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If you are a Christian, or of any religion that is related to Christianity, you may think that you’re living correctly by the God of the Bible (the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob) and His Son, but it’s highly probable that you are not. What if all your life Christian pastors and others have been teaching you one thing while the Bible said another? If they all taught it, and you didn’t study the Bible for yourself, how would you ever know that what you were being taught wasn’t Biblical?

You may be familiar with the movie The Matrix. In that movie, the character Neo was asked the following questions: “Have you ever had a dream Neo that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream, how would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world?”

The same way the character Neo got unplugged from the Matrix and brought into true reality, these people below have been unplugged from the Religious Matrix under Mystery Babylon and brought into a true “religious” (spiritual) reality. These people have stepped into the truth and made the switch from Christianity to true followers of Christ, many having previously believed that they were already true followers of Christ.


Reggie White found out that he was a Hebrew Israelite

I don’t think the title of this video is correct, but I’m pretty sure he would have eventually found out.


Reggie White “Greatest Week of My Life!” – Last Interview with Michael Rood


My Transition From Christianity to Torah Observant Hebrew (Pt 1 of 2)


I’ve Denounced Christianity! Following YAHUAH!


Why I am no longer a Christian. Following Yahuah.


Ahkotee KeziYah(Kizzy) Testimony


Spiritual Journey to Discovering my Hebrew Roots


Coming Into The Truth – Video Testimonials



What is the Religious Matrix under Mystery Babylon?
Here you go:


When you’re ready to come into the truth, go get immersed/baptized correctly: by the right people, knowing why you’re doing it, and believing 100%. If you’ve already been immersed/baptized correctly, and you’re ready to learn correctly read pages 83-307 of Wake Up Jacob.  This will give you the understanding you need to form a sure foundation in the Word.


Things to realize about coming into the truth:

On this side, it’s all about teaching and learning. On this side, there are teachers, not preachers (there are very few who have a style similar to what you know as preaching). On this side, teachers are questioned and challenged. On this side, Scripture is debated on, and conclusions are challenged (it’s hard for anything, or anyone, false to continue). On this side, you won’t see any jumping around, dancing, yelling, twitching, or hear music playing when someone is speaking. All theater is gone. Basically, it’s a body of believers who seek to do things the right way, according to Yahuah (God) and Yahusha (Jesus).

Another thing to realize, something else these believers have in common, is that they understand who the Israelites are today. You may think that this doesn’t matter, but a look into the Bible will show you that it does. In case you didn’t know, the Islamic and Atlantic Slave Trade captured Africans and Israelites and spread them throughout the world into slavery. Under enslavement in different lands, these people mated with one another producing people who are of African and Israelite descent. That makes them children of Israel/Israelites. You may call them Black people. This is the short version. The full version, with all the proof, can be found in Wake Up Jacob starting at page 7.

Because it’s a return to the truth, and many people are realizing their Israelite heritage, you will hear a lot of Hebrew words being spoken. You may also hear different names being used for the Father and Son. This is an ongoing debate within the community (it’s actually not a debate anymore if they would go to page 871 of Wake Up Jacob).


Here are some teachers to help you along your journey:


If you see any hint of racism, or hate of any kind, either stay away from those people or be very suspicious of them. If they don’t clean up their act real soon they will be rejected.

And just as it was in the earliest days of “Christianity,” today the powers that be have created counter movements and have been infiltrating this true Church. The people that you need to watch out for are spoken of in Wake Up Jacob starting at page 835.