A Response to Stephen Hawking

FYI: This is not an all out, full effort attempt by me to prove intelligent design, or whatever label/title it has today, I’m simply providing you with little-known evidence that disproves it.  This evidence is never presented to the public.  If you are a person who is truly concerned with the truth (an unbiased judge), then you’ll look at all of this evidence (documentaries included), and do so without bias.  Who knows, you might just find out that you’ve been lied to.

God did not create the universe, says Hawking




According to the writer of this article, Hawking argues that the Big Bang “was an inevitable consequence of the laws of physics.”  He also states, “Because there is a law such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing.  Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the universe exists, why we exist.”  What that means is that there were laws in place first, and then the Big Bang occurred.

If this is true, where did those laws come from?  And even if forces somehow evolved into a law, or type of balanced system, laws have to be present to create the conditions for those forces to do so.  Where did those laws come from?  Even if you had laws, where did the material, the stuff that abides by the laws, come from?  And if there’s nothing, there’s no universe; so how could the universe create anything, especially itself?

The article goes on to mention that according to Hawking, a new series of theories made a creator of the universe redundant. “A new series of theories …”?  What the public has been conditioned to forget is that theories are not facts.  In the world of science, a theory is a well tested hypothesis which has been accepted as true by most of, or those that truly matter in, the scientific community.  A hypothesis is an assumption/a guess – something not known for sure.  So, a new series of ideas formed from assumptions they’ve tested and accepted has made a creator of the universe redundant to them.

Understand this: The scientific community has crafted their own world, consisting of their own definitions, standards, and models.  They have done this in such a way that it’s hard to disprove them from a point of view other than what they define as science.  It’s as if it was all done by a lawyer.

When you look at their world, it’s no wonder; if they’re wrong/incorrect about something, they lose credibility, which means they lose funding and possibly their careers.  The existence of a Creator, and creation by that Creator, would ruin a lot of what they’ve put forth.  So, they have a very good reason to stick to certain theories and play as one big team.

Think about it, their job is very risky; they’re trying to find out about a place they don’t know everything about.  They don’t even know if there’s “more,” which there always has been, or if that “more” will change everything they thought they knew, which it always does.  It’s like being in the first grade, and not knowing there’s a second, third or fourth grade.  You would think you knew it all.  And they do this in a world where the “impossible” happens all the time.

How many times in your life have you known something for a fact, and I mean you would put your life on it, and it turned out false?  With all the evidence that said “true” –all the circumstances you were in (testing), and it remained true– and you, knowing yourself; thus, being an expert in “yourself,” it still turned out false.

Here is a documentary which profiles a huge, costly science experiment.  Some scientists are trying to recreate the Big Bang on earth (without your consent).  If you watch this documentary, you’ll notice something about these scientists that the majority of other scientists also do.  They will state a theory, and speak as though it’s fact.

And of course, that’s because it is a fact, in their world –by their definitions and standards– not yours.  Do you realize how crazy that is?  Do you realize how dangerous and reckless that is?  But hey, these are the people you believe unconditionally.

Question:  What would happen if you told the citizens of a nation one “fact” through 90% of their news sources (television, newspapers, internet sites, etc.) for one or two weeks straight; then a year to several years later, after that “fact” was found to be false, you give those same citizens the correction through 50% of their news sources for one day?  What if you didn’t give them the correction at all?

Well, if the citizens of that nation believed their news sources, as the citizens of this nation do, you would end up with nearly all of the citizens believing something that was false.  This is the sad reality of this country at this very moment.


Of the people who do not believe the universe was created by God, a large majority of them believe so as a result of bones that were put together and called Lucy (man from monkey meant no God; no God meant no creation by a Creator).  Some things about Lucy they don’t speak of:






Think about this:  Many people have made arguments over finding apes that walked upright.  If an ape was found to walk upright, how would that prove anything?


Read this recent article:


Didn’t they say they had it right the first number of times?  Now they say everything was wrong, including Lucy, and yet they are still right.  Huh?  If everything they previously believed is wrong, could it be that they’re whole theory is also wrong?  They won’t stop until they prove it correct, no matter how many years go by.  This is normal in the scientific community.  You don’t realize that when these people state these things as fact, you’re being conditioned to believe those things as fact.  When all your sources of information state the exact same position on an issue, you believe that position.  This is a constant for the majority of people in America.  It’s too bad you don’t realize your sources of information are controlled; so controlled that they speak as one man.  So, when you see the entire media present the same position on an issue, it’s not necessarily the truth, it may just be what those in power want you to believe.


Read this recent article:


What this actually means is that they were wrong by almost 800,000 years.  So, how many years have they been stating falsehood as fact?  How many years have people been living by their false statements.  As you can see, they just skip over the fact that they were very wrong.  It’s not mentioned at all.  Most of the scientific community is more like a mobster organization than a fact-finding community.  This is proven in the documentary listed at the bottom of this page.  It’s all about coming to conclusion you desire while convincing others to believe for reasons unknown to them.


Why don’t they tell you this important information? :








What Dr. Carl Baugh discovered and collected at his museum will make you rethink everything you’ve been taught in school:


Carbon 14 dating was the method from which many things have been determined to be a certain age, or so they say.  This method was presented to the public as the supreme age-finding tool.  It sealed the deal for Americans believing in man’s evolution from monkeys.  Why haven’t they told you the truth about Carbon 14 dating? :







You say, “It can’t be true, they wouldn’t allow us to believe in the reliability of something that was so unreliable just for their own benefit.”?  Lie detector test: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polygraph


Here are some Must See documentaries.  After watching, you’ll realize the low ratings are a reflection of just how many don’t believe (have been deceived) in intelligent design/life by a Creator.  Watch these documentaries for yourself, then ask if the comments left by so called viewers of the films are correct.

“Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed”




Rent or Purchase:








This documentary will also show you how things are operated in the scientific community (it will open eyes).  The DVD has extras with additional information.

“The Exodus Revealed: Searching for the Red Sea Crossing”




Rent or Purchase:





You can be the smartest man in the world, but you still remain a man.  Being a man, you can be wrong, deceived, or deceiving.



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