When Food Is Not Food

Memories, dreams, sight, touch, taste, smell/scent, hearing are the doors in the physical that can be used to get to your mind and emotions.  The process through taste: you taste something, if you find it pleasurable enough, you’ll desire more/your desire for it will be increased; if you desire enough, you’ll take action (mental, verbal, physical) to obtain.  This is the process of desire through taste.  This process is what those in the food industry know of, but won’t dare let you know.  If you are as they are, and your intentions for producing food and/or owning food production is profit, then you getting your hands on a piece of scientific information such as this is the equivalent of finding a huge treasure.  Being that your intentions are profit, your mind will immediately conclude that “taste” should be your main focus in food production.  Great taste equals pleasure, as a high from a drug equals pleasure.  That’s why foods are loaded with fats, salt, and/or sugar.  Better taste = better pleasure = better money.

Science is being used by people you purchase from, sellers, in order to get more of your money (being used for profit), but you have no clue of how deep they’ve been going. Watch the following video clip for an example of their knowledge of you.  This is what those in the food industry, and every other industry and authority, knows about you!

With more scientific data, such as understanding of the human tongue, you can fine tune your food (bait).  With even greater knowledge, such as the effects of different chemicals on the brain and body, you can find and use chemicals that won’t be classified as addictive, but will cause that same increase in desire for that chemical(s) as those that are labeled addictive.  In other words, you can accomplish the same goal as a person using an addictive chemical, but in a veil of secrecy (this use of “addictiveness” is done with many things).  With even greater knowledge you can dictate when you want the desire to occur, how long you want it to last, and what addition or subtracting to the equation will spark or increase it.  All around you, companies have taken the knowledge provided by scientists, or have employed scientists directly, to develop sophisticated products and marketing techniques never before seen.  And you are their target.

{One example of this type of marketing: Sellers have found out that the colors red, yellow, and white invoke an inviting feeling over you, so they use it on their building, ads, and signs.  The next time you go outside, take a look at the signs, buildings, and ads; especially fast food.  Take note of the colors (some recently changed their colors so recall what they used to be).  You’ll soon realize that it’s not a coincidence.  This is the type of mental manipulation that occurs each and every day, and you know nothing about it.  FYI: The same way this was in your face but you didn’t notice it/see it – you were blind to it—until taught about it, is the same way words, saying, and especially symbols and statues of the occult are all around you – particularly  in Washington D.C.– but you don’t see it.  Here is a prime example of being blind until taught: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgNt9TrRqFk The first part teaches you; the second part shows you.

Need proof?  What better proof than an old video recording showing the main scientist responsible for the development of ideas and techniques on mentally manipulating the American people/society/group –at the request of the government, corporatins, groups, and individuals– talking about what he does and has done!:


What is your definition of food?  The things you normally eat, right?  In that case, your definition of food is this: Chemicals, most of which you can’t even pronounce and know nothing of their effects, placed together with real food and/or other chemicals to make something tasty – something that would sell.  Of course you have health problems!  Advanced science in the hands of those who are out for profit will always mean extreme danger for you, even if you don’t see the dangers.

Think of your food.  What are the nutrients and poisons – the positives and the negatives?  Where do these nutrients come from – what’s their source?  Is the source pure?  Are all the nutrients still there after processing, shipping, storage, preparation, etc?  All of this matters most, but all of this is exactly what’s withheld from you, or circumstances are created so that you will not see them or look for them.

Nearly everyone would agree that organic is healthier, right?  Well, that’s due to the absence of genetic modification, certain processes, and use of man-made chemicals when the food is produced.  The chemicals are poisonous to you and decrease the nutrients in the food.  Certain processes add poisons and/or destroy nutrients.  Genetic modification can decrease nutrients and was shown in a study to cause sterility in future generations of hamsters which ate it (and then there’s the unknown effects of genetic modification).

Organic means that the food is in a pure, unaltered form.  It is the example/standard – the true food.  So, if organic is healthier, the healthiest, and the standard, then non-organic is less healthy and below standard.  Nearly all food that is consumed is in the US is non-organic, which means that nearly all food consumed in the US is less healthy, and the least healthiest of the two, and below standard.  A decrease in the healthiness, or nutritional standard, of nearly all food in the country…?  That equates to decrease in your healthiness/health.  A decrease in your health means you’re being killed, that is, you are dying.

Organic is not a diet, it’s a need (total dependency).  It’s what you were designed to consume.  A vehicle’s gasoline engine is designed to run/function/operate on gasoline.  Using any other type of gasoline other than the type it was designed to run on will cause negative consequences.  What has occurred in America with food is similar to you putting 87 octane gasoline in a engine that was designed to only run on diesel fuel.  There will be negative consequences for the vehicle!  This is an obvious fact, just as it’s an obvious fact that there are negative consequences for your body.  Who, if they had control over a nation’s food would allow or cause such a thing to happen?

Those who control the food and drink game, the producers, sellers, and especially lawmakers know all of what you have just read, right?  You have specific agencies to watch over food and drink.  Don’t they have all sorts of data on the country’s health which they can look at by deficiencies, overindulgence; by gender, religion, etc?  They know it all, and yet love it this way, that is, they love a food and beverage system that makes money but kills.  That’s a fact; if it weren’t, they could simple change it.  But that’s hard to do when you don’t make certain laws because certain companies have paid you not to, or you make certain laws because certain companies have paid you to.

{You can intentionally control the health of a nation simply by controlling the popularity of particular solid and liquid foods in that nation/population/group of/batch/sample/target/specimen.  How do you control popularity?  Advertisements through people, paper, sounds, signs, and screens.  Another way is education.  You teach them when, how, what, and how much they should eat.}

My Experiences with Organic

My wife and I purchased some organic oranges from an organic store that had recently opened. I didn’t really think too much of it, but I did want to see if there would be a difference.  One night I decided to try one.  I was seated at my computer in a dimly lit room.  The glow from my computer screen gave the most light in the room.  While speaking to my wife I began to peel the orange over my desk (below, and in front of the computer screen).  Because of how dark the room was, and how most of the light emanated from the computer screen, the mist which shot from the orange stood out.  Mist was shooting from the orange each time I peeled it.  This all seemed familiar, but a familiarity of something you haven’t seen in a very long time.  Suddenly, I remembered how that mist used to get in my eyes when I was a child.  I then began thinking about how I hadn’t seen that in years, and why that was.  When I ate the orange, I was able to chew it into much smaller pieces than I normally could (something that made me stop eating oranges) and swallow it without a problem.  Usually I was left chewing the juice out of gum-like pieces of the orange.  This was a real turning point.

On another occasion, my wife made dinner with a salad consisting of lettuce, cabbage, tomato, broccoli, and carrots.  It was a normal dinner at first glance.  I began eating the salad first, as I had made it routine to eat vegetables first.  After a few forkfuls, I began to realize something was different.  I was able to eat the salad without struggle, something I couldn’t recall being able to do in many years, and there was no aftertaste except that which came from the ranch and bacon bits.  I couldn’t stop eating it.  It finally dawned on me that maybe it was organic.  I texted my wife and asked her if the salad was made out of all organic ingredients.  It was indeed fully organic.  About 5 minutes after noticing the strange effects and asking if the salad was organic, my wife told me that our kids had eaten their salad first too.

With all of these differences being shown between normally eaten food and organic, I wondered if celery would be different also.  I wanted to try celery because I could remember being able to chew it and break it down as a child, whereas for the past couple of decades I haven’t been able to.  I also figured it would be perfect since the fibers of these plants seemed to be what was being effected.  I asked my wife if she bought any organic celery.  To my delight, she said yes.  I was off to do another experiment.

I hunted down the celery and reminded myself to go about it with impartial an mind.  I put some peanut butter on one stick of celery and began to eat.  I didn’t pay too much attention to the crunch because I knew that it could just be a difference of freshness, I wanted to know how it broke down when chewed.  Sure enough, it was actually breaking down and taking much less effort to chew.  It was what I remembered as a child.  I can’t recall the fibers breaking down so easily since I was a child.

A few weeks later, I wanted to see if there was anything different about the bananas.  I found that there was.  They had a sweeter taste, along with more firmness, and a noticeably different consistency when chewed.  They weren’t even turning dark after being peeled and left uneaten.  Raisins were also different.  When you think of raisins, you think of the same brand –the most popular brand– and believe that brand to be the best.  That’s a joke!  I tasted a raisin and couldn’t believe what I was tasting.  My wife tasted one and said, “They taste like real raisins.”  The fact is they were real raisins.

The Purpose

*Make sure you get this part

The purpose/reason for consuming food is to fuel the body.  A good taste is an added incentive.  Eating with intentions to fulfill the purpose, you can’t go wrong; eating with intentions of good taste, you will always go wrong.  Take control over your own mind and begin to consume only to fulfill the purpose of consumption – fueling the body with the proper amount of nutrients.  Thinking like this will change your diet dramatically.  You may find that you don’t have actual food.  You may also find that you will have to discover what nutrients are found in what food sources, something we all should know.

When you read or hear that a certain food –such as carrots, oranges, peanuts, etc.–   contains a certain amount of vitamins or minerals think about what food was tested to determine that data.  I’m willing to bet it was an organic source.  What you need to realize it that what you consume, if you don’t eat totally organic, is not pure and unaltered therefore may not contain the stated vitamins and minerals.  This means you’re not getting the nutrients you believe you’re getting.  When you combine that with the understanding that nearly everything around you that is labeled “food” or “drink” is man-made poison which only tastes good, you’ll be on your way to a big change.  The worst part of this situation is that for many, even if they wanted to eat actual food, they couldn’t afford it.

Is it the Caffeine in Me?

Starting about 3 years ago I began to get a cramp every 6 months, which then jumped to every 3 months.  I never got cramps in my life, so this was strange.  After getting cramps in both biceps while carrying a piece of furniture, I started to wonder what was going on (I had never experienced not being able to fully extend my fingers).  This was the last sign I needed to convince me that something was wrong.  I wondered why this was occurring, and knowing that it was occurring because my body was in lack, I looked at my life in the past 5 or 6 years to see if I could find any change that may have caused it.  One thing I realized was an over consumption of caffeine.  This started with energy drinks, which became an addiction to energy drinks.  It then moved on to the strongest energy drinks.  The addition of a 12-hr graveyard shift, lead to more caffeine while also using workout drinks containing caffeine.  This recently ended with finally kicking the energy drinks but using coffee instead.

Wanting to know if caffeine had anything to do with it, I began to research.  It seemed that the negative effects of caffeine were what I was experiencing.

On a hunt for information about potassium, I examined the pages of a college nutrition book I had purchased at Goodwill a few months back.  It was cheap and I knew it would come in handy one day. It stated:

“Because cells remain intact unless foods are processed, the richest sources of potassium are fresh foods of all kinds.  In contrast, most processed foods such as canned vegetables, ready-to-eat cereals, and luncheon meats contain less potassium – and more sodium.  To meet the Al for potassium, most people need to increase their intake of fruits and vegetables to five to nine servings daily.”

“Potassium and Hypertension: Diets low in potassium seem to play an important role in the development of high blood pressure.  Low potassium intakes raise blood pressure, whereas high potassium intakes appear to both prevent and correct hypertension.  Potassium-rich fruits and vegetables also appear to reduce the risk of stroke – more so than can be explained by the reduction in blood pressure alone.”

“Potassium Deficiency: Potassium deficiency is the most common electrolyte imbalance.  It is more often caused by excessive losses than by deficient intakes.  Conditions such as diabetic acidosis, dehydration, or prolonged vomiting or diarrhea can create a potassium deficiency, as can the regular use of certain drugs, including diuretics, steroids, and strong laxatives.”  For this reason, many physicians prescribe potassium supplements along with these potassium-wasting drugs.  One of the earliest symptoms of deficiency is muscle weakness.” – “Understanding Nutrition” by Ellie Whitney and Sharon Rady Rolfes   pg. 411

I was convinced that I was lacking potassium so I went on a hunt for potassium supplements.  What I found was that whether potassium was alone, or combined with something else, it was never in amounts more than 3% of the daily recommend value.  Even the multivitamin I thought was the best out there was the same.  This didn’t make sense to me.  I knew there had to have been some sort of regulation on potassium.  Nonetheless, I finally found some pills that seemed to match my situation best:
Another source:
Less than an hour after taking one, I felt the effects.  This is what I had been lacking.

*Please note, the best way to receive nutrients is through the oral consumption of food/drink.  Supplements don’t always work for many reasons, one being that your body may not be able to process the nutrients in that form.

Some time later I searched for more information on why there was only 3% or less in vitamins.  I stumble upon the following:

“A potassium intake sufficient to support life can generally be guaranteed by eating a variety of foods, especially plant foods.”
–Do most Americans do that?  No.

“Clear cases of potassium deficiency (as defined by symptoms, signs and a below-normal blood level of the element) are rare in healthy individuals eating a balanced diet.”
–Most Americans are not healthy individuals, and they surely don’t eat a balanced diet, so potassium deficiency must not be rare in America.

“Epidemiological studies and studies in animals subject to hypertension indicate that diets high in potassium can reduce the risk of hypertension and possibly stroke (by a mechanism independent of blood pressure), and a potassium deficiency combined with an inadequate thiamine intake has produced heart disease in rats.  With these findings, the question of what is the intake of potassium consistent with optimal health, is debated. For example, the 2004 guidelines of the Institute of Medicine specify a DRI of 4,000 mg of potassium (100 mEq), though most Americans consume only half that amount per day, which would make them formally deficient as regards this particular recommendation. Similarly, in the European Union, particularly in Germany and Italy, insufficient potassium intake is somewhat common.”
–Wow.  Something doesn’t smell right.  When have you heard the cry from the medical industry for you to use potassium for hypertension, stroke, and heart disease?  With it being a proven fact that people in power, even most in the medical industry, want you sick it makes sense.

If you go by that study’s stated guidelines of 4,000 mg a day, and that Americans get half of that, what happens when you subtract that which is leeched out by caffeine consumption?  What if the study of how much potassium Americans get each day was done by looking at the names of food sources previously tested in an organic state, giving a reading of how much potassium was in an organic food, not food that is actually eaten (as if all “blanks” are the same)?  What does that equal, no potassium in the body?

“Supplements of potassium in medicine are most widely used in conjunction with loop diuretics and thiazides, classes of diuretics which rid the body of sodium and water, but have the side effect of also causing potassium loss in urine. A variety of medical and non-medical supplements are available. Potassium salts such as potassium chloride may be dissolved in water, but the salty/bitter taste of high concentrations of potassium ion make palatable high concentration liquid supplements difficult to formulate.  Typical medical supplemental doses range from 10 milliequivalents (400 mg, about equal to a cup of milk or 6 oz. of orange juice) to 20 milliequivalents (800 mg) per dose. Potassium salts are also available in tablets or capsules, which for therapeutic purposes are formulated to allow potassium to leach slowly out of a matrix, as very high concentrations of potassium ion (which might occur next to a solid tablet of potassium chloride) can kill tissue, and cause injury to the gastric or intestinal mucosa. For this reason, non-prescription supplement potassium pills are limited by law in the U.S. to only 99 mg of potassium.”
–Think about this: Instead of depriving Americans of potassium, couldn’t they have made it so that the only potassium sold OTC was like that used for therapeutic purposes (time-released).  They could have, but didn’t.  What they did was allow a nation-wide explosion of soda promotion, production, and use; then a nation-wide explosion of coffee promotion, production, and use; followed by a nation-wide explosion of energy drink promotion, production, and use.  These drinks all have one thing in common, caffeine.  There’s no way people in charge of regulating drink wouldn’t know the effects, it’s their job, and they possess all the scientific data available.  So, from the looks of it, potassium has been their secret to weakening Americans, just like fluoride has been used for that very purpose in this country and others.  With potassium deficiency being the norm in the European Union, more evidence is apparent, at least to those who already know about population control efforts by those in power.

If what you read doesn’t change your view on today’s food, these documentaries will.  The biggest mistake people make when watching a documentary is assuming that what they see in the first 15 minutes is what the entire documentary is like.  They then stop watching, not knowing that throughout the documentary are vital revelations they will miss out on.  Sometimes it’s even worth it to watch two hours of boring presentation just to get that revelation you never knew of –a truth that will aid you tremendously.

For example, if you don’t hang in there with the documentary “The Beautiful Truth,” you would never get to the part which reveals an eye-opening truth involving white teeth.  That part in short: You’ve seen pictures of people in other countries who have straight, white teeth, right?  These people don’t have toothbrushes or toothpaste and practice no sort of dental care.  With that being true, how in the world is it possible that they have straight, white teeth – teeth that are in better shape than ours?  It must be something they’re eating?  Or, maybe it’s something they’re not eating?  Whatever you find to be the answer, this is proof of the lie of fluoride, which is another story in itself.

Food Inc.

Modern Meat
(Don’t worry, it will change to English after about a minute.)

The Beautiful Truth

— If you listen to conditions and diseases cured by The Gerson diet, which primarily is a change back to organic fruits and vegetables, they mirror those that are problems/prevalent in the black community, which is the community with a history of poor diet.

The Gerson Miracle

The World According to Monsanto





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