Dear Black Conscious Community


Black people, especially you in the conscious community, you need to wake up now.  You are being played.  You are being tricked.  You are being set up.  Check this out:  Before the Trayvon Martin incident, young black males where being killed by blacks, whites, police, and others all the time, but the media wasn’t reporting it.  Young black males were trash to the media.  But when the Trayvon Martin incident occurred I saw that same media report on this young black male like they cared; after ALWAYS ignoring the death of young black males, and even vilifying them.  Because of this, I knew something was up.  I later realized that the reason they were doing it was for the gun control agenda.  I started telling people this, and of course I received backlash.  I later found out that the media not only presented the story, something they didn’t regularly do, they deceived the public while presenting the story, making Trayvon out to be a sweet, innocent very young boy.  And they did this while having more than enough evidence to paint him as an older thug.  Later, it was clearly shown that the main reason they were reporting the incident was for a gun control agenda. 

Today, this same thing is happening with police murders and brutality against black people.  For years before “all these killings and attacks” I watched independent media report on police murder and brutality against blacks again and again, and even the protests for those cases, and NONE OF IT ever made it to the mainstream media (So, it was ALWAYS going on, it never stopped, but the media ignored it.).  And then all of sudden they started reporting one after another, after another.  But why?  Do you really think that all of sudden they wanted to show the nation what was happening to black people?  Do you think they, or actually those who control the media, actually cared about black people?  There has to be a reason(s) why they changed their actions.  The reason the media is showing you all of this, and is discussing all of this, is not because they actually care, it’s because they want you angry; they want you enraged and ready to act; and most of all they want you racist.  And they want you to direct all of this at white people.  It’s a racial tension agenda.  Think about it, this is what they’re saying to you: “Did you see that?!”  “Look at what these white cops are doing!”  “They are killing us!”  “Look, they did it again.”  “You’re just going to sit back and let them do that to you?!”  “You’re not going to do anything?!”  Remember how the media said Zimmerman was white?  So, all together, based on the distortions they presented, an older white man killed a young, innocent black boy.  This was the beginning.  This was the other reason they presented the case to the public.

Think about this: How much of the murder and brutality against blacks is a result of an actual increase in murder and brutality, and how much is a result of the media’s change in reporting (They make it almost impossible to find real statistics from reliable sources so ….)?  And if you haven’t noticed, the police are murdering white people, homeless people, and all.  They are doing that as part of the New World Order police state.  So, how many of the cases of murder and brutality against blacks are a result of that, knowing that they will always go harder on blacks?  No matter your conclusion, it’s not as bad as you think it is, and it’s not some new phenomenon that is out of control, but they obviously want you to believe differently.  Aren’t there always staged shootings now?  Isn’t it the season of psychological warfare?  The police vs. blacks/blacks vs. whites/racial tension agenda is no different. 

The media: What they show/talk about/bring up is going to occupy your minds and conversations at that time; what they don’t show/talk about/bring up will not, it won’t even exist to you (unless there’s a special circumstance, like you being a researcher).  They control The Topics in the country.  Think of being in a packed sports stadium that has a Jumbotron.  What that screen shows is what the crowd sees.  And what that screen shows can have a range of effects upon the crowd.  If they wanted the attention of nearly the entire crowd, they could get it.  That’s the mainstream media.  And since the time of the Trevon Martin incident, they and the government ( both controlled by the elite) have been going all out trying to stir up racial tension and get blacks angry at whites and America, therefore whites.  

Check out what this tweet, put out during the Ferguson incident, states (look closely at what it says):

BUSTED! Gov. Running #Ferguson Twitter Psyop

Twitter Threatens Suspension For Exposing Gov Accounts

So, how many of the comments in the comment sections of websites and on social media were actually from white people, not the government?


Watch this next video from 7:01 – end

100% Proof Ferguson STAGED Media RACE WAR Operation! WAKE UP AMERICA!

And like he said, notice how the movie Selma was put out by Hollywood during all the black and white tension.  That wasn’t a coincidence.


This next guy says a lot, a lot that you in the black conscious community should know but don’t’:

WOAH! Ferguson False Flag EXPOSED! Martial Law Psyop To Divide & Conquer! YUP!

For years before this, I had been telling people online that the New Black Panthers are government agents.  I already knew about the real Black Panthers, COINTELPRO, and how the F.B.I. operated so I could tell.  The original Black Panthers were NOT racist, a gang, or proactive with violence.  The F.B.I. through the media created an image of them (which still exists to this day) that made them out to be that way in order to discredit them and justify murdering them.  I saw the New Black Panthers and they just so happened to be exactly what the government framed the original Black Panthers as being, a racist, violent, gang.  I later saw things that sealed the deal for me concerning them.  I saw them, black men, stopping white people from voting, on camera, and not get arrested.  I saw them with guns out stopping white people from voting, and nothing happened to them.  I saw them talk about killing people, killing whites, and committing acts of terrorism on camera at a time when others where going to jail for anything terrorist related, but nothing happened to them.  I knew they were assets then, so I started saying all of these things online.


Here’s more information on this subject:

BUSTED! Proof Missouri Riots Were Obama’s Attempt To Implement A Martial Law Police State!


Black Panther Party Shabazz is Well Paid Fed

It’s just as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are puppets.


Since when did the media care about black boys being killed?  Since it was time for a gun control and racial tension agenda.  Since when did the media care about police brutality, reporting on nearly every case across the country?  Since it was time for racial tension agenda.  The elite trying to have blacks and whites against one another the same way they got children and parents against one another, and men and women against one another.


But it doesn’t stop there.  This agenda goes much deeper than that. 

For years now I have been exposing the so-called teachers in the Israelite community, the leaders of these Israelite camps.  Since I began, many people have awakened to the truth that they, or the elders that taught them, are government assets put in place to mislead newcomers and discredit the Israelite movement.  I found it strange that Google owned Youtube would only suggest videos from these groups or display their videos if you searched for anything black Israelite related.  I found it strange that Israelite groups on Facebook, the administrators and what seemed to be members of the group, were teaching and supporting the EXACT SAME false doctrine of these Israelite camps.  Dealing with one of those people in a Facebook group is how I realized he/she was working, and doing so from a fake profile.  This eventually led me to this information:

ALERT! ~ “Government Hires Trolls, Shills to Monitor, Disrupt Comment Sections” ~ Gang Stalking


Paid Government Trolls EXPOSED 100% & More Evidence of Staged Shootings


How the Government Manipulates Your Thoughts Online | Big Brother Watch


BUSTED! Governments Hire Web Trolls to Sway Public Opinion


Busted! Paid Government Shill Exposes The Whole Operation!


Government Spies & Internet Trolls: What you should KNOW!


What You Need To Know About The Government Manipulating You Through Social Media

While in these groups I’ve had 3 different people admit to me, months apart, that they were indeed working (I used to hassle them and catch them in lies).

During one of the protests for one of the police shootings one of these Israelite Facebook groups, The Hebrew Israelite Kingdom Page, had members on there who were trying to get people to take up arms against white people.  I warned people in the group of the race war plot and told them not to take up arms.  I told them to stay far away from violence.  And what was the result?  I got banned from the group. 

Here is the exact message I sent to an Israelite teacher after it happened:

“I just got banned from a Facebook group ‘The Hebrew Israelite Kingdom’ for proving that they’re trying to recruit people for a race war through these fake teachers on the street.  There’s a gang of fake profiles on there that look 100% real but they’re not.  I busted some of them out in front of everybody the other day, and today.  From day one of joining the site I could see it was all about bashing White people, Christians, and believing Israelites were the only ones that could be saved.  I could see what was going on so I stayed on there, disproving all the garbage they were trying to teach these kids.  They tried all kinds of tactics to stop me, even deleting my comments, likes, and posts.

The last thing I posted was something like this:

Watch out for ANYONE who tries to tell you to get ready for war, they’re probably one of those people trying to draw you into the race war.  Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, email, forum, TV, movies, radio, music, etc. wherever it comes from, don’t fall for it.

Get banned over that?”


So, if there is a COINTELPRO-like operation against the Israelite community involving Youtube, Facebook, and men teaching on the street and in buildings, you don’t think there’s one for your community/movement also?  You actually think they would let a black group/black community operate freely?  No, your community is controlled and directed too.  These Israelite camps spew out racism, false doctrine, fake conspiracies, and everything anti-Christian just like your community, right?  Something else that is interesting is that if you look at the character and spirit of the New Black Panthers, it’s exactly the same as these Israelite camp “teachers”.

Isn’t it weird how your leaders are lining you right up with New World Order agendas, teaching you racism and anti-Christianity.  If you didn’t know, the anti-Christian fever this country has been going through was created intentionally as part of the destruction of Christianity (full proof here).  Why aren’t they attacking other religions?  There’s more to be said about other religions, but nothing is being said.  Aren’t your leaders pro-black?  Why aren’t they trying to take back the Bible and “Christianity” and show that it is a black “religion”?  Why aren’t they showing it as one of the achievements of black people?  Why are they promoting Egypt?  Isn’t much of Freemasonry derived from the Egyptian Mystery Schools.  The TBN network is quietly infecting Christian churches with occult doctrine, but your community, by way of some of your teachers, is doing the same to the black community.  Everyone is being taught elements of the One World Religion, and they don’t even know it. 

And as far as leaders in the black conscious community, if TD Jakes is an implanted fraud of the elite in place to manipulate black churches, ______  _______ can’t be a fraud put in place to manipulate your community???

Understand this: Anybody that’s teaching you racism, “agent” or not, is not enlightened.  They are NOT someone you should be learning from.  Just look at the nonsense: How can someone born in the 1970’s be responsible for what someone else, a completely different person, did in the 1800’s.  What type of logic is that?  What type of justice is that?  How can all white people be a certain way?  That would mean that all black people are a certain way too.  “They did it to us.”  Who is “they”?  Who is “us”?  What happened to YOU?  Let’s go interrogate each white person in the country and find out what THEY have done.  What will we find out?  What is a “white person”?  Is it based on looks?  You’re judging someone based on looks, and you’re “conscious”?  Is it based on DNA?  Are you taking DNA tests to determine how much of whatever someone has to be in order to be “white”?  What is white?  You see, the same sickness the majority of white people had in the past, YOU NOW HAVE.  But somehow you’re innocent, and enlightened. 

This is the same stupidity that Malcolm X escaped from!  Oh, but you don’t realize that.  You don’t realize that he denounced all the racist stuff that you now consume and teach.  He awakened in this area, which means what?  He was asleep in this area.  If what you believe and teach matches what he said when he was asleep in that area, then …?  Didn’t he have so-called teachers that were teaching him falsehood and keeping him in darkness while he thought he was in light?  The same is true for you.

Just look at the discussions and posts coming from the black conscious community.  The main focus is race.  This is what the creators of the agenda have created in you.  And while you’re focused on the police and white people, our people are the ones killing us … still.  We are our problem, but the problem will never be solved if we believe others are the problem.  Realize: A large majority of white citizens, nearly all, are not worried about you AT ALL. 

And check this out:

A lot of blacks in the conscious community and Israelite community talk about a race war.  Whites outnumber blacks 6 to 1.  Just based on numbers, you will be wiped out.  Now, let’s consider fighting skill, which in today’s world would be shooting skill.  As a percentage of their own population, more white people actually know how to shoot a gun, and hit a target with accuracy, than black people.  Add all of this up … you will be slaughtered.  And maybe that’s the plan.

What, you think something supernatural will happen?  You don’t believe in that stuff, remember?  What, you think you will prevail because you’re black, just look at our history?  That had nothing to do with being black, it had something to do with God being on our side.  You don’t believe in the same God as your ancestors.  Sorry, it’s just you now.  You will be wiped out in a race war.  You say, “You’re just hating.”  I could’ve sworn I just saved your life.

And if you don’t alert other black people to this plot I don’t see how you can be pro-black at all.



The following information will give more insight into who is behind this blacks vs. whites agenda.  As long as you don’t start off assuming, and you actually go through this information, you will see.


If you want to look at it as race, or a group of people, who is it that controls the media?  It’s not white people.  It’s “Jewish” people.  Who controls rap music and rap videos?  “Jewish” people.  Who created Hollywood from the ground up, and controls it to this day?  “Jewish” people.  Aren’t the Rothschilds “Jewish”?  Isn’t the bank that robbed this country not too long ago, Goldman Sachs, “Jewish”?  And I can go on and on.  There is a reason I am pointing this out.  The blacks vs. whites/racial tension agenda is being orchestrated by “Jewish” elite (the real elite).  And this is how they’ve gained and maintained their power for centuries.

Understanding this will help you to see even better:

The United States of Israel


Maybe you don’t believe me.  Maybe I sound like Farrakhan to you.  Maybe I’m just racist.  Or maybe I’m telling you facts.  In order to fully understand the blacks vs. whites/racial tension agenda, I have to go into some of the actions of “Jews” against blacks.

“Jewish” people were behind the ENTIRE slave trade.  And I mean ENTIRE.  Look it up for yourself.  Here’s A LITTLE BIT of info on it:

Who Brought the Slaves to America


The Shocking Jewish Role in Slavery Part I: What Jewish Historians Say

Didn’t the Rothschilds, “Jews,” gain control of nearly everything?  Didn’t they have their agents like Morgan, and Rockefeller through Morgan’s money, gain control of America? The entire school system and media has been pumping out the lie of white Christians being responsible for the slave trade when in reality it was a “Jewish” venture from beginning to end.  They have been playing black against white since day one!


Today’s racial divide agenda is why “they” came out with these:


The Birth of a Nation

Nat Turner?  What do you think they’re trying to stir up in you?


Take a look at the trailer.  “Look at what they did to you.”  “Look at how they treated you.”  “You should get revenge.”  And the end shows you the purpose … right in your face.

The Birth of a Nation Official Teaser Trailer #1

And of course, the usual rebellion against scriptures is in there too. 


More on the Jewish involvement in slavery:

Farrakhan Exposes Jewish Involvement In The Black Holocaust (2 of 3)


Farrakhan Exposes Jewish Involvement In The Black Holocaust (3 of 3)


Jewish leaders demand Farrakhan denounce “Secret Relationship” book


If you want proof of all that I’ve said about “Jews” and the slave trade, and more, go here and download Wake Up Jacob: Start at page 1018, The Jews and the Slave Trade, and read till page 1290. 


And check this out:

White people weren’t always racist (no one is born racist).  Do you realize that?  This means they had to learn it.  This means they were taught it.  By who?  The elite (who are mostly “Jews”).  The main source of they’re racism came from the teachings of people the elite sent to deceive them, like Charles Darwin (coming from the eugenics crowd). 

It’s a more advanced form of the propaganda/brainwashing that was done to white settlers regarding the natives.  There were posters, pamphlets, and such convincing the settlers that the natives were savages who wanted to kill them and eat their children.  “They’re not civilized like you.”  “You’re above them.”  “They’re beneath you.”

In the same way, they have been teaching blacks to be racist through “teachers” in the Israelite community and black conscious community.  We are all being played by the same people (not all “Jews”), and have been played since day one. 

Now, think about how one group of people is called “white” and the other is called “black”.  Now think about the Masonic floor.

Read the following excerpt from Illuminati Conspiracy Part One: A Precise Exegesis on the Available Evidence

At about the same time Weishaupt was embarking on an academic career two important figures entered the world stage: Thomas Robert Malthus,8 born in 1766, a major influence on Darwinism, population control and the eugenics movement; four years later we see the birth of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, in Stuttgart Germany, the inventor of what would become known as the “Hegelian Dialectic.” “For Hegelians,” Antony C. Sutton reports, “the State is almighty and seen as ‘the march of God on earth.’ Indeed, a State religion. Progress in the Hegelian State is through contrived conflict: the clash of opposites makes for progress. If you can control the opposites, you dominate the nature of the outcome” (Introduction to the 2002 edition of America’s Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones, no pagination PDF copy).



So, wake up, and share this with other black people before it’s too late.