The Hair Redemption


If you’re a Black women, you may believe that the current situation involving Black women’s hair is okay, nothing to be alarmed about. If so, it’s time you woke up to reality.


Team Natural: A Vlogumentary

There are many more natural hairstyles than the ones you saw worn by the women in the video.

I don’t know exactly what they consider wearing hair naturally, but I consider the definition to consist of having hair that is not being permanently altered by the use of things like heat, chemicals, or the addition of other hair.

If you live in America, from a youth you are bombarded with words and images that perpetuate the belief that your life is about looking attractive. You then mold yourself into what you are constantly shown as attractive. You’re shown what is attractive from TV shows, music videos, movies, magazines, posters, and the people around you who have been infected by these things (who’ve already molded themselves by these things). One thing you don’t realize is who owns and controls these mediums. It’s not Black men. It’s not women. It’s not people who like you; in fact, they hate you.


Relaxers/ Perms Cause Extreme Damage


Chemical Hair Relaxers Have Adverse Effects a Myth or Reality

If you absolutely must straighten your hair, use a flat iron or hot comb, never use chemicals.


Black Women need to STOP Perming their hair and GO NATURAL


Do you remember this?

Rio Hair Naturalizer System

It costs next to nothing to test the pH of a substance. Do you think they accidentally created this product that way?


A nationwide outbreak of alopecia associated with the use of a hair-relaxing formulation.

It wasn’t just this product or company, it was happening in beauty shops, and with different products, at the exact same time.

You don’t find it strange that doctors and scientists know about the damage being done to your hair (which ends in damage to your self esteem), but you don’t? You don’t think the people who developed these hair care products in the 80’s and 90’s knew what it would cause? In Chris Rock’s documentary Good Hair, Chris stated that White men brought up all the Black women’s hair care products in the 80’s. Why would White men do that? You say “It’s the money”? There were plenty of other avenues to make money through at that time, and back then the Black women’s hair care industry was nothing like it is today – nothing like it was after they took it over. Do you think that it’s a coincidence that after they took it over, the products started making your hair fall out, one after another like an epidemic? Do you think it’s a coincidence that after they took it over the health of your scalp and hair diminished drastically? And when all of this happened, where did you have to run for help? The Black hair care industry, which they controlled. During this same time period medicine was introduced to the population that did the exact same trick. It claimed to solve one problem while it actually caused another, or several others, causing people to run back to the pharmaceutical industry. Are you seeing the bigger picture?

But it wasn’t just about money. It’s never just about money. What happened when rap music was taken over by corporations and corporate owned music labels? It got turned into a destructive force that was used against Blacks. The same with the TV station BET. And it’s the same with your hair care products. The same mass media (TV shows, movies, videos, etc.) that taught you what beauty was, was the same mass media that was used to convince you to be proud of your weaves. It’s also the same media that was used to convince you to be proud of being overweight, having an attitude, and being verbally disrespectful. All of this, including the effects of your hair care products, was part of a much bigger plan – a plan to make you unattractive to Black men. Unattractive is the opposite of attractive. Instead of drawing in and bringing together, it separates and repels. The independent woman’s movement was also a part of this. Independent also means by yourself (the plan). This is a whole other issue that you can read about here.


And if that madness wasn’t enough, they gave you another trap.


Do you actually think its okay to put any type of man-made glue on you skin? Besides the pealing, lifting, and discoloration, chemicals are leaching into your skin.


One major thing affecting the health of your hair – as well as the health of your skin, body, your energy level, and the way you feel day to day – is your diet. What you consume, and don’t consume, good or bad, will have a great affect on the health of your hair. Look at dog food today. You see ingredients placed in their food to have a particular affect upon their coat. The people in charge of the hair care industry don’t want you to know that this diet to hair relationship is true for you also.

In order for you to understand how what you consume affects your hair, you have to understand a few things about your body and consumption. Your body doesn’t need food and liquid, it needs the nutrients and elements that make up certain food and liquids. And I say “certain” because it’s only certain food and liquids that contain what your body needs. If you don’t consume these certain foods and liquids, your body will lack what it needs, and the smaller systems within your body will break down and disrupt or cause damage to larger systems. So, in order to keep this from happening, you must find out what your body needs, and where to find it. It’s definitely not in the “food” and liquids you consume today.

If you live in the US, you may know this, but you probably haven’t had real food since the 1980’s. After this time period food products became known as food. Food products are scientific creations brought to life in laboratories called factories. Grocery stores are filled with these food products. There is only a small section for real food, and even that food was raised on, or grown with, dangerous chemicals. Real food is that which comes directly from a plant or animal. There’s so much more to this subject that to go into will drive the topic of hair totally off course, so here’s some additional information on the subject. And I will give you another nugget of truth. Meat is not supposed to make up the bulk of your diet.

Other than exposing your hair to things that negatively affect the health of your hair like chemicals and certain hairstyles, consuming toxins will do the same. Alcohol, cigarettes, and soul food (except for greens and sweet potatoes) are a destructive combination, not just for your hair, but your whole body. In case you didn’t know, there’s a difference between wine made from grapes, and alcohol. What’s typically called alcohol is not natural. The process used to make it is not natural either. Anything that’s not natural will damage natural (you).

In truth, most of the grease, gel, shampoo, conditioner, etc. that is sold is not healthy for your hair or scalp. If it’s not 100% natural, that is, if it’s not created from ingredients that are directly from nature, and then processed naturally, it’s going to do harm. This is a fact. This is something you can’t escape. For too long you have been looking in the wrong direction. You’ve been looking to man-made products (being tempted by advertisements) when your answer was in nature. Natural substances for hair care exist in nature, they just have to be found (or revealed by those who have already found them). I’m sure communication with different people of Africa or the Middle East would yield some answers.

Please understand, the hair care products you use today are not the same products that were used before the 80’s. Even if it’s the same brand, it has different ingredients. Even the products that were introduced fifteen to twenty years ago don’t have the same ingredients today. And you can tell by the fact that they don’t work.


go natural hair challenge for sisters & self esteem


The Natural Hair Movement



One of the biggest lies Black women believe is that most Black men like straight hair. Another lie they believe is that Black men like weaves. The truth was stated in the video. Please understand, hair is not a big thing to most Black men at all, unless it’s undone or fake.

As a Black women, who do you need to look good for? First, yourself. Secondly, your man, or the men of your nation or tribe. Is there anyone else? If your man or men don’t have a problem with your hair being in a natural style, then of the people you need to look good for, there’s only one person who has a problem with it – you.


Discussion| Reactions I Received from Men [After being Natural]

It is usually the case that when a Black man begins to identify with his ancestral roots he becomes attracted to women who reflect those roots. He will like women who wear their hair natural, dress a certain way, and have a darker skin complexion. You may not know it, but there is a mass awakening taking place right now, and Black men (and women) are finding out about their ancestral links to the Israelites of the Bible. When many of these men find this out, they get locks/dreadlocks, especially when they see the clear proof in the Bible and on artifacts that the Israelites sometimes wore their hair in locks. This awakening is about to happen on a large scale. Black men are about to wake up to who they truly are, and when they do ….


#MenOnNaturalHair : Do Men Treat You Differently When You Have Natural Hair?


Other things that will lead to you being approached correctly by a man, and approached by the correct men:

1. Wearing less makeup, or no makeup at all.

2. Dressing modestly. Not dressing sexy. Not showing off the shape of your butt or breasts. Not showing cleavage. Not wearing clothes that show your thighs.

3. Wearing a head-covering.

Different bait, different fish.


QUEENS. Beautiful women with dread locks


“Loc Beauties”


The True Hebrew Israelite Woman