Howmanyknow is a shortened form of “How many people know …?” or “How many of you know …?”  This is how some speakers address a crowd.

This site is not a full time job for me, it’s something I do when I can.

I am a servant of Yahuah, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (of the Bible), and I live the Word of God.  And that’s all I will say about myself.


You have to understand, here, on this site, you have to be careful because some of the things you’ll find out here will turn your stomach (you have to be able to “stomach it” if you want to understand it).  That’s a warning, for your benefit, because I know how it feels.

Most of what I post requires that you go through the entire “article,” all the information in it, to “get it” (truly understand it).  This is usually a task that only the seasoned Information Hungry individuals will attempt – the real gold diggers (digging for truth).

Some of what I post is a little rushed, especially some of the earlier stuff, due to a lack of time, and a desire get the information out.

I do try to devote time to “cleaning up” these “articles”.

The times that I have “cleaned them up,” they’ve ended up with a lot more gold in them.

Some of them are really works in progress.


*After changing WordPress themes the formatting on many of my posts got changed as well, so you might run into some things that look unorganized or a bit “off.”  I will try to get these fixed up as soon as possible. 


*I don’t claim any of the information in the side-bar of this site, the videos, news and so forth, to be 100% true.  That’s not what I’m implying by posting it.

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I would post to Facebook and Twitter like other sites do, but I don’t have the time right now.  And with that, if I actually did speak my mind it would be censored or I would be banned, so it’s a waste of time (“they” already have my Youtube and personal Facebook profiles rigged so that people won’t see my posts or comments).  I mainly use is it as another place to view “articles”.