San Bernardino Shooting Exposed


Active Shooter Drills Took Place “Every Month Or So” At Same Building As San Bernardino Shooting

Good comment in the comments section on Youtube: Ever wonder why NONE of these “shootings” are ever accompanied with Security Footage of the “shooters” driving up to the scene, getting out of their vehicle, walking in the doors, etc, etc, etc???






San Bernardino Shooting Hoax: HORRIBLE Fake Crying Crisis Actor Exposed (Redsilverj)

Good comment in the comments section on Youtube: “she called me and they patched it through”……..”what?”……i said what at the exact same time you did in the is laughable at best.



San Bernardino Shooting Hoax: Inland Regional Center Attack is 100% FAKE! Wake UP! (Redsilverj)



San Bernardino Shooting Hoax : Freemason Symbolism Is Not A Conspiracy Theory (Redsilverj)



San Bernardino Shooting Hoax Suspect’s Sister Breaks Her Silence For Money (Redsilverj)

“The two had apparently been planning something for a long time.” Why he said what he said to this statement at the beginning of the video is because after the shooting “happened” the news said it happened over an argument at a Christmas party.


12/2/2015 5:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

“One of the gunmen who shot up the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino was at a holiday party at the facility earlier Wednesday … got into a dispute, then came back with his ‘buddies’ and opened fire … this according to a well-placed law enforcement source.

An LAPD source who has been well-briefed tells us, one of the gunman showed up for some sort of Christmas party for employees of the San Bernardino County Health Dept. The party was being held in one of the conference rooms that was rented out for the event … and when the gunman returned, he went to same room and shot it up.
We do not know the nature of the dispute or why the gunman was at the party, but we’re told the man was either kicked out or left voluntarily … then came back with his friends.”




Look at all the BS in the news today. Unbelieveable


His follow-up video:

Professor Doom makes calls to FBI and a resident where Black SUV shooting took place



Exactly!!! He says it all in this one:

San Bernardino Shooting Official Story Is Complete Utter Bullshit – Here’s The Proof

Good comment in the comments section at Youtube:

“Like, what is with the plywood on the windows and the door? How is this not a crime scene and cordoned off with police tape???? What led to them all entering this place, what are they all just waiting outside the place and communicating with the land lord waiting to get in? Never in my life have I even seen anything like this ever. It obviously looks like a total set up theater act, and obviously not 1 investigator stepped foot into that place. This whole thing is a giant PsyOp against the minds of all of us, dont be deceived.”



Calif SUV Shootout fore knowledge and picture photo analysis



A closer look at San Bernardino and the lies. N.Y. Man was posing as DHS, Really?



More “San Bernardino Hoax” and Media Garbage



San Bernardino Victims Daughter Exposes Her Mother To Be A FAKE





BUSTED OPEN! Obama Just Told HUGE Lie in Oval Office Terrorism Remarks! (Redsilverj)


Information on the US and Turkey connection to ISIS:

Turkey FUNDS ISIS in Illegal Oil Smuggling REASON Russian Jet Shot Down (Redsilverj)

San Bernardino Shooting – Staged Distraction From Most Massive Geopolitcal Scandal Of Our Time

Turkey boosts arms supplies to Syria terrorists in exchange for oil & antiques – Damascus…/323851-turkey-syria-terrorists-weapons/



Obama’s “Keeping the American People Safe” Speech EXPOSED 100% TRASH (Redsilverj)

His suggestion on what Congress should do:

If you think hard you may be able to remember that regular, innocent American citizens were being put on the “No Fly List,” and for any and every reason, and sometimes no reason at all. So, who won’t be able to buy guys if Congress does that??? The American citizens they chose to put on that list for whatever reason, or no reason at all.
And what else is crazy about that idea is that if you were to form a militia, which is your Constitutional right, they could easily have you as the leader labeled a domestic terrorist, or your group labeled a domestic terrorist group, and you, or you all, would be put on the “No Fly List”. Being put on the “No Fly List,” you wouldn’t be able to buy or posses a gun. If you can’t buy or posses a gun, how could you maintain a militia, your Constitutional right? You couldn’t. So, basically the government would be able to make it so that it’s citizens couldn’t form armed groups to protect themselves from the government.





This next video is from a shooting that “occurred” a couple of months ago, but it still helps to understand what’s going on with this San Bernardino event. When you see the video of her days later, think about Tupac days after being shot 5 times.




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