust into a video site.  And yes, I know, web hosting companies can act like Youtube too (and probably will).  But as long as the network is intact a person can be terminated and be up-and-running again at another address in no time.  All that person needs to do is notify someone, or everyone they know, in the network.  That person, or those people, then need to notify everyone else.  Do you remember when Peekay Truth’s Youtube channel first got terminated, and how everyone spoke up, made videos, and spread the word?  That same thing needs to ALWAYS happen in order to maintain the network, and not just when someone is taken down, also when promoting, aiding, and communicating. 

One key to effectively reaching the public will be promoting each other’s work.  If you see an article or video that is helpful or noteworthy, say something about it and the creator, and/or post a link.  Promoting one another’s work will be crucial, and it has to be a continuous, ongoing endeavor.  This will provide “juice” to the network.  You should also list people’s addresses right on your front page (a must).  In addition, you should list links to other people’s information on current affairs or specific topics on your front page.


For Starters

As a video maker: Make a list of the other video-makers you know to be legit, and who put out good information.  Get their web/blog address, other online accounts, and contact information. 

As a video viewer: Make a list of the video-makers you know to be legit, and who put out good information, or information you want.  Get their web/blog address, other online accounts, and contact information.  Frequent these sites like you’re changing the channel to watch different news stations.  Share links on a continuous basis.  Send them emails with information you’ve found, just as you would on Youtube.


Tip: It would be best to disable comments on everything you post on your website/blog.  You should already know why.


Tip: Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of flyers and posters.  This is something that should be incorporated with disseminating the truth.  And for larger amounts of information, something I did a few years ago, use cds and dvds.  And try to do it for free.  And when “they” try to counter it with counterfeits and disinformation, announce it on your platform.  Others in the network who hear of it need to do the same.


Tip: Start looking into radio now, just in case we totally lose the internet.  And if that time comes, do the same network with radio.


Tip: Video-makers and viewers should download every video containing critical information.  Re-upload the video with the same title (as mentioned above) if the original video is taken down.  You can even do it before the video is taken down.


Tip: For as long as you can, use your Youtube account to post videos or “advertise” the work you’re sharing elsewhere, but just know that Youtube may not allow either one for long.  Make your website your hub.




Yah (God) bless.