Charleston Church Shooting Revealed

You are the judge. You’ve already seen evidence presented by one side (the media and the government), now check out this evidence. Go through all of it before you come to a conclusion.



Huffington Post Reports Charleston Church Shooting 3 Days Ago?!?


U.S. Paying off Crisis Actors with $29 Million For Charleston Shooting Hoax (Redsilverj)


Proof Charleston Shooter Dylann Roof Is NOT Racist! Official Story Is FAKE & Doesn’t Add Up!


Blacks against Whites is an option for bringing in martial law, so they have to keep the fire lit. They have to keep racial tension high.

Dylann Roof’s Racist Manifesto is a HOAX! Don’t Be Fooled! (Redsilverj)


Part 1 has some “maybes” and a couple of unexplainable things, but part 2 proves at least some of the images are altered.

Charleston Shooter – Dylann Storm Roof’s Room Is Staged (Part 1)


HOAX: Photos of Dylann Storm Roof Are Faked (Part 2)


Charleston Shooting Hoax Was Part of Active Shooter Drill! June 15-19 PROOF! (Redsilverj)


BOOM! Charleston Shooting Happened During Federal ‘Active Shooter’ Drill


The Very, Very, Very Odd Arrest of Dylann Roof


Charleston Shooting Hoax: Emanuel AME Church OPEN ALREADY??? (Redsilverj)


Charleston Shooting Hoax Crisis Actors Pushing Gun Control Already (Redsilverj)


RED ALERT! Charleston Shooting Was a Decoy for the TPA & TPP! – WE GOT HAD!


Look What They Hid In the TPA, You Are Now Bailing Out All of South Africa


For information on the TPP:

More Proof Obama’s TPP Deal Favors The Rich


Your mother was just killed, and I mean JUST killed, less than 24 hours ago, and you’re outside?  You’re able to do an interview?  You do an interview without breaking down, and without shedding a tear?

Charleston Shooting Hoax Ultimate Exposed (Redsilverj)

Think about what he said in the beginning of the video, you just lost your mother and family members to a killer, and immediately you say “I forgive him.” Immediately? Impossible. You would have to hate your family members, been in on the murder, or be very accustomed to your family members being murdered for you to be able to do that. Your natural body’s reaction would not allow that. But they said this the next day!

@ 4:52 – The girl said she had just seen the murdered mother (I don’t know if it’s her mother or not) “yesterday morning.” What!!! What!!! And they’re out giving interviews! And they didn’t even cry while giving the interview! Impossible. And then she says “I’m a little bitter” while smiling. She’s a little bitter? And she’s smiling?

Here are the words and reactions of people who had a relative murdered about 8 MONTHS prior to being filmed:

Jeffrey Dahmer Trial Victim Impact Statement Highlights

I’m not saying that all people are the same, but if your mother was murdered less than 24 hours ago ….


Charleston Shooting Crisis Actors COMPLETELY Exposed! 100% Busted & Sent to Saturn!

If people in Sandy Hook would act, why wouldn’t people in Charleston? If you can find White actors, why can’t you find Black actors?


Obama Sings Amazing Grace at Rev. Pinckney’s Fake Funeral (Redsilverj)

People can’t see that he planned to sing that? Look at the long, fake pause. As a matter of fact, watch it again and you’ll see that he’s reading off a script. If reading off a script, it’s scripted.

And then he slipped into his “Black mode,” the image they trained him on before he got elected.

All of a sudden Obama cares about Black people? All of those police shootings, and he said nothing about racism, what Blacks go through, or what the police were doing. He never even said any of the officers did anything wrong. He attacked rioters (Martin Luther King said focus on the issues that cause people to riot before you focus on the rioters). He has had nothing but total disregard for Black lives, and now, all of sudden, he cares about Black people in a Black church being killed? Now he cares about Black lives? Come on people. Remember, the first thing out of Obama’s mouth after it happened was how once again someone got their hands on a gun (gun control).

This is what presidents do. They lie like they breathe. They are evil just like the rest of the people in government, and those that control the government. Remember how it wasn’t a problem at all for Bush to get in front of a camera and tell Americans that their loved ones were dying for a just cause (the Iraq war), knowing they were not. And if you recall, Bush was thought to be a Christian, a true man of God.


In case you don’t remember, or don’t know:

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