You Don’t Want To Cure Cancer!

Do you realize the government, media, and health care industry has you succeeded in getting you to believe that cancer is a normal part of life — just something we humans develop?  Think about it, is that true or false?

Realize this: Cancer is caused!  The truth is that there will be no end to the cancer epidemic for those who live in the US.  This is a fact, not because it can’t be stopped; it’s a fact because those who can stop it don’t want to.

Picture this: There’s a swarm of flies that has made its home in your city.  Now, these aren’t your normal everyday flies; these flies sting, and when they sting, they release a toxin into the bloodstream of their victims.  This toxin causes an incurable disease which usually means death for the person who’s been stung.

As the years go by, more swarms of these flies have entered the city, bringing the total number of deaths to several thousand.  Scientists and doctors have studied the flies and their victims extensively.  These people know all about the flies, and the disease they cause.

Over the years, these people have developed clothing that can withstand the fly’s attacks, counseling for the victims, and improved treatment for the disease.  They’re even working how to change peoples DNA in such a way that they won’t develop the disease when stung.

Year after year, the news is filled with stories of the disease.  Year after year, doctors and scientists all say they won’t stop until they find a cure for this horrible disease.  The terrorized citizens have donated billions to find a cure, but after decades of strife, there’s still no cure.  It’s getting so bad statistics show that 1 in 4 of them will from the disease.  For them, it’s become a normal part of life.

Now, do you see anything wrong in that situation?  If you don’t, I will surely tell you.  All of those professionals who claim be trying to find a cure, solve this problem, are not even going after the cause — the flies!  “We’re going to wait till you get it, then give you the cure for it.”  Think about that.  Does that sound right?  Either they’re stupid, or they’re lying about trying to stop it.

Do you mean to tell me that these highly trained, highly intelligent people don’t know that in order to stop it, they need to focus on the cause?  Do you believe this?  Come on, you know this can’t be true.  This is no mistake!  The only mistake is you, believing these people care about you.

Do you realize that all of these people benefit from not solving this problem?  The things that cause cancer make too much money to be eliminated; the things that cure cancer will cause a loss of too much money, so they’re not promoted, they’re banned.


If you truly want proof of how the health care industry is concerned with profit, not your health, watch Michael Moore’s “Sicko.”  Even if you don’t like him, just check out the evidence he presents, and decide for yourself.  It will be to your benefit to watch the entire thing.


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The way I mentioned the flies and their infectious sting a few times, then focused on the disease, is exactly how the media has conditioned you to focus only on a cure, not the cause.

Do you know that some of the same corporations who put cancer causing products and foods on the market, are some of the same corporations who own the media, from publishing to television?

Do you know that the companies who put cancer-causing products and foods on the market, are the same companies who feed the media advertising dollars, making them the lifeblood of the media?  So, who’s going to tell you these truths?

Name one product that has been banned because it was found to cause cancer.  You can’t.  How in the world is that possible?  With all of these cancer-causing agents in existence, you’ve never heard of anything being banned?  That’s because they’re not banned, they all remain legal despite the cancer it causes you.  Take cigarettes, for example.

The government agencies, such as FDA and USDA, that claim to regulate all industries, and protect you from harm, are operated by former employees of the companies they’re supposed to be protecting you from.

It goes the other way also – government employees from these agencies go to work for these companies they’re supposed to be protecting you from (many times they’re rewarded a job at a company for making a decision which favors the company).  This is all legal, but they still make sure you don’t know about it because they know it should be illegal.

Everyone’s making money at the expense of your health, and there’s no way for you to find out unless those same people tell you, so why would they even bother banning cancer causing products.

Do you actually believe the majority of these doctors and scientists want to cure cancer?  Do you realize the longer they “work on” finding a cure, the longer they have jobs?  That’s right, the moment they have a cure, is the moment nearly all of them lose their jobs because they will lose their funding.

Here is an actual occurrence of what you’ve just read:

It is in your best interest to watch.



The following cancer treatment has been proven to work, which is why it’s banned in the US. If you watch anything, you should watch this documentary because it’s pretty much a fact that you will develop cancer when you’re older.


“The Gerson Miracle”





Information on the treatment:

The condensed version of the process is that you detoxify your body while healing it with nutrients.  And I mean real nutrients, not the poison you’re putting into your bodies and calling food.




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