Alton Sterling Shooting Hoax


Was the Alton Sterling shooting a hoax, or at least a partial hoax?  Yes.  And you will clearly see and hear that the audio and video doesn’t match.  No matter what you think after this you won’t be able to deny that the video has been manipulated and put out to the public purposely.  And if that’s the case, what is the reason for doing so?  Like I’ve said, they’re still trying to provoke black people.


You should probably read the comments below the video first, then look for what was stated as you watch the video.

“SterLYING” Divide and Conquer Hoax

Youtube Comments:

  • and what’s up with this guy moaning after supposedly receiving his 2 nd and 3rd shot doesn’t make sense.
  • No clear footage of a gun being fired in any of these videos. They all turn away.
  • I can’t post the clip, but it goes longer. The reason cop rolls over is so to conceal a fake blood packet he places it on Alton Sterling.
  • Another fucking lie by the media smhJust had a look at some vids of pistol rounds hitting ballistic gel. No way this footage can be real. Look forward to your full vid.The victim didn’t scream or yell when he got shot, or even flinch for that matter.
  • There is a huge burst of exploding gas and fire when a gun goes off!! There is no noise/flash suppressor on the cops gun so this is pure BULLSHIT.
  • No recoil on shots, especially on the third. With one-handed shooting, there should be some obvious recoil jerk yo his arm/wrist.
  • Air Soft hand gun??? it don’t sound to right
  • My girlfriend showed that vid online and I thought the same….. Definitely the cop should have been shoot in the back….. Also that second shot fired should of hit the black guy in the top of the head!
  • Man if you could see my newsfeed right now… I’ve never seen so many sheep in my life. Emotionally driven with no critical thinking skills and lack of discernment. I’m so glad people think i’m insensitive or crazy because i no longer believe a lot of this garbage we see and been taught in school… Thank God for using people like you to expose the TRUTH!



“SterLYING” Divide and Conquer Hoax (Follow Up Video)

Make sure you look at the second “shot”.  It would have been in Alton’s head, or at least his shoulder.



Watch the beginning – 7:46
“SterLYING” Divide and Conquer Hoax – The Racial Psyops Completely Exposed



Listen to the sound at 0:01 and 0:06 in this next video.  That’s the exact same sound as the “gunshots”!  How is that?!  And watch how Alton’s head does NOT come up at the first “gunshot” (sound of a “gunshot”) unlike the other video (also below) where his head is all the way up at (almost before) the first “gun shot”.  You can open both videos side by side and check for yourself (find a clearer copy if you have to).  And remember, any audio (voices, noises, etc.) from any source can be added to any video from any source in editing.

GRAPHIC VIDEO – Louisiana Cop Shoots & Murders Alton Sterling Outside Convenience Store



“A preliminary autopsy found Sterling’s cause of death was from ‘multiple gunshot wounds to the chest and back,’ East Baton Rouge Parish Coroner William ‘Beau’ Clark said.”

Source: Alton Sterling shooting: Second video of deadly encounter emerges

The back?  What about the head or shoulder (the second shot)?

And if at the third shot, the other officer was crossing Alton’s body, where did the other “shots” go?  His back?  When the camera panned back to the body he did not look like his back was facing the officers at any time.  In fact, when the camera panned back, the officer looked to be coming off of him.




And both people that had cameras stopped filming???  Huh?  Who does that?  And like a commenter said, the videos weren’t confiscated?  What?



Check out the title of this article and see if you can tell what they’re trying to do:

Outrage after video captures white Baton Rouge police officer fatally shooting a black man



Crying hard = tears.  Crying over a death = tears.  This boy had both circumstances and had one tear, maybe two.  And the mother, she had one on each side that came out in a small amount, and slowly, showing that it was purposely created.  Her eyes were not filled with tears, if they were her tears would have rolled down her face faster.  What she had was squeezed out drops.  And remember Charleston, black kids lie too.

Family Members Speak Out on Death of Anton Sterling



And if you didn’t know, they have already staged a shooting of a black male by a white police officer.

Watch the beginning – 5:23
Walter Scott Shooting Hoax FULLY Exposed! Initiative to Start Race War & Militarize Police!



Check out this video, which shows the “shooting” at normal speed:

WARNING: Graphic violence. Real-time events of Walter Scott shooting

Fake! The person recording didn’t even react. And did you see how he/she just calmly walked over and started filming? And the officers didn’t even say anything to the cameraman the whole time.



Walter Scott Shooting Hoax: Keep Moving! It’s Not Real! (Redsilverj)