Ferguson Riots Revealed !!!


The title of this first video is a bit misleading. The guy in this video is not a crisis actor, he is Officer Dan Page of the St. Louis Police Department, and what he’s saying to an Oath Keepers group is inside information. It’s exactly what later took place in Ferguson (as you will see), and what will take place in other cities across the US until the true agenda is accomplished (not what he says about Muslims).



Hired provocateur are paid to exasperate peaceful protest

Yes, that one incident was in another country, but it shows what’s been happening in this country since at least the 1960’s. It’s a part of unspoken US history, and with a little research you will find this to be true. You can start by looking into COINTELPRO.


Fake Protester Caught In Ferguson MO August 2014


Busted! Ferguson Protesters Catch Undercover Cop Posing As Media!

How is it that there is looting, fires, and other destruction of property if all these protests are crawling with undercover officers and agents? Wouldn’t they stop it before it happens or while it happening? Of course they would. The only reason they wouldn’t is if they wanted these things to happen. Think about it.

The truth is that they not only want these things to happen, and let these things happen, they help make them happen.


And it’s not just undercover officers and agents who let it happen:

Reporter Talks To Employee Of Looted Store In Ferguson. “These People Are Opportunists” (8/16/2014)



There’s No Police’: Armed Ferguson Storeowners Defend Against Looting


View 17:11 – 25:57
Obama Ordered Standdown Created Ferguson Race Riots

*Be aware, Alex Jones is a puppet.


Did the Authorities Let Ferguson Burn?

This is nothing new.  Some time after the Rodney King verdict, information surfaced which showed that the police let the riots and looting occur, and even aiding in them.  The media was then allowed to film this.  One reason it was done was to justify militarizing the police department.  Waco Texas was the same.

*Al Sharpton is another puppet, so don’t get sucked into his seemingly helpful stance here.


BUSTED! Gov. Running #Ferguson Twitter Psyop


100% Proof Ferguson STAGED Media RACE WAR Operation! WAKE UP AMERICA!


Lisa Bloom Rips Into “Prosecutor” Robert McCulloch After Mike Brown Killer Not Indicted in Ferguson

Just like the Trevon Martin case, they have people sprinkled here and there throughout the media speak truthfully and go into detail about a case, disputing the evidence, and revealing the injustice. This only happened in cases like this for the past four or five years (for gun control, police state, and martial law agendas). Before that it was only the citizens who would break it down like this while waiting and wishing for the media to do the same. What the media is doing is subtly adding fuel to the fire (they’re trying to increase the anger). That’s why they also made sure the public knew about the money and other benefits Officer Wilson received during and after the case.

The manipulation done through the media can also be seen in the way they created a countdown to the verdict. It was like a countdown to a Super Bowl kickoff, or countdown to the Iraq war.


CNN FAKE NEWS: Live From Ferguson!!

And if you didn’t know, that was Officer Dan Page.


Ferguson Protestors Shout Down CNN Live Broadcast: ‘Fake Journalists!’


PEOPLE WAKING UP! Message to All Ferguson Protesters: SHUT THE MEDIA DOWN!


Ferguson Psyop! Government Is Shifting Hate Away from Them and Towards Others!

And what he said about the people being trained is true. They were.
One admission of this can be heard at 3:50 of this video.
Alternative source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XchwNKWe5aM

The government came in under the guise of “training the protesters the right way.” They did train them, but at the same time they recruited more people, increasing the number of protesters dramatically. And in a situation like that, if one person breaks a window, throws a rock, or sets a fire, others will follow.


Exposed! Top Occupy Organizer Trained Ferguson Protesters to Cause Chaos!



And what he said is true, they were picking vague cases.  The Eric Garner case, which came later, was to try to push Black people over the top.


WOAH! Ferguson False Flag EXPOSED! Martial Law Psyop To Divide & Conquer! YUP!


FERGUSON PROTESTS infiltrated by PAID rioters! Agent Provocateurs


Police Chief welcomes National Guard to Ferguson


Ferguson Police, National Guard Swarm and Arrest Protesters On Florissant!

And it’s not just about race. If you haven’t noticed, lately they have been beating and killing White people too. They’re keeping their options open and the fires lit: Blacks against the State, Blacks and Whites against the State, or Blacks and Whites against each other. And when they want those lit fires to become out of control blazes, they will pour enough fuel on them to do so.


So, as you can see, Officer Dan Page is psychic.



All of this is what I was talking about in September:


Just in case you can’t get to it without logging on, here’s what I posted:

Be careful with how you respond to all these police brutality and murder stories you keep hearing about, it may be part of a plan.

Problem > Reaction > Solution




(and of course they would put it in a puppet’s video)





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