The Hidden Truth About Vitamin D

It is now understood by most people that the healthcare system of America is running on a program of “treat without curing.” Treating, not curing, ensures insane amounts of money for those running the system and others who are positioned to benefit from the running system, particularly drug manufacturers (an outgrowth of the Elite-controlled chemical companies). In order for them to make this money, there must be something to treat. This means Americans must remain sick or remain in a state of believing they are sick when they are not. If this does not remain a constant for Americans, those making money from the system won’t make a dime.


Quote: In a study published in the journal Nature Immunology, researchers from the University of Copenhagen found that when a variety of white blood cells known as a T-cell comes across a pathogen in the bloodstream, it extends a receptor in search of vitamin D. If it encounters the vitamin, the T cell becomes “activated.” If there is not enough vitamin D in the blood, the cell remains passive and no immune response occurs.



This is not the only study which confirms that vitamin D is needed for the immune system to function properly.

It is a fact that vitamin D is more effective against the flu than flu vaccines. This is an unpopular fact to state in America due to the effect it would have on “some people’s” profits/money and agendas/goals. If you don’t believe this to be a fact, do an internet search. It would take you less than five minutes to find information.

With the previous information being true, is there any wonder as to why the following information was not taught to us or told to us from any source. In fact, there’s been a blackout when it comes to vitamin D (and you’re about to see why).

Excepts from “Understanding Nutrition” Tenth Edition by Whitney and Rolfes (page 376-378)

*The body can make all the vitamin D it needs with the help of a little sunshine.


*Our primary source of vitamin D is the sun.

With indoor entertainment and fear of outdoors (mainly from the News), who spends time outdoors in the sunlight?


*Most of the world’s population relies on natural exposure to sunlight to maintain adequate vitamin D nutrition.


*Only a few foods contain vitamin D naturally.

The number is so few that you might as well forget this as a route, especially with the dead, processed food that is available.


*Milk is the main dietary source of vitamin D.

Though this is true, you might want to do a little research on milk before you make it your source of vitamin D.


*The body can’t metabolize calcium without vitamin D.

So, all that calcium you get means nothing without vitamin D you need from the sun.


*Any failure to synthesize adequate vitamin D or obtain enough from foods sets the stage for a loss of calcium from the bones.


*Vitamin D is also a hormone.


*Sunscreens with sun protection factors (SPF) of 8 and higher prevent vitamin D synthesis.


*For most people, exposing hands, face, and arms on a clear summer day for 10 to 15 minutes a few times a week should be sufficient to maintain vitamin D nutrition.


*The pigments of dark skin provide some protection from the sun’s damage, but they also reduce vitamin D synthesis. Dark skinned people require longer sunlight exposure than light skinned people.  Heavily pigmented skin achieves the same amount of vitamin D synthesis in three hours as fair skin in 30 minutes. Latitude, season, and time of day also have dramatic effects on vitamin D synthesis.

So, darker skinned people – Blacks, Latinos, East Indians, etc– aren’t you happy they made sure you knew this very important, life-dependent information?


*Dark-skinned people living in northern regions are particularly vulnerable to vitamin D deficiency.

And that means an increased risk for many illnesses.


*The ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun that promote vitamin D synthesis are blocked by heavy clouds, smoke, or smog.

Can you say “chemtrails.” For a fact, chemtrails are keeping your immune system from becoming activated. And this increases the likelihood of infection by bacteria or virus.


*Differences in skin pigmentation, latitude and smog may account for the finding that African American people, especially those in northern, smoggy cities, are most likely to develop rickets. For these people, and for those who are unable to go outdoors frequently, dietary vitamin D is essential.


*Vitamin D stores from summer synthesis alone are insufficient to meet winter needs.

So, when the sun is being blocked by chemtrails in all seasons ….


*Factors that may limit sun exposure, and therefore, vitamin D synthesis:

geographic location

season of the year

time of the day

air pollution


tall buildings

indoor living



*Above 40 degrees north latitude (and below 40 degrees south latitude in the southern hemisphere), vitamin D synthesis essentially ceases for the four months of winter. Synthesis increases as spring approaches, peaks in summer, and declines again in the fall. People living in regions of extreme northern (or extreme southern) latitudes may miss as much as six months of vitamin D production.


*Depending on the radiation used, the UV rays from tanning lamps and tanning booths may also stimulate vitamin D synthesis, but the hazards outweigh any possible benefit.


*Once synthesized in the body, vitamin D sends signals to three primary target sites: the GI tract to absorb more calcium and phosphorus, the bones to release more, and the kidneys to retain more. These actions maintain blood calcium concentrations and support bone formation.


*The animal version of vitamin D is vitamin D3 or cholecalciferol; the plant version is vitamin D2 or ergocalciferol; the precursor is made from the body’s own cholesterol.

Do you remember this from the media?: “Stay out of the sun!” “The sun will give you skin cancer!” “Avoid the sun.” “Researchers say ….” Out of no where, a “Stay Out of the Sun movement” came from the media in the 80’s. It was a fear campaign which has people scared of the sun to this very day.

Mankind has been on this earth for X amount of years and has been in the sun farming nearly the entire time, but all of a sudden the sun was dangerous? I wonder what effect this scare had on the health of the country, and on the health of drug makers pockets.

*Having a population stay out of the sun is the perfect way to ensure that population stays sick.


Case in point:

Quote: The U.S. government does the exact same thing with vitamin D, of course. By lowering the definition of vitamin D deficiency to mean only those with a blood level below 30, the government magically and instantly transforms a wildly deficient American population into a “sufficiently nourished” population! It’s magic, friends. Magic with numbers.


Additional Information



Food Sources

mackerel, sardines, tuna, salmon, vitamin D-fortified milk, fortified margarine, vitamin D-fortified soy milk

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