The Philando Castile Shooting Hoax


Here is undeniable proof that the Philando Castile shooting was a hoax!

Trust me, you’re not ready for this.

Use the first video below as a reference.  There is another copy of the video below it, but you may have to sign in to Youtube to see it.  Be aware, there are two versions of the video circulating, one is somehow a reverse/mirror of the original so everything appears mirrored.  The two videos below are like that.



St. Anthony Police kill PHILANDO CASTILE in car with girlfriend in Falcoln Heights


Using the first video as a reference:

– At 0:09 – “They killed my boyfriend.”  I think everyone caught that, but ignored it because of the rest of the emotional scenes.  She said that, and he was clearly still alive.  Not only that, she later says several times that he only got shot in the arm.  She makes that very clear.  Now, believing your boyfriend was shot in the arm, why would the words “they killed by boyfriend” come out of your mouth?  She would have said, “They shot my boyfriend.”  Throughout the video she goes on these little spills where she recites the same main points.  Here, she was doing the same thing, but she said part of one that was to come later – “They killed my boyfriend.”  Believing that he was only shot in the arm, the only way “they killed my boyfriend” would come out of her mouth is if it was already in her mind.  It was already in her mind because she had already read it, it was already one of her lines, she just blurted it out at the wrong time (caught up in the moment).

– At 0:06 – You can see that the steering wheel is to the right of her.  At 0:08 you can clearly see the steering wheel is to the right of her, and in front of him.  At 0:10 you can see that the car stereo and ashtray is on the left of the steering wheel.  And yes, so is the shifter, which you can see better at 0:19.  This is one of the reversed/mirrored copies.  CNN had an original.  I don’t know why a reversed copy is being spread online.

– At 0:29 – She said, “We’re waiting for ba…”  When she got out of the car, the backup already had her daughter.  When did her daughter leave the car?  It had to have been before she started filming, but at that point they were still waiting on backup according to her.

– At 0:46 – In the most calm voice she says, “Oh my God, please don’t tell me he’s dead.  Please don’t tell me my boyfriend just went like that.”  As she believes her boyfriend has passed, she turns the camera on herself and speaks to it?  She doesn’t cry.  She doesn’t scream.  She doesn’t call his name.  No, she calmly speaks to the camera.  Oh, and try to find the 4 bullet holes.

– At 1:01 – When she is saying that he is gone, the camera pans, and his mouth moves.  The camera then pans away from his face, and centers on his body.

– At 1:21 – She is told to exit the car.  She would have had to be holding the camera with her right hand in order to film him so well to the left.  With that being the case, why is it that when she is told to exit the car, the camera pans upward and to right in a direction and motion that is not consistent with being held in the right hand?  And then you get a view of the sky, grass area, and concrete in one scene, without seeing any part of the inside of the car.  Mute the sound and check it out.  And how could that be done if she’s holding the camera with any hand and getting out of a car?

– At 1:29 – The rear windows of the car appear to be tinted.  If you go to an earlier part of the video, where Philando is shown, you’ll see that the windows are not tinted.  But this could be due to the angle.

– At 1:28 – She is told to face away from the officer and walk backwards.  Walking backwards, she somehow perfectly centers the camera on the officers at 1:32.  Watch it without audio and see how perfect it was.  After she’s out of the car and handcuffed, that’s when she seems to get emotional, yelling the same exact line as before.  But right after she yells, she goes right back to a calm voice saying, “Can you get my phone so I can call ….”  And she’s done.  That quick.  All her “emotion” is gone.  You can tell she wasn’t crying at all.  She never shed a tear throughout the whole ordeal.  And as far as we can tell, neither did her daughter.

– At 3:42 – 5:06 – Again, after what seems to be an emotional moment, she asks for her phone in the calmest tone at 5:16 – “It’s right there.  It’s on the floor.”  You can clearly hear that she’s not emotional at all.  This shows that her emotional prayer was fake. 

– At 4:02 – 4:14 – She recites the same line she uses later in her “emotional interview”.  You’ll see that later (below).

– At 5:41 – After the phone is uncovered and the daughter is shown, there is a cut in the video at 5:47.  She’s somehow in the back of the police car without us seeing it happen.  And all of the copies of her video are like this.  This was said to be a live video.  The only way to stop a live Facebook video is to press “Finish”.  If you press “Finish” the live video is ended, and it is now one completed video.  Now another has to be started, but it will be separate from the first.  There will be two videos.  If there are two videos, how did two “live” Facebook videos become one?  It would have had to be edited.  If there was one video, and there was a cut in it, that means it was edited.  If it was edited it couldn’t have been a live video!  So, for a fact, this video was not live.  For a fact, this video has been manipulated and released to the public.  So, who would do such a thing?  This is psychological warfare.

– At 5:27 – 5:31 – She and the officer talk about the handcuffs being taken off of her. 

– At 6:08 – “He shot him three times because we had a busted taillight.”

– At 6:17 – She said he did have a pistol on him.  If he had a pistol on him, and the officers knew it, they would have taken him out of the car, disarmed him and handcuffed him.  That’s a fact.  But what did they do (in her interview she said there was also an officer at her window)?  They left the car, leaving a man they just shot, alive and armed.  And then the one who did the shooting returned to the car!  Do you seriously believe that?!

– At 6:25 – Three times, four times, four or five times … which one is it?  Anyone would know 3 shots, so how can three be confused with four or five?  And she just said three, seconds before this!

– At 6:50 – She says, “They got me handcuffed.”  At 8:05 – 8:10 she says she was handcuffed.  Is she handcuffed from the front, filming.

– At 7:20 – She says, “It was a Chinese police officer.” 

– At 7:32 – 7:52 – “And as he went to reach, he let the officer know before he was reaching that he had a firearm on him.  And before he could let the officer know anything the officer took off shots.”  What?!  And if that’s what happened, and if this was actually a real event, the officer would have shot him because he thought he was going for a gun, not because he was black and he wanted to kill him.  The officer’s “reaction” proves that.  So, if it was real, which it wasn’t, it would have been an accident.  And once again, it’s 4 or 5 shots.

– At 8:16 she says that they have machine guns pointed.  Huh?  The boyfriend is dead, and she is handcuffed in the backseat of a police car with her daughter.  Who do they have machine guns pointed at?!  This is stupid.



Here are some good Youtube comments on another video exposing this hoax:

– They shoot a guy for reaching for paperwork, yet tehy allow her to livestream. RIGHT! lol


– “Shot him 3 times”?? In her “live stream” video seconds after it happened she said he was shot 4 times.. now it’s 4-5 times. Lady, you allegedly just watched your boyfriend get shot at point blank range – where are your tears?? “I don’t know what condition he’s in, if he’s ok or not ok” yet in the original video she allegedly captures his death and says the police killed him! This is bullshit. I bet she was in pulse nightclub too. smh!


– I’m not saying police brutality and racism doesn’t exist or that blacks aren’t killed regularly by the police. I’m saying I personally feel this particular incident seems like a form of propaganda to cause a race war.


– I think it was really strange for someone to be cool and collected when a gun was just shot near them “3 or 4 or 5” times and it was their significant other. I’m sorry, but the last thing police will ever let you do is video tape what they’re doing. Why is the cop by his window responding to her accusations like they’re in a court room? The dialogue is completely unnatural. Not to mention when she GoT down on the ground her phone never moved and out of nowhere she yells “the cops through my phone.” No they didn’t, you GoT on the ground and the phone GoT on the ground at the same time and the camera stood in the same frame. Nobody touched your phone until you picked it back up and continued filming. I’m sorry but if my SO was shot less than a foot away from me my first thought would not be to host a live video on Facebook. I understand you would want proof in a situation like this, but once again it’s just too unnatural for me to take seriously and to not question


– Her whole reaction is scripted as hell. Feels unnatural and has buzz words. “Licensed to carry”.


– Right and how was she able to pick up her phone to show the officer,but was handcuffed?Also in her video talking to reporters,she couldn’t get her story right.Plus why wasn’t the little girl screaming from hearing the gun shots.


– She was handcuffed and NO cop would take the time to give her the phone back..just ridiculous!  Any REAL mother would be talking to their child not worried about a fb feed.  She would be consoling her child and she sure would not ask for a ride “home”!  She would be saying she needs to get to the hospital to be with her boyfriend.  This whole thing is so dumb Im out..I cant take it.  People really think this is real?  Unbelievable.  Just unbelievable. 


– She says they killed my boyfriend while he is still moaning.


– In another video when being interviewed she said she got home at 5am and didn’t know he died until 3am….. Wtf is going on…


– a normal person would try to save their love ones, but she’s narrating to the camera like she’s some kind of reporter. Lol only sheep will buy this as real.


– The last few minutes of the video are very problematic She is aiming the cell phone out the window with her hands behind her back?? CRAZY. Makes no sense. And when she walks backwards with her hands in the air she manages to get the police and her child behind the police PERFECTLY in camera frame?? How the hell did she do that withour any help?? And then there is no blood splatter or specks…..just a big bright red blood stain? And the child in the car is silent after four gun blasts in to the car? The child is even more calm than the mother. Did they need to pretend a child is in the car to explain the moving phone/handcuffed woman bit later in video? And how did she get the phone back after the cops threw it aside….that would be the child? Or did a nice police officer give her back her phone?  And the really calm woman is more concerned with her facebook friends when her phone is taken away than with her dying bf? Did she meet the bf on plenty of fish that morning because she never says his name. Does she know his name? I am going to go look at the Pulse Orlando footage because something tells me she was one of the bystanders talking to reporters there. Police shootings are a very real and a very serious issue but this video looks fake to me.


– You’re correct. She would’ve been hysterical, and it would be her and the baby crying. Here you have a completely cogent witness detailing the event like a reporter with no emotion. This is to invoke blacks to riot, and destroy stuff so that they can be justified in what they want to do. And of course at a peaceful protest this anti cop black panther shows up and kills cops. The stage is being set for white vs black. They even said the suspect said he wanted to kill white people. They hope a race war will start, so they can come in for probably martial law.


– Exactly. If someone is shot in a small vehicle such as that, 3 or 4, 5 times, blood would be in the car and on her clothes, skin (face). All the blood was localized right on his arm/t-shirt


– I was just looking at the blood on the t-shirt again. No specks of blood on shirt-not one- and no specks on the back window. Impossible. That blood gives it all away. Never mind the bizarre behavior-that blood is like a hollywood movie.


– Government Propaganda at its best !! Divide and Conquer people… Problem-Reaction-Solution… The PTB want CHAOS, they want a race war, don’t be gullible and fall for it. They create this GARBAGE and MOST fall for it. WAKE UP !!! We are in the “Days of Noah”, SEEK God …. Seek Jesus !!! …. Stay Safe and Alert, the ride is going to be bumpy …


– Exactly – they made Hillary innocent to set it up first with white privilege – piss off the masses – then shoot and kill two black men – and record the whole thing = martial law is coming…..that is what they are working on – get people protesting – and now is is Chinese police officer – more division….


– FAKE Gov hoax. gofundme. get paid.


– They want a national police force controlled by Washington


– Ride home? If my bf was shot I would need a ride to the Hospital! From her reaction I knew this was bull!


– BIG SIGH……society is doomed. Our people are being used for this fuckery its sickening. how much are they paying them to make us look this bad. From the second the video started, i knew it was fake. And this is when i saw this on the news network. This chic had no tears in her eyes, no cries whatsoever of someone who just went into a shocking moment of seeing, her loving, “boyfriend” get mow down by “4-5” bullets. And at that close range, this bucket ol face bitch doesn’t have one pint of blood anywhere near her body. I have watched other videos of kids crying or traumatized the minute their parent get into a scuffle, doesn’t matter what age. They are well aware that their immediate parent was harmed, i have never seen such a quiet, most calm little baby who just witnessed a parent get blasted by 4 loud gunshots, at close range, that would have that kid crying hysterically. I shake my head and i am just waiting to see what is the end game in all of these hoaxes. they can’t just be doing them for nothing. Well, they do have a purpose, latest we hear is that people in Louisiana have taken to the streets. Sad, they could be walking into a trap if they go and act unruly. Our people are being scapegoat to some shady shit thats happen behind closed doors to take our attention away from it.




Watch the beginning – 2:52 – The info on crisis actors and the companies that supply them came out years ago, so this is not some new revelation.  At 2:47 – Well, what do you know, a man in a car, bloody … and it’s fake.  So, it’s not difficult at all to put fake blood on a man.

Simulated Reality: THIS is How They Fake Shootings & Terror Events Like Orlando



Here is someone else who see’s that it’s a hoax, so you’ll know it’s not just me.  Some of his arguments aren’t too great but he can see it’s fake.

Minnesota Shooting Hoax



Minnesota Shooting Hoax Girlfriend Full of shit..



Good comments:

– I agree with you total hoax. Trying to pit blacks against cops and whites. And to put the blame on him having a conceal weapon permit. They want riots and take your freedom to have a gun away. Wake up people dont fall for their smoke and mirror games. Whites aren’t the blacks enemies and blacks aren’t the whites enemies. Our government and people pulling the strings are.


– I am so glad that I am not the only black person that thinks this is a hoax. I just said something about it on FB and I was told I was a house nigga and a fool. SMH lol. It’s okay though.


Here is another normal version of the video:

RIP Philandro Castile



What this next guy says about the Masonic terms “the widow’s son” and “the lion’s paw” is correct.  I have included another short video below it to prove his statement about the lion’s paw.

Watch from 4:27 – 10:49


Pat Robertson the Mason



I believe the crowd in this next video is handpicked.

(FULL VIDEO) Diamond Reynolds (Girlfriend Of Philando Castile) Speaks Out Following His Murder

– At 0:21 – “The police did this to us.”  All of them are to blame.

– At 0:44 – In her “live video” she said they did have a busted taillight.  She never said they thought she had one.  They’ve changed the story to make it seem more unjust, to fuel the fire. 

– At 1:21 – “The police did this to me.”

– At 1:53 – “These police….” And why does she keep saying “bare arms”?  You talk about psyop, they have her using a Constitutional term!  The police bared arms?  Who says that?  This just goes to show you the psychology behind these scripts.  Bare arms?

– At 2:03 – She keeps saying “the police” – all of them. 

– At 2:17 – “He took his last breath in front of us, where he died on the scene.”  What?!

– At 2:38 – 2:50 – Listen?  Listen to the psyop.  You need to do something black people. You can’t just sit back and let this happen.  They are killing you.  Get up, come together. Yeah, go and fall for a trap.  I have undeniable proof, statistics and all, that there isn’t a police war against black people, only a psychological war to make it seem that way.  It’s the same way they have whites believing ISIS is after them.

– At 3:16 – “They” did this.

– At 3:27 – 3:36 – Here’s the line, the same scripted material she said in the car.

– At 4:16 – “The police did this to our community.”  That’s hitting that same belief they’re trying to instill – the police are your enemies, and they are trying to kill you.

– At 5:36 – And now it’s not one, two, three, or four shots, but five shots. 

– At 5:41 – 5:48 – If that was the officer’s reaction, it was an accident!  People are so stupid.

– At 5:50 – When do you think they had machine guns pointed at her back.  She says as the phone was still recording.  Remember when she mentioned machine guns in the back seat of the car?  If it happened, which it didn’t, it would have had to have happened before that, but where in the video do you see that?  You don’t even see the officers with machine guns.  Maybe it’s at the cut in the video where her daughter is shown and you can hear her talking calmly and nicely to the officers, and them to her.

– At 8:27 – His eyes rolled into the back of his head and he was dead instantly?  I don’t think I need to comment on that statement.

– 8:35 – “How did you remain so calm?”  Ha!  We know the answer to that.  But did you hear her answer?  She said her daughter told her to stay strong, to not cry, and she prayed for her.  Is that right?  Show me that in the video. 

– At 11:27 – 11:42 – The police officers have mental problems from all the people they have killed.  Interesting.  And yet most police officers never even pull out their gun during their entire career.  But hey, let’s “listen” to Diamond. 

– At 13:16 – 13:36 – Black people, you have to do something.  Like she said earlier, come together, rise up.  All of this is exactly what you’ll hear coming from every controlled source of information.

– At 14:29 – The officer was Asian, he was black, and he about 5’ 6’’ and half.  Huh?  He weighed about 156 … 170 lbs?  Huh?

– At 15:21 – 15:32 – And once again, where was her daughter?

– At 15:37 – 16:02 – “We were coming from the grocery store … We had left from dropping my sister off … and as were dropping her off from getting groceries from her….”

– At 17:44 – She said the police are here to assassinate us, and they are here to kill us because we are black.  And that’s the pyops once again, for black people to believe the police are after them so they would react they way they know they will react.  And from there, the government will act, doing what they wanted to do in the first place.

– At 20:02 – The girl off-camera asked why they didn’t take him to a closer hospital.  Diamond said, “He could have lived.” and was clearly about to go into a rant, but she caught herself.  He could have lived?  She just said they knew he was dead when they took him off the scene.  Earlier, she said he died instantly, and died on the scene.  I swear, she’s a narcissist.  No, not the definition of narcissist that most people know of, someone who is obsessed with themselves, I mean the real deal disorder.  If you don’t know, look it up on Youtube.


Fanning the flames of the psyop:

Watch from 12:25 – the end.

Diamond “Lavish” Reynolds at Governor’s Mansion after tragedy of Philando Castile *NEW VIDEO 2016!*


The mother, and title of this article, states the theme of the psyop again:

Philando Castile’s mom: ‘We are being hunted’

That is what they want black people to think.


They finally got a person who can say a script and cry on demand, which is normal for actors, and narcissists.  In this video you can really tell she’s a fraud.

Philando Castile’s Fiancee Breaks Down Over Dallas Shootings


Now she’s all over the mainstream media, exactly like the other crisis actors who worked on shooting hoaxes to advance the gun control agenda. 

Listen to this next one.  How many different stories does she have?  And the crowd even has the same scripts as in the other interview!

Philando Castile Girlfriend – Diamond Reynolds Press Conference 7/7/16

The worst part: “I was not able to get the actual shooting because I did not want that horrible act to be on social media because they already tried to remove it.” 

And again, “the police are killing us off”.  And after she said it, someone from the crowd yelled, “It’s a setup.”  No, it’s a psyop.


Diamond Reynolds Live-Streamed After Philando Castile’s Death Shares Story | The View

She said her daughter was in the back seat the whole time.  Do I even need to comment on that?


The purpose of this hoax?

It’s a part of a huge psychological attack being waged against blacks, designed to enrage them and get them in the streets protesting.  I’ll post the whole plan later.

The elite have agendas they want to keep lit like fires so that when the time comes they can choose one.

  1. Blacks vs. whites (race war)
  2. Blacks vs. the State/the Government
  3. Whites vs. the State/the Government
  4. Blacks and whites vs. the State/the Government

Any one of these can be used to introduce martial law.  There will be no coming back from that.  That will legally give them all the power they want while suspending the Constitution.  If black people are responsible for martial law, or anything that causes the government to clamp down, it may trigger number 1.  They also want to take guns.  And they know that if they have to take guns by force it will trigger number 3; and if they want, they can gain martial law from that.  They also want to federalize the police.  That means the Federal Government, not your state and local government, will directly control the police.  You do NOT want that.  They can gain that by what they’re doing now – demonizing the police.  Just a little more and the people will love the idea of federalizing the police.  This is not everything they have on the table, and these are not the only ways they can introduce martial law, it’s just the things related to what’s going on right now.


Black man stands up against “Black Lives Matter” protest